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Nawala o na-delete ba ang posted items niyo? Baka may violation? Read this simple posting rules.(Read from page 1)

  • Admins/Moderators will lock/delete posts and/or suspend/ban members who violate these simple posting rules:

    * Ad-Titles containing unnecessary words aside from the item itself like \"Brandnew\", \"Almost New\", \"RUSH\", \"Fresh\", \"Smooth\", \"Repriced\", \"Today Only\", \"Sale/Swap\", \"Cheap\", \"Negotiable\", \"FS/FT/ST\", \"with Warranty\", \"2pcs Available\", With Pics\", \"with Freebies\", \"WTB\", \"Looking For\", \"In Need Of\", \"Needed\", etc... (Brand and Model of item is enough for the Title)
    * Ad-Title containing Special Characters \"-\", \"!\", \"*\", \">\", \"<\", \"/\", \"\\\", \"[ ]\", \"( )\", etc...
    * Double or Multiple Posts of Same Item (Flooding)
    * All CAPS/UpperCase or AlternateCase (in whole or in part)
    * All Bold Letters are not allowed (in title & description)
    * Non-PC Related Items or Not Falling under any pre-determined Category.
    * Unauthorized trading of Microsoft Software Products
    * Monster Products (Beats Audio)
    * Wimax Modems/Smart Bro Canopy (BM622, B933, etccc)
    * Ads bearing Pirated content or leading to Piracy.
    * Text Speak on Ad-Title and Item Description
    * Yung iba, title pa lang Description na (make the title precise not descriptive)
    * Ridiculous Pricing or Zero Pricing Ex. P0.00, P1.00, P5.00 (Initial/Tentative Price required)
    * Misrepresented ads. Passing off Used items as Brand New.
    * Misleading Ad Content
    * Posted Ad is leading to Bidding System which is NOT Allowed here.

    Read also related rules <click here for link>

    REMINDER! Habitual violator will be suspended/banned without warnings!

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  • @phantasma
    tama ka!!!
    nasa presyo ang saleability ng item, wala sa special characters sa title o haba nito

    mali ka!!
    jun lang.....lolz

    i opted to make this thread para alam ng marami kung bakit nalo-lock yung mga posts nila. nakakapagod na rin kasi mag edit ng titles eh, paulit ulit naman yung violation. alam ko marami diyan hindi binasa rules and policies on posting.

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  • isa pa yang mga text speak sa forums, selling sa forums, piracy sa forums etc.....
    i will have them suspended for violating the rules.
    no need to warn them, suspend or ban na agad.
    karamihan diyan alam naman nilang bawal eh, pasaway lang talaga....
  • IMHO, no need for this kind of thread kasi responsibility naman ng isang individual to read site rules, hindi lamang dito sa TPC. It\'s like knowing a country\'s laws before even going there.
  • grayram,
    unfortunately some TPC\'ers are iiresponsible. and maraming pinoy ang may \"baka makalusot\" mentality.

    edit grammar

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  • @jun sir, kung mapapansin din ninyo some of us members also remind these violators regarding the rules of the site. If it would be possible that these responsible members also remind these \"pasaways\"? responsible usage of site lang naman but sometimes kami pa ang nangangatnatan ng mga ito. if this happens pwede po ba namin refer sa inyo for disciplinary action?
  • @justmee

    Good question.
  • unfortunately some TPC\'ers are iiresponsible. and maraming pinoy ang may \"baka makalusot\" mentality.

    oo nga totoo ito, kaya minsan pati yung sumusunod naman sa rules/regulations ng tpc nadadamay..minsan nagulat na lang ako na lock yung item ko tapos the same day na ban username ko hindi ko alam kung ano violation ko..:D

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  • interesting, during the 1st or 2nd week of this month, I sent ReB a PM about a Newbie Guide article for TPC. It lists down those commonly made mistakes =) addition, it also has guide about making an account, and using the tools available at the site. Not a comprehensive one as I have wished for, but those things to get new members starting with little hiccups...

    Help support TPC, click on the Ads
    Join TPC\'s Frappr (<click here for link>)
    Noobie on overclocking your Pentium 4? <click here for link>
    Got a quick question and needs quick answer? (<click here for link>)


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    All rights reserve, All wrongs deserve

  • some of us members also remind these violators regarding the rules of the site. If it would be possible that these responsible members also remind these \"pasaways\"? responsible usage of site lang naman but sometimes kami pa ang nangangatnatan ng mga ito. if this happens pwede po ba namin refer sa inyo for disciplinary action?

    of course. IMO rule 5 can be invoked in these instances

    nevertheless, please be reminded also of rule 25
    25. You will use the Item\'s Negotiation Board only to inquire and/or show interest in purchasing/acquiring the item. Other kinds of replies, remarks, or inquiries are prohibited.

    it would be best to remind the violator thru PM
  • @abtp, thanks. kakainis lang kasi yung mga pasaway na ito.
  • @justmee,
    you can just imagine how mods feel, especially if the pasaway is a recidivist
  • kaya ako....nadala na.....ayoko na ulit masuspend.....kaya read muna ng rules and regulation pag me time...then share ko sa ibang pasaway...merry christmas mga sir/ma\'am
  • hindi masama to remind the other members of their violation/vilations, but we have to be courteous at all times. hindi lahat ng tao marunong tumanggap ng maayos na pakiusap. maniwala kayo, galing na ako dun.......

    if this happens, just provide the admins/mods the exchange of PMs, and appropriate actions will be taken against the said members. marami sa ating community are out to help TPC in their own little way, and all efforts are appreciated.
  • up lang, madami na naman akong nakikitang posts with violations.......
  • dapat po ba iLock ang item even without warning?
  • admins/mods lock posts which violate these simple posting rules:

    * all caps
    * text speak sa title and/or item description
    * contains unnecessary words aside from the item like for sale, cheap, FS, WTB, looking for, in need of, needed, rushetc.....
    * special characters or punctuation marks "!", "*", "/", "-", "@", etc...
    * double or multiple posts
    * yung iba, title pa lang description na.
    * wrong pricing
    * pictures too big

    yes, we can lock items and threads without warning.......

    it would be physically impossible to to warn every violator. it is also assumed that ALL members have read the rules.....

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  • @borgsex,
    malinaw ang rules:
    2. Any message, thread, or post (\"content\"), found to be in violation, or to circumvent any of the R&P below may be deleted or locked or transferred by any of the moderators, at anytime, without prior notice. Further, any violation of the R&P may lead to the suspension or termination of the violator\'s privileges and/or account, likewise at anytime or without prior notice.

    if you look at the Post New Item page, there are three warning messages.

    The second one reads:
    Read the Rules. Should your post violate any, your item will be locked without any prior notice. Repeated violations shall be grounds for an account to be suspended, whether indefinitely or otherwise.

    and the third one says:
    By clicking the Post Item button below, I guarantee that I have read and agree with\'s Terms Of Use and Board Rules and Policies. I am also aware that if my post is found to be in violation of any of the terms and rules, the moderators may delete it without prior notice.

    once a member clicks the \"Post Item\" button, he has given the admins and mods the right to lock, without warning, that item post if the post violates any rule.

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  • marami na naman may mga violations sa titles nila. mga exclamation points, special characters, unnecesary words sa titles etc.....

    guys stick to the item for sale lang, put the other details sa item description.....
  • nice thread :D a simple reminder for people w/ hard noggins :D
  • @jc2mm2
    thanks for the bump.......

    madami kasi nagrereklamo kung bakit na lock yung posts or threads, pero they never bother to follow the simple rules, tapos kaming mods ang masama......

    teka post ko nga sa beginning ng every page yung nakalagay sa first post ko.
  • paalala sa mga nagpopost........

    madami na naman akong nakikita na sobra haba ng titles ng items. ilagay na lang ninyo sa description yung ibang data. just state the item you are selling, yung members na bahala magbasa sa desciption. hindi dahil mahaba ang title, madaling mabebenta ang items ninyo....
  • For clarification lang...

    what if meron isang member na may IFS: MS Windows XP Pro na original with COA, boxed & sealed?

    Pwede naman ito kasi hindi naman oem, right?
  • @gr8guy

    right now, selling of microsoft products/software is not allowed in the site, since it places too much effort on the moderators to watch. most users post OEM or don't indicate if they're selling the licensed retail versions. our main concern with this is to avoid having TPC as a hub for those selling illegal copies of software.

    we'll be lifting this restriction as soon as we workout ways on how to handle this.
  • @jaydee

    Oh I see. Thank you for the clarification, chief! :)
  • some of these special characters are used to catch attention and not as a separator kaya hindi pwede.....

    furthermore, some sellers put the complete specs of their systems sa title pa lang. leave it to the items descriptions section, and let the propective buyers to read the desciption in full.

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  • bump for all to see...
  • up na lang....reminders sa mga beginners sa tpc......
  • kailangan ma-up ito.

    madaming violators. title pa lang may mga erros na.
    maraming kung anu ano nilalagay sa title just to attract attention ng buyers. tuloy nakikita yung violations nila.

    eto mga example:
    * all caps

    * mga salitang hindi na kailangan needed, asap, today, for sale, looking for, want to buy etc. nakalagay naman na sa tamang section eh..... ilagay lang natin ang item na binebenta. wala sa haba ng title yan, nasa presyo yan. kahit gaano kahaba ang title mo, kung mataas ang presyo, lalangawin pa rin yan.

    * marami diyan multiple posts, ginagawang bidshot at ebay yung mga posts nila.isang post ay tama na. hindi dahil marami ang posts mo, mabebenta mo agad ang items mo. ganadahan mo presyo, para madali mabenta.

    * at ang walang kamatayang text speak sa item description.....
  • up for this very informative thread...