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*PLDT Home DSL Plan 999 Xperience Plan (See page 583 for FAQ, any topic leading to piracy is not allowed.)

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    kung ako sayo follow up pa rin. kahit mga once a month lang. pag naunahan ka ng slot wala finish na. iintay ka ulet
  • agree nga ako dyan sir malamang yun mga kapitbahay ko sabik din magfiber
  • Manny V's mobile speed O_O

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    cgurado pagdating satin, data cap mga 1-5gb lang. speedtest pa lang obos na

    intayin na lang cguro na dumami ung 5g phones (and of course dumami ung mga celltowers dito sa pinas)
  • I'm more interested in the fixed wireless offering for 5G once it comes out especially on the crap range good capacity mm wave that would probably require something like those canopies of old.
    452mbps doesn't mean squat to me if you have a 10gb monthly data for a 999 unli plan.

    Although I must admit 4G is the best thing since sliced bread since it is actually usable unlike those 3G pocket wifi and crap sticks.(or maybe it's just their crap implementation).

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  • even so, d pa ko kampante sa 5G (heck, even 3G/LTE/4G kulang pa both celltowers AND bandwidth)

    Also, assume the top-end speeds (~500mbps for now) will be gated behind a spicy monthly fee.

    Hayaan natin mag-mature muna ung tech