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DIY hidden, Surveillance Camera para sa mga nagtitipid

  • ^ sa raon quiapo di mawawalan dun

    mis this thread its been almost a decade! laki ng piang bago sa technology
  • anu na ba in ngayon ser.. yung tipong pang masa ang presyo ng system pero super effective sa gusto imonitor maliit na shop.
  • I have Bayantel plan 1,299 with dynamic IP, hindi rin po ako makapag port forward, they said I need to pay additional P700+ per month para sa static IP.

    Here\'s my question, possible ba na view remotely if i dedicate ko nlang ang internet ko sa DVR, meaning wala na iba mkaka connect kundi DVR ko? Need pa rin ba ,ag portforward sa ganitong setup?

    @daxjeremy, 2 issues you've raised regarding remote viewing:

    1. Dynamic IP -- you can use a service like free DNS para makagamit ka ng When you sign up with, The Free DNS will be associated with your current IP. DNS i.e = kaya lang depende sa provider BayanTel, Smart, PLDT etc they may change their leased IP address at any given time -- maybe daily, weekly change, sometimes rebooting your modem would release and renew your IP. That's where you need a DNS updater client, has it too. It's a small application that you have to install to your PC para kung meron changes sa IP address "DNS Update Client continually checks for IP address changes in the background and automatically updates the DNS at No-IP whenever it changes". Some router or flashed router like DDWRT or tomato etc., has a built in updater so you don't really have to install on any network device. And yes I agree to solve WAN IP changes issues, then get a Static IP to avoid hassles.

    2. Port forwarding -- you can get away with port forwarding and dedicate your IP (WAN IP) straight to your DVR, no more router in between(I am not sure if your ISP device is a modem and router in one). Kaya lang I am not sure with your IP camera or DVR, if it just uses default port 80 for viewing. If not then medyo tricky yun since you have to create a socket i.e to view your camera remotely. Kung kailangan ng multiple devices then you have to configure the routers port forwarding on your LAN IP.

    Pasensya na kung hindi ako masyadong precise yung sagot ko since medyo broad yung scope but kung meron kang specific issue. Hope this helps and let me know so I can try to assist. Salamat.

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  • hi guys, hopefully this is the thread im looking for here...

    here is the thing, i wanted to setup a wireless camera that has a capability of recording videos both in the day and night vision manually and automatically.

    im using kasi my android phone via the ip webcam pro app and also accessing the video thru the web browser (either mozilla or chrome) to record (with auto output of *.mkv files) edit the camera settings (either web or phone) and changing night vision capability and so and so. now since android phone needed battery, meaning saglit lang makakacapture ng video 3-4hrs at full.

    maraming ip camera ang nagkalat pero im lacking of the function that i can edit the settings of the camera. na sa android app is meron.

    anyone who can suggest a better cam to use that fits my need

    thanks tpc
  • good day mga sir's, ask ko lang kung meron dito may alam na supplier ng OEM camera?
  • I suggest <click here for link> gamitin for wider angles.