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Seagate warranty straight to singapore at no cost (read FAQ on Page 1)

  • meron ba na nagpa-rma last August na hindi hiningan ng OMB permit?

    update: hiningan rin ako ng OMB permit. buti na lang UPS na ang maglalakad. just needed to submit documents thru email.

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  • is that for the export permit? or import permit? does UPS charge a fee?
    last month kasi di pa nila inoffer yung service.

    anyone asked for a notarized affidavit by OMB?
  • Alam ko may 2k na charge if ups maglalakad
    But maybe nabago na policy ni ups

    Napakastressful nyang omb na yan
    Dati wala naman
    Magaling humanap ng pera gobyerno kung may dagdag korap nila

  • Ganito email nila

    In order to facilitate the customs clearance, you are required to complete the attached documents . Below are the list of documents which you need to complete and submit. Total of 5 documents has to be submitted.

    Authorization (to complete)
    Letter of Intent (to complete)
    Affidavit (to complete and require a lawyer signature)
    Front and Back copy of Identification Card

    **we do apologize but we are unable to provide a Lawyer nor waive any lawyer fees. In order to receive your replacement device a lawyer signature is required as per Philippines Customs requirement. **

    update: for pickup na ng broker yung OMB permit

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  • @meia_kp, ano po update sayo.. na realaesa na yung mga hdd mo?
  • may changes po
    <click here for link>
  • ^ I hope they just open up a local service center where RMAs can be processed. Shipping individual drives to Singapore for RMA isn’t feasible anymore because of that OMB permit requirement BS.

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  • @MrBungle

    Didn't western digital one up them by having a local in-house warranty service center?

    Okay maybe not since sending my drive to UPS SCS via LBC(300 meters walking distance in my previous home) was still ways better than going myself to metro manila and finding some service center I've never been to before time and fare-wise.

    That would be for the best to avoid OMB's piracy measures lol.

    It would be great if we can ship our drive there and simply pay for return shipping as well keeping hassle to a minimum.

    I remember submitting my WD drive for RMA to a shop forwarded to a distro(out of shop warranty na but they sent it anyway), and had to reclaim it from another distro going around in circles with my father since we couldn't find said distro warehouse. this was around 10 years ago I think.

    Kasalanan naman kasi natin yan.
    Dapat sa local distro magpa-RMA and if hindi pede sa local distro itapon na lang ang device at bumili ng bago mahirap na at baka may pirated content courtesy OMB and whoever the hell allegedly file complaints to them.
  • I still call BS on the pirated content excuse (and thus OMB's jurisdiction), because you're sending a defective drive and receive a blank one as a replacement. How does piracy fit in that scenario?
  • @awakeruze

    Masyado ka defiant good sir namimirata ka siguro.
    pag sinabi ng OMB and the powers that be na piracy yung HDD replacement piracy yun.
  • meia_kp sila naman po talaga maglalakad ng mga iyan need mo lang talaga iprovide ung mga documents na yan specially notarized na affidavit.
    will be posting the detailed process sa off ko if merong interested kasi may misunderstanding ang OMB at seagate regarding sa process.
    Like we as law abiding citizens let us just follow rules of the OMB. as simple as that.
  • I emailed Millennium and AGT (both of the authorized distributors) to ask if they will accept the drives for RMA.

    Millennium requires you to contact the store where you bought it from.

    For AGT, the one that replied to me was Mr. Benedick Arevalo.
    You can send it properly packed with RMA label to:

    Suite 1104, 11th Floor
    Taipan Place Bldg. Emerald Avenue
    Ortigas, Pasig City

    Contact Person: Amira Reyes
    You can contact them directly
    +639399186168 or +639178171279

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  • For AGT, the one that replied to me was Mr. Benedick Arevalo.
    You can send it properly packed with RMA label to:

    may nakapa-rma ba sa kanila kahit hindi sa kanila galing yung drive?