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*PLDT Home DSL Plan 999 Xperience Plan (See page 583 for FAQ, any topic leading to piracy is not allowed.)

  • @ookamikun

    999 is now called 1699.

    990 seems obsolete though.
  • My connection speed has been swtiching between 3 and 5 mbps for the past 2 weeks. my plan is 5mbps. Mandaluyong Area.
    may problema pa rin ba sa undersea cable?
  • Looks like fixed na issue sa Cavite. Been streaming since yesterday and swabe naman even for our 5mbps cnxn.
  • @Blu3martini
    Ahh kaya pala ganun na speed ko. Parang lowest fibr speed din.
  • Guys anung catch dito? <click here for link>
    Too good to be true?

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  • @pound
    free yung upgrade namin from dsl to fiber dati, although walang speed boost. yung speed boost is probably temporary.
  • Guys pano ioff yung pldt fiber tas telephone lang ang naka on?

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  • Guys pano ioff yung pldt fiber tas telephone lang ang naka on?

    Technically di pwede kasi ang telephone signals ay digital na, dumadaan sa internet, no different from skype or viber. No internet, no telephone calls

    Pero as a workaround, i off mo ang wifi

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  • Good Golly, Miss Molly... nadale din kami ng "cannot-access-admin-page-of-modem/router-anymore" virus. Akala ko matatagalan in our area because we are in the mountains of Montalban pero hindi pala. I'm actually OK with it -- I still can change the SSID/password and even DNS settings. But what I did not like is it apparently happened two nights ago when I was asleep already but my housemates were still online. Bigla na lang daw nawala lahat ng LED lights on the modem (except for the power indicator) and then poof...wala nang internet. They did not want to wake me up so sa morning ko na lang nalaman. I did not know what to do at that time so I just replaced the modem with a backup unit (Baudtec). It turns out that the old modem needs to be RESET pala by hard pressing that small hole at the back, then power OFF then power ON again. When I did that, ayun gumana ulit yung modem pero I had to modify the DNS, SSID/password settings, etc. Good thing I am always following this topic else talagang "nganga" lang kami and no choice but call PLDT -- which is probably how common subscibers dealt with this same issue. Sana lang merong advisory ang PLDT sa lahat and gave instructions/guidelines to address any problems that their clients will encounter. Hindi naman kasi lahat ng customers nila ay "techie".