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DIY: Build your own LCD projector for dvd playback and gaming

  • Hi and a good day/evening to all,

    To those who own projectors or are into home theaters, I need your suggestions on whether to keep my Sony Bravia W800C 43" TV and get a projector probably next year or sell the TV and get the projector now which will also leave with an extra $174.61.

    I've found a projector that I really like and have no problems with it but I would like to hear suggestions because I might be missing out an idea.

    1. We can save so much space! (I don't like mounting my TV on the wall so it's currently placed on a table. I'll leave the table and this is where the projector will be throwing its light, of course above the table. I can also place small plants when the TV is gone.)
    2. We are renting so it'll be really easy to move around with it.
    3. We don't watch TV or local channels but if we do then it'll probably be just for news and the projector will be enough.
    4. Lesser maintenance. The TV and table gets dusty really fast so more work for us to maintain it.
    5. I love the cinema experience.

    I can't think of any so this is where your suggestions might fall into place.

    Thank you.
  • ^you already answered your question.
    Cons of using a pj is having a short bulb life.
    Other than that, looks like youre all set to get a pj
    If you can, get one thats using a led bulb
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  • Is this better than DLP projectors?
    Nabasa ko kasi na ang DLP projectors ay better than LCD projectors?
  • ^im not sure with the current technology, but DLP used to have better PQ vs lcd PJs