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eneloop rechargable batteries

  • @ AmalgamvsAloof

    actually what I was trying to point out there is "Battery Operated" Battery Charger......yung I-chacharge mo, ibabalik mo lang din sa charger lol

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  • pano ba malalaman kung nagchacharge ang eneloop battery sa charger?

    ung charger ko pala is ung sanyo ni-mh. wala kasi manual eh.
  • Sanyo NC-MQN06 Charger Instructions Manual

    Charge indicator light
    • Flashes when charging.
    • Turns on when charging is complete.

    <click here for link>
  • Saw the new eneloop design at Costco...=)

  • Pretty soon they will be able to retain charge of 90% for 10 years. Primaries will be obsolete?
  • @puroy
    nakabili na ako nyan hehe :)
    had my sis in law purchase in the US and brought here last week :D
  • Nice one @mangyver. Working pa kasi yung white and black eneloops ko...super reliable. hehehe
  • Hi guys, dun sa mga nakasubok na ng Panasonic smart and quick charger BQ-CC55 being sold in here TPC, kamusta naman ang performance?

    I know the seller has solid feedback, and even in this very thread reputable members have vouched for the Eneloop batteries he is selling. I just want feedback on the charger. TIA.
  • @puroy
    uu. yung anniversary pack ko na eneloop (iba iba kulay) buhay pa. almost 3 years na. gamit na gamit hehehe
    pandagdag lang para madali switch pag nalobat haha :)
  • the charger that came with the eneloop batteries that I bought gone kaput with magic smoke as a bonus.

    Just went ahead and just buy a Intellicharger D4 from Nitecore (via Lazada w/ Discount) and yep it has some fancy thing happening in there, didnt bother tinkering with setting and went ahead charge my batteries, My impression so far with this charger is it can accept various sizes of battiries including the type C and D batteries that I had (rechargeable batteries from energizer) and it had no trouble charging those batteries (in fact the batteries are flat dead, I mean no charge at all due to I dont have a compatible charger for it but liuckily the charger it self has its own CPR function like to resurrect the battery, phew, I dont have to bother to overvolt charge those battery anymore), also charged some super long batteries (lithium ion 3.6volts) that came with my power bank (yep the batteries are replaceable on my powerbank) and it charge 3 of those batteries at the same time no problemo. The LED screen is fancy I guess (it tells what voltage, amps battery charge levels etc....), but couldnt care less about it, I just want my charger to charge batteries, not to stare on it while charging.

    Charging the batteries using this charger takes a lil bit longer (about 2hours or so) to fully charge it, but the good thing with it is the batteries are not that hot from touch if I compare to my experience with panasonic chargers (at least the charger that is included on the eneloop batteries that I bought), but panasonic chargers arent that bad anyway if you compare it to a class a chargers which can get the battery sooo hot that its no longer comfortable to touch.
  • also charged some super long batteries (lithium ion 3.6volts) that came with my power bank

    18650's. either protected or unprotected. better to use the right name