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Globe Visibility Support Thread (Broadband On-The-Go)

  • Mga sir pano ba mag apply dito? Kahit ba student pede?

    At ok ba ung unlimited plan nila for 1.5k? Up to 1.8mbps daw eh. :)

    Gagamitin ko siya mostly sa Katipunan area, ok sana signal dun.
  • Funny WeRoam was down. Was on Disaster Relief duty Sunday and was able to use Smart 3G to send data (emails) during the typhoon. Am happy to report that the E61i can stand a little moisture.
  • Apparently Globe is dropping the unlimited Visibility plans, according to yugatech:

    <click here for link>

    What will happen to the existing unlimited accounts after the contract is up?

    <click here for link>

    I\'ve been happy with the Visibility connection when I\'ve used it lately. I hope they\'ll continue to extend the P2000/unlimited to existing subscribers. Otherwise I\'m not sure what I\'d do.

    Their new prepaid plans aren\'t appealing at all. You may as well just pay P5/15 minutes and pay for what you use. I\'m not sure if the connection quality for the prepaid is the same as for the Visibility, though.

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  • Hello!

    i have a vista laptop and e220 hsdpa pcmcia modem with plan2k globe visibility.

    i dont have access to an xp laptop and i cant go to a globe center because the subscriber isnt here in the country.

    how do i use globe visibility pcmcia card with my vista laptop? Any method i cud do?

  • Help?
  • :-)
  • @abbadon_rules

    Kindly clarify whether your HSDPA modem is pcmcia or usb... AFAIK, the e220 is USB... as such it\'s plug and play...

    however, just in case you can try updating it with the latest Globe\'s firmware and dashboard for Huawei e220 at:

    firmware <click here for link>

    dashboard (Mobile Partner) <click here for link>

    it\'s both for PC and Mac... <click here for link>

    Oh BTW, since you mentioned that you\'re out of the country, you may need to check whether Globe has a roaming partner for data/internet access in your location...

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  • Oh BTW, since you mentioned that you\'re out of the country, you may need to check whether Globe has a roaming partner for data/internet access in your location.

    visibility unlimited data plan doesn\'t include roaming data access. you will be charged the normal roaming rate but if your in a country with a bridge alliance partner provider you can buy prepaid data plans.

    for more info: <click here for link>
  • im sorry
    E620 pala

    im here in the philippines
    yung subscriber ang wala dito so di ko mapapalitan sa globe or mapaugrade-an ng firmware
  • any inputs on how to connect to VPN via visibility? ayaw kasi makaconnect sa VPN namin pero ok naman ang internet pwede mag surf at 3.6Mbps.
  • @henryDgreat

    Istik posted the same question a few pages back..I think VPN works only for corp subscribers(i have no frackin idea whats the logic behind this).
  • I have a consumer Visibility account and use Cisco VPN with it without any problems. I didn\'t do anything special. It just works. It may depend on how the VPN network is setup, though.

    I also tried using VPN with Smart 3G awhile back, and I could not get it to work with Smart.
  • Finally able to install and use e620 hsdpa modem and visibility on vista. I found a driver online and used it. Prob is wala naman 3g signal sa mga napupuntahan ko. Pag nakakainternet ako, sobang bagal. Slower than dialup speed using ... Pag nagmamanual search ako ... Nadedetect na may smart 3g -and sometimes even sun 3g. Another prob is - locked to globe sim yata tong e620. :-)
  • walang kwenta 3g sa pinas

    puro advertisements/marketing lang

    im here in manila, wala naman masagap na 3g

    using visibility/e620
  • sino pa nakakaexperience na walang masagap na 3g using visibility/e620?
  • nagkaprob ako dati sa visib., 236kbps lang connection, yun pala kelangan mo select 3G or WCDMA only. pagkapalit ko sa setting na yan, okay na lagi na syang 3.6Mbps :)
  • using e620
    never pa ako nakakonek using 3g waaah
    lagi gprs/edge
    max 80kbps
  • mga gurus. i\'m here in saudi but have also this device (mobily connect). can you tell me how can i share my net connection using wifi? im using vista and i want to share in my other laptop having xp os.

    thanks > medyo OT
  • wtf...globe?
  • @christinen

    i suggest that you go to their business center and discuss your situation first with their customer representatives. if my memory serves me right, i think i\'ve read somewhere sometime ago a case similar to yours and globe adjusted the dude\'s bill. besides, wtf, 11k for a month\'s internet? no way!
  • bigla akong napa-check sa website ng Globe dun ah... been considering getting a postpaid visibility plan when the need arises, as of now kse on prepaid lang... anyway, the site says it\'s 5 pesos for 15 mins for prepaid but .50 per min in excess of free minutes for postpaid...

    <click here for link>

    the thing is, why were you charged on a volume-based (per kb)?

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  • Actually kalokohan yang per KB charging nang globe and kahit saang side mo tingnan eh napakatanga nang taong nakaisip/nag suggest na gawin ang per KB...
  • I think they probably made a mistake in their billing. According to the plan it is clearly Php0.50 per minute in excess of the 60 free hours.

    Best go to a business center and sort it out.
  • got a globe visibility prepaid.. pero bakit pang browse lang pwede... ayaw gumana ang mga YM and email... Naka Block ba ang prepaid plans ng globe.. pang http lang?
  • Am using an ordinary prepaid sim to connect when mobile, got no problem with YM. Haven\'t tried using webcam yet, though.
  • uhh.. guys, i have a problem.. i think i just flashed my globe\'s e220 to vodafone\'s.. now i cannot use my e220.. lol

  • ok na siya :D flashed it again with uk\'s 3.. pwede na siya ulit for globe :D hooray!
  • I\'m experiencing something really weird tonight.

    On all the sites that I visit, all the web images don\'t load properly or rather on high quality as they should be. They all appear pixilated and the image quality is pretty degraded (around 60% of original quality lang siguro).

    I have a local server running on my machine and I checked it and my local sites are showing the images just fine. So its definitely not my monitor or laptop. And then, I\'m using Firefox but also tried opening the same sites on IE7 but to no avail. So its definitely not the browser settings too (I didn\'t change anything on the settings in the first place).

    Hmmm... could this be the works of Globe?
  • Seem to have problems reaching some web pages with Globe DSL (not visibility)... Yahoo... MSN.... for several days now.

    Globe uses a cache server.... maybe that is the cause of the problem?

    A cache server is a dedicated network server or service acting as a server that saves Web pages or other Internet content locally. By placing previously requested information in temporary storage, or cache , a cache server both speeds up access to data and reduces demand on an enterprise\'s bandwidth. Cache servers also allow users to access content offline, including rich media files or other documents. A cache server is sometimes called a \"cache engine.\"

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  • No am sure they use a cahce server. When I post a new item on my blog, it usually takes 1 or 2 days for it to show up if you go to your blog via its URL. But if you use the blog search feature to find you new article you will find it right away.

    On the Smart connection I use in the office, the updates (new articles) show up right away.

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