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Unified Smart WiFi/Bro Thread (Feedback, Ideas, Comments, and Helping each other out)

  • No more telco cell sites
    Gov’t implementing common tower policy for all mobile phone firms

    The government is implementing a common tower policy, similar to those done abroad, prohibiting local telecommunications companies (telcos) from building their own cellular towers by the first quarter of 2019, Presidential Adviser on Economic Affairs Ramon “RJ” Jacinto, announced Friday.

    The new policy should speed up the building process, which is currently bogged down with too many permit requirements. It should allow local telcos to focus on improving their services, lower the cost for subscribers, and make it easier for any incoming third player in the industry, as well.

    Local telcos will now have to lease space from three to four private tower companies that the government is luring in to shoulder the US$5 billion required to construct 50,000 towers in five years, which the country needs to be at par with Vietnam and its neighbors in the region.

    The Philippines, which has a population of 110 million, only has 15,000 towers (half of which are duplicated) while Malaysia, with a population of 30 million, has 25,000 towers. Indonesia, with 250 million people, has 90,000 towers while India, with 1.3 billion people, has 550,000 towers.

    Some 60 percent of the world have separate companies hosting towers, he underscored.

    Already, Boston, Massachusetts-based American Towers Corporation has signified interest to build cellular towers, at no cost to the government. A leading lessor of space on towers, as well as operator and developer of wireless and broadcast communications real estate, the company’s global portfolio includes 149,000 sites in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Paraguay, Peru, South Africa, and Uganda.

    The government will allow the local telcos to keep their existing cell sites but they have the option to sell them to Tower Corporation.

    Local telcos have always complained of the red tape in getting permits for their cellular towers. But now, permits must be granted within seven days. If no action is done, the application will be deemed approved, according to Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Officer-in-Charge Eliseo M. Rio Jr.

    The Cabinet approved the common tower policy in August, 2017. The guidelines for the common tower policy are expected to be finalized by next month.

    By the last quarter of 2018, the government expects to reach an agreement with the Tower Corporation, which has submitted their unsolicited bids. The building of the common towers should start by first quarter of 2019.

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  • Hi guys kabibili ko lang nung SMART BRO HOME WIFI LTE, na-activate ko naman na ung 10gb free kaso each time na aalisin ko ung device sa WIFI for some time (say 30 mins); pag nag try ako kumunek ulit ayaw na, and ginagawa ko lng para gumana uli is to restart the modem. Normal lang ba yun o may sira ung unit na nabili ko?

    PS. May napansin din ako na sa first login ko sa mybrosettings nag fe-fail(kahit tama ung inputs), pero once na ipress ko uli ung login, nakakapasok naman na.

    Hope you can help me guys.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • @Azgaroux pre yan din nararanasan ko. feeling ko normal operation o feature yan para di mawalan ng load habang di nagbrobrowse.
  • Meron ba ditong naka home prepaid wifi or yung bagong pocket wifi na evoluzn pr3l? Just wondering kung ano yung nat type nyo and if may DMZ settings ba. For ps4 and pc gaming po kasi sana. Vert important sakin na hindi type 3 yung Nat ko.
  • @mike_espia

    regardless of the lte device you use, you'll get nat type 3 behind cgnat.

    dmz is pointless in this situation.
  • ^ wala pong workaround at all? May nabasa kasi ako na type 2 raw sya sa ps4 using just his phone as mobile hotspot and smart prepaid sim. I dont have a smart sim to try it yet kaya cinoconfirm ko lang sana dito. I thought DMZ would help as well pero di pala.
  • i have a smart lte prepaid sim and nat type3 on smartphone, pocket wifi or sa huawei b936-315 namin dati.

    if you could get nat type 2 then that's dependent on smart's system not your device.
  • I have an old smart bro plan, supposedly unlimited pero I've been experiencing caps for years. Nakakasawa itawag sa CS. Ano pa ba pwedeng gawin?
  • guys, meron ba naka Smart Bro Shared Data 699 plan?
    di masyadong detailed yung plan details kasi
    yung plan every month pwede mo ishare kahit kaninong Smart # postpaid and prepaid?
    hindi ba carry-over yung unused data?
  • Guys meron bang naka smart infinity sim dito? No Cap ba talga? thanks and please advise if mablis ba talaga thanks