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  • @SnakeEyes416140

    Sorry sir but hindi ko pa na-audition yung 2.1 speakers ni Anthony Audio... so cannot say which one sounds better. Try to audition both pag lifted na yung quarantine.

    But if I were to buy blindly without auditioning the speakers... I would probably gamble on the Anthony Audio 2.1 setup. Yung 8-inch fullrange drivers na gamit sa 2.1 speakers looks the same as the drivers sa Titus Gold Center speaker (a premium HT speaker also sold by Anthony Audio). I'm guessing the mids will sound a lot better than the Edifier S350DB... but I'm only guessing.

    One thing to consider din is if you will be using the speakers on a desk / nearfield setup. Yung 2.1 speakers ni Anthony Audio looks like it is tuned for listening at a farther distance like beside your TV or on speaker stands.

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  • @SnakeEyes416140

    Not related to the Anthony Audio 2.1's but this video might give you a better idea on how S350DB compares with a bookshelf speaker na ka-level ng Edifier R1850DB. Hindi siya as good as auditioning in person but it might help.

    Try listening to this with your best sounding speakers at home or best sounding headphones :-)

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  • @sleepygeepy...

    last year ko pa na audition yan Edifier S350DB sa showroom nila sa Megamall, also watched already several YT reviews, sounds just fine, can't compare yet with Anthony 2.1 because i haven't seen or knew where I can audition their speaker set...

    regarding bigger drivers in general sounds a bit better than the smaller size drivers, still depends on the built-in Amps...

    sometimes its great how a smaller driver can project the same SQ and Sound Pressure as the bigger one in overall performance...

    looks, features and price wise i go for the Edifier...

    sound quality both will satisfy anyone's taste...
  • Hey guys, just new to this hobby..

    planning to purchase the cheapest HT system w/ atmos. And then build a separate HIFI system. I dont need powerful ones. Current space is only 4mx6m living room)

    Research mode pa alang ako at this point. Hopefully makakuha sana ako ng suggestions para ma narrow down na yng need i research :)

    1. HT - Kayanin kaya 70k?
    - avr 5.1.2 w/ dolby vision (initial setup 5.1, hold muna yung atmos speakers)
    - 4 bookshelf(front/surround) 1 center, 1 sub
    2. Need ko ba separate amp for sub? my car stereo has its own mono amp. not sure if same sa HT
    3. About the HIFI system - planning to buy a separate amplifier for music listening. But quite intrigue about the possibility to just add another amp for music and use the same sets of speakers from my HT.. is this even possible? or kahit yung sub lang, then buy ako 2 floorstand speakers?

    or mas ok na go for higher end AVR which is also good for music playback?

    Initial budget of 70k is for HT system, then to follow yung HIFI system. Diko pa na experience actual setup ng mga amplifiers, speakers, etc.. yng knowledge ko is coming from what i read so far.


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  • @rainybhoy1...

    since you will be setting up a separate HT system and Hi-Fi system and considering the size of the room...

    For HT System:
    would you consider a dolby atmos soundbar from Samsung, cost less than 50k

    For Hi-Fi System:
    there are used old model branded bookshelf/floor standing from Onkyo, Pioneer and Yamaha and other well known brand that cost between 5k to 15k

    then an old model Onkyo, Yamaha, Pioneer the like integrated ampli (or AVR) which cost less than 10k

    i have tested one of this and it does sound musical kahet lumang model na

    i think for the size of your room, this will suffice your listening preference

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  • it will only make a difference if you have a dedicated room like this....

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  • @SnakeEyes416140

    Thanks for the feedback. But i'd rather spend more than settle with another soundbar though.

    I might go with good 2nd hand unit on some of the speakers or receivers just to achieve the 70 to 80k-ish budget. And im not that too desperate on atmos yet, so i guess i can live without it for now.
  • mga sir ayus ba ang TCL na brand? balak ko sana umiskor nung 30K na 65" 4K TV nila
  • @GobiGobi

    Hindi daw ok ang TCL dito sa atin.. unlike yng mga US made. review from FB group. Pero again, minsan swertehan lang tlaga. good value na pag tumagal na walang issue. mas mataas nga lang ang risk pag maraming bad reviews.
  • daming problema yung TCL sa atin ayon sa pdvd at PHTE

    consider Coocaa or Hisense for budget wise sets.
  • I've been using TCL 55C6US for the past 8 mos and Is satisfied especially for all the benefits it can offer. I have installed Tivimate (IPTV), MoviesHD, Deezer, LiveNetTV, Mobdro, HBOGo and many other apps. More than satisfied to what this TV can offer. Flexible din sa mga connections since it has USB, Wifi, Bluetooth, 3.5mm, Optical. Very versatile. Not to forget it's Harman Kardon built-in Soundbar.

  • @AthlonXP2000

    For sure, hindi lang ikaw ang nka experience na walang issue sa TCL. But sadly meron din unusually high negative reviews for non US made TCLs. Thats coming from actual users sa fb group. Highly recommended yng TCL actually sa US, best value for money based sa features/price.

    Ako kse mas nag re rely ako sa actual feedback before ako bmili ng gamit. Medyo iwas ako sa mataas ang risk. Pero again. the product itself sulit ka sa features for the price if hindi magkaka issue.
  • TCL na brand? balak ko sana umiskor nung 30K na 65" 4K TV nila
    may tcl thread dito aside from this one...wala namang maraming problems sa tv thread...
  • may tcl thread dito aside from this one...wala namang maraming problems sa tv thread...

    kahet mga branded may mga lemon unit, don't worry kaya may 3yrs warranty naman ang TCL