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    Naayos na speakers mga 1 week na. Binuksan ko ulit then spray and pray ng contact cleaner sa mga contact points at sa metal cover ng magnet. Wala naman corrosion, or baka wala lang ako nakikita pero sana oks na talaga to :D
  • wala na ba superlux? ano sa market currently ang comparable with quality and price?

  • wala na ba superlux? ano sa market currently ang comparable with quality and price?

    Meron pa sa LZD at SHP pero hindi ko pa na try i-order
  • wala na ba superlux? ano sa market currently ang comparable with quality and price?

    Yung Samson SR850 meron ako. parang katulad din sya ng Superlux 668B. Kaso ang haba ng cable at hindi detachable.
  • @fakuryu
    mukhang gusto lang ng reseat pala nung contacts. Good thing na necro niyo pa :) Congrats! Iwas gastos haha.
  • @blue_apple_pencil

    Thanks thanks! Nakaiwas din sa 3-5K na unplanned na gastos :D
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  • Any good audio repairshop here in QC? Wala na kasi yung left speakers ng Altec Lansing speakers ko. Gagamitin ko sana as TV speakers.
  • @koentertainment
    kuya, na check mona ba yung 3.5 input sa pc or laptop mo? from your speakers output baka need to re insert lang?
  • ask lang mga paps

    pano ba equation or rule of thumb pag mag seelect ka ng speaker kung ang nakalgay sa amplifier mo is ganito

    Product model number: XH-M567
    Chip type: TPA3116D2
    Chip protection: overvoltage undervoltage superheat DC detection short circuit
    Supply voltage: DC 12V to 24V
    - 12v to 24v ang kaya nya accomoadate? na supply?
    Output power: 80W X 2
    - this need ko ba ng 2x 40w na speaker or 2x 80w na speaker?
    Power efficiency > 90%
    Number of channels: double channel output
  • Hello, can someone please help me? I need inputs. I just got myself a Maono AU-PM422 Microphone USB Microphone. I have very little knowledge with condensers and what I'm trying to do now is to connect it to my existing v8 sound card for Karaoke usage pag walang pasok sa office (My family really likes to sing so I want to give them another fun experience.)

    Now the question is, paano ko po papaganahin si PM422 USB Mic sa V8? I tried plugging the live monitoring 3.5mm ng PM422 to V8's condenser mic socket, then my Edifier Speakers dun sa earphone sockets, but the echo feedback was excruciating! Even naka 0 na ang gain ng mic, grabe pa rin yung echo and yung audio na lumalabas sa speaker wasn't ideal. It sounded very cheap.

    I am looking for inputs po if I should push to converting this or should I just buy an XLR mic? As much as possible, I am avoiding on getting another mic since sayang kasi tong PM422. I also tried connecting a generic mic to the V8's xlr slot and it worked perfectly! I wanna try making it work on my PM422 as well.

    What I have in mind is getting a phantom power. Do you think this idea will work?

    Here's my plan:
    I'll be getting this phantom power:

    And then, I'll be using this since wala akong makitang Male XLR to USB sa shopee. And ang input ng phantom power na yan is female:!!-XLR-MALE-TO-MALE-JOINT-COUPLER-HEAVY-DUTY-SILVER-i.8710520.8911802689?xptdk=5638e970-3210-45eb-ac8b-dbd2ec95205e

    From the Male to Male XLR: I'll be connecting this

    And then, para ma connect ko yung PM422 USB Mic to the Male to Male XLR, I'll be using a Female to Female USB hub:

    Then I will just use an XLR to 6.5mm cord for the output.

    Do you think this will work? If no, what are other options that I can try to make my PM422 work on my V8 as a microphone. Not monitoring since ma echo tlaaga sha pag naka external speakers ka. Thank you!
  • Yung pinaka prob mo jan. The USB mic outputs digital signal. While your V8 sound card probably only accepts Analog Signals. Kaya wala talagang USB to XLR na cord, unless, may analog-to-digital conversion na nangyayari. Usually, it's the other way around, Digital-to-Analog conversion.

    Your idea of getting a phantom power brick for your condenser mic, would still not work. Kasi it would only amplify the current or maybe voltage (not sure) of an analog signal from a XLR mic that is not outputting at line level. Baka mali din ako dito, pero basta parang mic amplifier yang phantom power brick.

    So either, stick with your analog microphone, or buy an XLR mic.

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    I got and understand it sir. Hays, somehow regretted getting this. I should've read more before buying. Still hoping to look for options tho. I found these in shopee sir, do you think these can do the trick?

    2nd idea:
    Use a DAC. Connect P422 thru the DAC's USB input by using a USB A to USB B Adapter. And then, I'll be connecting the DAC to the V8 thru it's headphone out using a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack going to V8.

    USB DAC Audio Converter

    USB to Printer Adapter

    How about this idea sir? What do you think about this po?
  • ^I'm not sure, but I'm betting it still won't work. Kasi mukhang sa USB kukunin nung Analog to Digital Converter yung power. Wala siyang DC connecter dun sa picture nung product.

    Your USB mic needs to be powered, which I think sources that power from the USB as well. So walang power both sides.
  • Share ko lang my audio set-up on my computer, hindi overkill katulad ng gamit ng ibang audiophiles.

  • ^interesting, anong speakers yan?
  • @fakuryu

    iLoud MTM studio monitors, tapos Velodyne sub sa ilalim.