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Globe Visibility Support Thread (Broadband On-The-Go)

  • I have a Visibility line still active, but after using my wife\'s Sun Unlimited Wireless broadband last month (800pesos monthly), I realized what a loser deal I\'ve been getting with my visibility. Sun is much, much faster for less money. Seriously considering having my Visibility cut...

    Yes, Globe V has been terribly slow the past few months. And yes I do also believe they are trying to get rid of us. Maybe the 2k monthly bill isn\'t good enough for them.
  • I am surprised may active pa na visibility early as 1st quarter 2007, wala na kwenta visibility.

    corporate governance? pfffft. kakahiya kayo Globe
  • hi master batusai,

    yes i\'m still in here - though there are many times i would like to cancel it due to their slowdowns, but right now this is the better option for me for my needs as wired internet is not an option as of now for me.

    i have considered shifting to smart or sun for mywireless needs, but for the places i frequent and stay long hours in - it\'s better compared than the two.

    so i\'m sticking on it not because it\'s great but more on it\'s the better option among the three hsdpa services on my area.
  • Mga sirs,

    May alternative modem ba tayo na pwede ipalit sa standard modem na ibinigay nila sa atin..(ng GLOBE)

    yung kapalit sana na modem router (or may wi-fi capability) din..

    Thanks sirs,
  • check the huawei or zte models being offered here in tipidpc - they will work, i suggest go for the hspa+ ones

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  • RAL who started this thread passed away yesterday, November 18, 2013.
    Rest in Peace my friend.
  • RIP Sir Ral!
  • Rip
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  • for some miraculous reason, Globe delivered their promise. 99% speed was given after complaining the speed dip. currently having the 1599 10MBps plan, last month it was getting 5-6mbps only.

    alas, pumatak ng stable 9.83 Mbps nung naayos ng Techs nila.

    What sorcery is this?!

    Thank you Globe. Hindi na muna ako magiisip maglipat sa 3rd telco lol