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  • ang tagal ko ng naghahanap nyan boss RR, hehe! thanks for sharing, mabuhay ka! \m/

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  • Epic is open to integrating Proton / Wine to the Epic Launcher. Willing to pay a Linux programmer.

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  • playing the classic WarCraft II via DOSBox on Fedora29 -

  • Dun sa mga naghahanap ng wireless device para sa HTPC / SFF gaming PC, ok yung Logitech K400 at Logitech F710. They work out of the box on Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS. No need to mess around with the Terminal.

    Logitech K400 has a touchpad, di na kailangan ng mouse.

    Logitech F710 has good compatibility with native Linux games and Steam Proton games.
  • ^ +1 sa Logitech F710. it works OK on my Debian and Fedora install, no additional drivers required. working din sa Android phone / tab using OTG.

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  • Starcraft II with Lutris? That's enticing :)