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  • ^yeah, specially with those android phone with locked boot loader.
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  • my X220 still going strong! i use it as my kali machine for testing my wifi network.

    may nakuha ako na full height msata / mpcie alfa card based on rtl8814au and it works ok on Linux!

    share na din my homelab environment from top to bottom -

    * hitron cable modem
    * netgear R7800 flashed to openwrt
    *dlink 8 port switch
    *asus zenfone 2 flashed with LineageOS and connected to netgear for backup internet
    *thinkpad x220 - dual boot Kali Linux and Win11
    *thinkcentre m91p - running esxi 7 and rhel VMs
    *thinkcentre m92 - running esxi 7 and Windows VMs
    *thinkcentre m91p - running esxi 7. spare

    i used to run older ddr2-based PowerEdge T300 servers. pinag retire ko na and OK na ako dito.
  • batocera on an old ~2007 core2duo laptop connected to a CRT TV!

  • @ryanrudolf

    Thinkpad ? Probably not. I don't remember a Core2-era Thinkpad with TV out, though most of the competition had them.
  • Also, I'm hunting for an X60 or X61. Mas maganda sana kung X61 since pwedeng isagad to 8GB of RAM with a BIOS update pero well.

    You don't need a BIOS update to get 8GB on the X61. The question is where to get 4GB DDR2 SODIMMs, and how much it would cost.

    There's also a modified BIOS (Middleton) that removes the WiFi whitelist and unlock SATA II speed (300MB/s) on the X61.

    The X60 is limited to 3GB max RAM due to BIOS and chipset limitations and SATA I (150MB/s) due to hardware limitations (Intel ICH7M southbridge).
  • Thinkpad ? Probably not. I don't remember a Core2-era Thinkpad with TV out, though most of the competition had them.

    Lenovo 3000 Y410. gamit ko s-video cable laptop to TV
  • emuelec should be able to run on a cheap MXQ android tvbox and run PS1 and other retro consoles easily, except for N64.

    i once had a S905 androidtv box flashed it with emuelec and whoala, a retro console can play all ps1 games, can also run some PSP games at playable framerate. magkano ko lang din nabili to sa quiapo, nasa 450pesos.
  • ^ etong gamit ko has been my daily driver from 2007 to 2015. then ni-revive ko ulit recently for emulation. havent tried PS1 using batocera / retroarch pero im sure gagana coz back in the day naglalaro ako ng PS1 and OK naman. also played PS2 back then pero laggy. baka nag improve na yung PCSX2 over the years pero di ko na ita+try.with this hardware kasi may dedicated PS2 box na din ako.
  • @awakeruze

    Oh yeah. Napaghalo ko yung middleton bios and X60 and T60 limitations. Well, it's not only hard to find 4GB SODIMM DDR2 pero kahit X61 pahirapan na maghanap. I've been casually browsing the usual online spots for a few months now and I've never seen a live X61 being sold.

    Actually okay na ako kahit X60 lang e. I just like yung form nung X6{0,1} a little better compared sa later X200.
  • @minoutsuba

    I love the compactness of the X61, but sadly it's not powerful enough to be my primary machine anymore. Not even 4GB RAM and SSD upgrades can hide the limitations of its Core 2 Duo CPU, anemic graphics, and 1024x768 screen.

    I still love it enough to keep it in running condition, and sometimes wonder if I should modify it a bit, like using the screen from an X61 Tablet (PVA or IPS LCDs with much better viewing angles), or using liquid metal thermal paste to control the CPU temps.
  • @awakeruze

    Yeah. It really does depend on what you are using your computer for. At the moment, I can still use my X200 as a laptop for everyday use. Though I'm more on the 'odd end' of computer users who prefer using as little software as possible and I don't watch that much HD video anyway. I can see some people being frustrated when using modern websites with something like this though.

    Lucky you. I would probably keep a pristine unit that only had a RAM and SSD upgrade and get a different one that I can just hammer mods into.
  • HP Dev One - A Great, Well Engineered AMD Ryzen Linux Laptop
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    The overall specs on the HP Dev One are great with the Ryzen 7 PRO 5850U being very capable, but a bit unfortunate that it hadn't launched a few months prior... There are the Zen 3+ laptops beginning to appear in market. While on the CPU side these "Rembrandt" parts are just incrementally better than the Zen 3 "Cezanne" APUs, these refreshed models do have the benefit of having newer RDNA2 graphics. Still though the Cezanne laptop SoCs are plenty capable and will be for some time ahead, but if they had been able to ship a Rembrandt-based SoC with this HP laptop it would have just been all the more compelling attraction.

    The only other real hardware gripe is just the 16GB of RAM, which is enough for some but with this being targeted at developers it's unfortunate there isn't a SKU with 32GB of RAM. Yes, the laptop is user-upgradeable if wanting to go for 32GB of 64GB of RAM, but for user pricing, one less headache to worry about for RAM compatibility, etc, it would have been nice if there was a second SKU for the HP Dev One. The 16GB of RAM can be cutting it if compiling very large code-bases with parallel jobs, keeping multiple browser tabs open, etc.

    The build quality of the HP Dev One though is great especially compared to that of many of the other Linux pre-loaded laptops out there. The FWUPD/LVFS support for firmware upgrading is very welcome and hopefully will be expanded across more HP consumer products moving forward for easier firmware updating under Linux. The 1000 nit display with this 14-inch laptop is terrific, the Ryzen 7 PRO 5850U is plenty capable for 2022, and all-around this has been a great device.
  • Ask ko lang bakit nawala yung icon ng wifi at hindi na ako ma connect sa Net using Linux
  • @laggers000
    1. Which distro are you using?
    2. Did you run an update recently?
    3. What's your WiFi chip?
  • I just did some kind of stupid project recently, I really wanted more google home in my house but damn theyre expensive per piece so instead of spending 5000+ pesos, why not just buy a cheap mxq tv box, a usb sound card, a pack of Electret Condenser, a pack of HXJ8002 audio amplifiers and a few small speakers.

    after I installed armbian on that mxq box, installed all the required software for google assistant, test and bam, it works, as a bonus I also installed alexa as well, all in one box. test with "hello google" and "alexa" both respond with correct voice assistant, great. now I only need to just fit all the components inside the mxq box chassis, luckily the box it self i mostly hollowed making it easier to fit the speaker and mic inside with the usb sound card as well. and whoala, a sub 1k pesos voice assistant, all I have to do is buy 4 more mxq box from same seller, use rockchip's multitool and create a backup of my working voice assistant installation and just burn that to 4 more mxq boxes (i just need to adjust some settings), deploy and whoala. for 5k pesos, I have 5 voice assistant that both works for alexa and google assistant.

    all of this work basically only took me like 8 hours to do in total, which most of the time consumed on the software side and the google developers device registration stuff. soldering job is the easiest one for me. not to mention that the speaker on this one is way too loud that i basically have to adjust alsa to lower it down.