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*Official Liquid Cooling Users (see faqs on page 157)

  • @j3pys

    You might want to check these out...

    Barrow SPD10-S Pump 240 Water Cooling Kit = Php 11,500

    Barrow DDC Pump & Reservoir Combo 240 Water Cooling Kit = Php 12,500

  • @sleepygeepy

    Was pertaining to those nga sir, reliable ba yung barrow na brand, also is the reservoir and pump combo better than the one with a seperate pump?
  • ok naman Barrow so far. Currently using their fittings, pump tsaka res. No complaints so far.
  • @j3yps
    Was pertaining to those nga sir, reliable ba yung barrow na brand, also is the reservoir and pump combo better than the one with a seperate pump?

    Sa nababasa ko na reviews ok naman ang Barrow na brand. Mas kilala yata sila for their fittings kasi parang exact clone ng Bitspower. Either way I think this kit is still way better than your typical Asetek based AIO watercooler.

    Regarding reservoir and pump combo, I would suggest you get this kung hindi naman problem ang mounting sa case. Also makakatipid ka din sa fittings since hindi mo na kailangan i-link yung reservoir and pump together. As a rule yung pump should be submerged in coolant kaya mas simple yung setup if yung pump and reservoir are integrated together.

    I think maganda yung separate reservoir and pump kung may plans ka mag upgrade to a more expensive pump (like Laing D5) or yung reservoir hindi pwede i-mount vertically sa case, or gusto mo yung pump is isolated like sa loob ng PSU shroud etc.
  • ayon sa mga modder sa pinas mas tiwala sila ngayon sa barrow compare sa ek.
  • mahirap lang sa barrow, mababa QA, pag minalas ka may fittings na may stain sa loob gaya ng isang 45degree rotary ko. pero overall, sa presyo niyan ano pang marereklamo mo? :D
  • Barrow oks naman, used barrow compression, rotary fittings no problem naman so far, also barrow d5 pump. which almost same lang with ek pumps,
  • So i skimped on an LCS because i got a GREAT deal on a Swiftech H240X2 Prestige. Now the problem is it's leaking (yes, it's bnew and with warranty). Honestly i don't want to deal with the whole RMA process. Is there anybody who can do home service to fix this one issue?

    The leak is on the tube connected to the pump.

    If ever someone is willing pls send me a PM :)

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    Got a refund for the leaky cooler and got this

    no more leaks though the temps i think could be better, i was advised by the modder to give it a few days for improvements in temps.

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  • guys, san recommended na shop mag pagawa ng water cool loop dito sa Metro Manila?
  • bro for hardline leaks, usually for leaks O-rings ang nirereplace sa fittings. if hindi maresolve sa O-rings, replacement na ng fittings. Usually..
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  • share lang mga sir. on going build

  • may nakasubok na ba sa inyo magpa-nickel plate ng cpu block?
  • hello, saang page na po ba ang FAQ? i checked page 157 pero wala na sya dun may mga nadelete siguro na posts kaya na move sya. thanks!
  • binago ko orientation ng fan ko from push to pull (GT-AP1850) 5-10c difference from my previous. is this normal?

    hello, saang page na po ba ang FAQ? i checked page 157 pero wala na sya dun may mga nadelete siguro na posts kaya na move sya. thanks!

    ano ba tanong mo sir?

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  • @hatred

    nothing specific yet. currently planning for a new build kasi and gusto ko mag liquid cooling on this setup.

    plan is for i7 8700k, and 1080ti for gpu. magiging expensive sya sobra for my wallet so plan to build this unti-unti, without 1080ti muna. then kapag nakaipon na eh saka ko i-add ang gpu.

    so would need a liquid cooling solution sana para dun sa approach ko. completely newb in this area so hoping the faq could guide me sana.

    btw im following jayztwocents sa youtube nakakakuha ng onting basics but iba pa din talaga pag tagalog hehe. and yun mga nirerecommend nya di ko kasi makita dito so would like to know my options first before importing.

    sorry mahaba hehe :D
  • @Gerard

    nice, Jayz2Cents din reference ko sa mga watercooling concerns. hehe.
    pero about your inquiry, you can go for soft tubing, since nasabi mo na unti-untiin mo ang build mo.
    First is to have a CPU-cooled setup, then add na yung GPU sa loop once nakumpleto mo na, something na rigid tubes can't do kasi magreredesign ka ulit ng loop mo.

    but, if you ask me, mag-aircooled build ka muna, once na makumpleto mo na yung setup mo, go for custom loop na.
    kahit soft tubing kasi gamit, medyo hassle pa din magdrain, leaktest, at design. twice.
    kapag nagcustom watercooled setup ka na kasi, considered na locked na yung setup mo. medyo onti na lang mauupgrade or magalaw mo dahil may tubig na ang components.
  • @gerardj

    Same suggestion as sir alveey. You can consider buying a "watercooling kit" which comes with all the parts you need, then try watercooling the Core i7-8700K first as that will be the hottest component of your PC once you try overclocking the CPU.

    Stick with soft tubing for now so it is easier to maintain the custom loop, and you don't have to disassemble or drain anything whenever you need to troubleshoot or install something. Good idea din to leave a little slack sa tubing so it's easier to move parts around the case.

    Also make sure to choose your case wisely, kasi not all cases can be easily installed with a pump and reservoir, and have good mounting positions for your radiators and fans. So try to go for a watercooling friendly case as much as possible.


    I know you are planning to go with custom watercooling... but let me play devil's advocate for a moment :-)

    Yung problem ng Core i7-8700K is yung CPU heatspreader cannot dissipate the heat very well due to the gap between the die and the heat spreader. To make matters worse, Intel is using a thick application of thermal paste between the two so they maintain contact, and we know na yung thick application of thermal paste is not good for transferring heat.

    So if you spend like Php 13K and above to watercool your CPU, you might not get your money's worth because the CPU cannot transfer the heat effectively to the CPU waterblock. I would not be surprised kung yung temps na makukuha mo on the CPU will be slightly better than a 240mm or 280mm AIO watercooler, but you will spending roughly twice the amount of money on cooling.

    My suggestion is think about spending your money on "delidding" the Core i7-8700K since it will give you lowest temps for the money spent. To delid your CPU you will need to order the following:

    1. A delidding tool for removing and re-attaching the heatspreader (Delid Die Mate 2, Rockit 88, or Dr Delid)
    2. Liquid metal type thermal compound to replace the thermal paste (Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut or Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra)
    3. High temperature silicone based sealant for re-gluing the heatspreader (RTV from hardware stores)
    4. Syringe for applying the silicone sealant (from any drug store)

    Once you have delidded the Core i7-8700K you can expect temperature drops of around 12 degrees Celsisus during normal operation. When overclocking you can expect temperature drops of 15C and in some cases as much as 17C for the same overclocked speed. Alternatively, delidding the CPU can let you easily reach 5.0GHz on Core i7-8700K and even go as high as 5.1GHz - 5.2GHz depending on the quality of the CPU.

    I guess what I'm trying to say here is you get much lower CPU temperatures from delidding the Core i7-8700K and using a high-end aircooler or AIO watercooler, versus using a non-delided Core i7-8700K and spending money on a custom watercooling loop. With delidding you will probably spend less money as well and you can focus your budget somewhere else.

    Of couse the major downside of delidding your CPU is it will automatically void your CPU's warranty. But I think it also holds true if you heavily overclock your CPU that you need to use custom watercooling.

    Anyway food for thought lang :-)

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  • is liquid cooling advisable lang sa mga nag-OC? planning to have luquid cooling kasi, kaso di naman ako nag-overclock.
  • @alveey / @sleepygeepy

    thanks! :) medyo nagkakalinaw na hehe. so air cooled + delid muna while wala pang GPU.
  • @trebor11584
    is liquid cooling advisable lang sa mga nag-OC? planning to have luquid cooling kasi, kaso di naman ako nag-overclock.

    It depends sir, pero in general wala naman masama if you use liquid cooling and do not overclock. Usually with liquid cooling mas mababa yung temps over aircooling and sometimes mas tahimik ang system mo kasi over built ang cooling at pwede mo hinaan ang fans. Pero ang downside is mas malaki magagastos mo sa liquid cooling kasi mas mahal ang piyesa niya compared to aircooling.

    Siguro kung gagamit ka ng processor na medyo mataas ang operating temps like Core i7-8700K or Skylake-X etc then justified naman kung gumamit ka ng liquid cooling even kung hindi mo i-overclock ang processor.

    Sa videocard naman, mas sulit ang benefit na makukuha mo sa liquid cooling kahit hindi mo i-overclock ang GPU. Dahil mas mababa ang temps mas kaya ng GPU mag boost to higher turbo speeds at maintain yung turbo speeds for a longer period. So parang nag auto-overclock ang GPU by itself kapag mababa ang temps.
  • @gerardj
    thanks! :) medyo nagkakalinaw na hehe. so air cooled + delid muna while wala pang GPU.

    What I suggest sir is follow mo yung advice ni sir alveey. Go for aircooling at i-prioritize mo muna kunin ang GTX 1080 Ti para mabuo ang build. Kapag working na ang lahat then dun mo lang consider kung gusto mo ituloy mag-delid ng CPU or mag custom watercooling or both.

    Delikado din mag delid ng CPU and para sa akin, last resort nalang siya kung hindi ka talaga satisfied sa temps ng Core i7-8700K. Ideally mas maganda mag delid ng CPU kung lagpas na sa warranty, para hindi din sayang ang shop warranty / RMA period.
  • may ganito kaya locally? replacement tube para sa reservoir 50mm diameter

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  • Share ko lang rig ko from soft tubes to PETG (pinagawa ko yung hardline tubing sa kay tantric modz wala kasi ako enough tools e.g. heat gun):

  • commercial lang :-)

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  • Share lang po. First time mag custom loop.

    Shift X custom loop build

    Weekend progress:

    May mga kulang pa pala akong fittings kaya hindi ko natapos ngayong weekend. Hirap pag ganito kasikip ung case (plus newbie).