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*PLDT Home DSL Plan 999 Xperience Plan (See page 583 for FAQ, any topic leading to piracy is not allowed.)

  • Thanks guys. Isipin ko pa kung tatawag ako baka masyado matagal ang queue hehehe. Sayang rin text, ease of access than checking my mail.
  • Woof Send Message View User Items on 17 Dec 18 @ 03:11 PM #

    No advisory whatsoever. I tried askiing for an upgrade months ago when plan 1699 was just getting 10 mbps but was told it was only for new subscribers. I don't think that call months back had anything to do with the upgrade now. If anything, maybe it was the migration/enhancement that triggered the update.

    Thanks for the reply, sir.

    It seems the roll out / implementation of speed boost really varies for old subscribers. For others, they receive SMS notifications before the speed boost. Other don't. Some call PLDT 171 to 'demand' (i.e., forcefully request) the speed boost, but others didn't need to. This inconsistency is really driving folks like me crazy. Why can't this company stick to *one script* so that old subs are not misinformed / lied to / deceived? I go to the PLDTHOME website and see if there are any announcements for old DSL subs -- nothing. I go through the FAQs -- nothing either. If I tweet, I get some info, but when I call 171, I get a different set of answers -- with some conflicting information pa nga.

    I just hope the 3rd telco player (Mislatel) won't be as bad as this company...
  • Hindi na ba pwedeng ibridge mode yung pldt dsl? I'm using baudtec RN243R4-2T2R-A6. Tinry ko yung guide ni bluemartini pero lagi after ko change yung settings to bridgemode hindi na makaconnect sa net yung PC ko. Tried ipconfig, it showed my ip as 100.69.x.x. When I connect regularly (not bridge mode) ip is 112.200.x.x. May mali lang kaya ako sa steps? Dati nagawa ko naman pero since nagpalit ng router/modem si pldt hindi ko na mabridge.
  • ^Mukhang tama yung nakukuha mo sa ipconfig na 100.69.x.x which is a CGNAT ip address pag naka bridge mode, kung naka router mode yung modem router mo makikita mo is (default) sa ipconfig. Makikita mo na 112.200.x.x or 49.x.x.x or 122.x.x.x pag nag speedtest ka or if nag ka.
  • Thanks bcfreeman. Napagana ko na.