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Network Attached Storage (NAS)

  • yeah, meron din akong seagate drives here and all of them have no bad sectors but the uptime tells me that its going to go kaput anytime soon, (I mean its already 1800+ days uptime for that single 1tb scratch drive I have running on my nas). while I have like 4 WD drives here that already have weak sectors (not yet a bad sector but a degraded sector can cause IO slowdowns if the drive attempts to read on those weak sector) and all of them barely have 5 years uptime, most of them only have like 900+ uptime.

    maganda kasi sa WD is mura yung drives nila lalo na kung binili mo sa amazon, those yummy 10TB White Label drives price is 100bucks each, ayun napabili ng 4 na piraso, total damage nasa 25k yung gastos ko (tax + shipping). run a stress test (3 straight hardcore test on those 4 drives using unraid Preclear test) all OK naman so shuck the drives out and plugged in to my NAS, whoala a cheap 40TB upgrade storage. for my 25k kung bibilhin ko locally baka maswerte na yung 12TB yung makuha ko and thats for only 1 drive.
  • so far okay naman synology tapos pinag aralan ko yung docker kuno nya, astig pala din naka auto lahat like s-nar, j-ckett at iba pa. Yung Unraid parang maganda kung malakas rig, gusto ko lang itry sa ryzen 2200g ko, kaya kaya yun? Mild gaming (with gtx 1070) tapos may docker (for nas purposes) na example sa taas? Nag reresearch pa din ako hehe

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  • anyone using regular barracuda or WD blue here as nas storage?
  • @scandinavian_armor

    sama exp ko sa barracuda (normal usage) sa desktop (literal na sirain di pa NAS yan). Yang WD blue yan na binili ko sa Unraid server ko ngayon 12.12 sale (2 Gaming VM + NAS setup) nadala ako sa WD red. Ngayon linggo nagkapending sector tapos tnry ko iparelocate tapos sinaksak ko ulit sa Unraid server then nagloko ulit. Nagloloko sa Smart test ng unraid.

    Base on my exp lang to at Unraid gamit ko, sawa na ako sa WD red (Synology setup) kasi lahat nasira. So magtry ako ibang variant. Napakamalas ko naman sa Red hehe
  • sharing stuff I got from Black Friday deals. I must say second hand Datacenter SSDs are going on the cheap now on ebay and some surprisingly still come with warranty until the 2020s. I prefer getting used Enterprise grade SSDs for mainly 3 reasons: cheaper if not equivalent price than "brand new" consumer ssd price, superior endurance (even when already used) and amazing performance (see my last pic)

    Consumer SSDs normally advertise "burst" read and write speeds but then stuggle the moment you try transferring large files or multiple small files. Look for documentation on Samsung's "Turbowrite" on their Evo line or Seagate "Durawrite" for their Ironwolf 110 SSD line. For DC rated SSDs, the advertised speeds are the actual speeds.

    If you are building up a FreeNAS based NAS, these will come in handy if you want to use a SLOG or L2ARC device

    Got the tip for buying used DC SSDs from STH
    <click here for link>

    Intel Optane 900P 280GB
    Intel DC P3700 800GB
    Intel AXXP3SWX08040 4 Port NVME Switch (for motherboards which don't support pcie slot bifurcation)

    Transferring a 33GB file, I've never seen anything perform this "flat".

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  • @sausuke11
    thanks. magsubok ako ng WD blue setup. raid 1 siguro. di naman daily ang read/write. mostly backup lang ng data.
  • Saw the commotion at STH and managed to snag one just in time before they completely sold out . Not a bad deal for a sub-10K low powered 8 core Xeon-D processor + motherboard with dual 10Gbe LAN.

    ASRock Rack D1541D4U-2O8R mATX with 8-core Xeon D-1541 mobo and 2x 10Gbe SFP+
    <click here for link>
  • @scandinavian_armor

    yung nabili ko palang blue drive may intellipark (8 seconds nag papark) so sundin mo nalang tutorial nito either 5 minutes mo or disable mo. Legit na 8 seconds talaga pag blue kaya baguhin mo, basta saksak mo sa sata ng PC kasi di nagana yung software sa usb enclosure

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  • Waiting for a few more items to arrive

    U-NAS NSC-810A
    Asrock Rack D1541D4U-2O8R [embedded Xeon D-1541 with 2x 10Gbe SFP+ ]

  • mga sir hinge lang ng advice, currently i have FreeNas (software base)
    mas okay bang gumamit ng NAS like synology, qnap kesa sa pc base na NAS?

    maximum capacity ng isang files ay nasa 3gb na.


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  • Hello sir, can you recommend a UPS for my synology nas. Recently nagka power interruption samin, i worry na masira ang drivers. At san pede mabili ng mura hehehe
  • APC UPS yung mga tig 12k na UPS.

    why? because of the management interface. yung mga murang UPS even APC brand walang management port kaya hindi malaman ng device kung nawalan ng kuryente or what.

    with the management interface ng UPS, your NAS will know that your running on battery and how long it will last on current load, you can also set it to shutdown the NAS safely (automated) if the battery is about to run out.

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  • Hello sir, can you recommend a UPS for my synology nas. Recently nagka power interruption samin, i worry na masira ang drivers. At san pede mabili ng mura hehehe

    Ang gamit ko sa Synology NAS yung APC BACK-UPS CS 650. May interface siya na compatible sa UPS management ng DSM.

    Naka set yung auto-shutdown after 15 minutes para ma-preserve yung battery. Nasa around 7K ata siya ngayon.
  • Basta ba may usb port na ups pede na?
  • ^

    Para sigurado check mo nalang yung compatiblity list ng synology.

    Ito yung UPS compatibility list ng Synology para sa NAS ko:

    <click here for link>

    I-select mo yung model ng NAS mo at yung brand ng UPS doon sa drop-down list.
  • Ayos nga yang APC na may usb, nakaset sa akin 70% para di agad madedo battery parang sa solar lang DoD (Depth of Discharge). APC BX1400U-MS Back-UPS sa akin kaya medyo matagal.

    Sa Unraid ko gamit nga lang di ko alam kung compatible sa Synology, nakapatay na kasi setup ko na yun.

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  • Guys pa help. My dilemma ako :). Ano ma advice ninyo. May luma kasi akong pc. Phenom X4 pa. Balak ko sana DIY NAS. Tuloy ko ba o bili ng lang Synology tapos benta na lang tong luma ko pc, pero for sure mura ko na lang mabenta. Tingin nyo mga boss?
  • ^same here. Planning to build i3 nas /node 304 vs DS418play or 918+ for plex media server. Any thoughts?
  • Depends, if you want to try all those Synology specific apps. Coz that's really the difference with an all in one box or a DIY one. If you just need a plex server, build a DIY one. If you need / want to use Synology's backup, download station, surveillance station, VM, etc... then get a Synology NAS.
  • @bravo thanks. Also if i ever go with with windows anu sir magging maganda for backup?

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  • @alaeh how much did you pay for the taxes for UNAS and Asrock board.

    I was not able to buy the Asrock board because I'm shipping it to and newegg declined the card because of the shipping/billing mismatch.
  • Entry level NAS like QNAP and Synology are generally quite good when it comes to the base level features (ie plex, container support, backups) but tend to have average to so-so performance.

    If you are considering buying off the shelf NAS and at least plan to put SSDs in the future, i would suggest looking at those mid-entry level NAS which offer PCIe expandability. I suppose a QNAP TS-453Be and it's Synology counterpart would be good examples of this. Those Annapurna chip based NAS like TS-431X/TS-432X seem quite good too since they already come with SFP+ ports but note that you cant run VMs on them given they are not x86 based chips

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  • @asintado08_new,

    You are only required to pay tax if the SRP of your item goes above 10K PHP or ~$200. Shipping fee is not included in the tax computation. I was lucky to get my Asrock board on sale for way below it's SRP (ie: no tax) in Newegg during the Christmas season and it got shipped and delivered directly by UPS to my address. Same goes for my U-NAS case.. I got mine from Alibaba.

    I suggest you subscribe to servethehome if you are on the lookout for great deals on server parts.
  • @alaeh

    I thought shipping is included for the 200$. Nakapagsisi tuloy at tinry ko pang ipa ship sa

    Gusto ko ng palitan yun supermicro at xeon v3s ko ng mas compact na build.

  • DiskStation DS1019+

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  • ^ Nice R240/R340.
  • ^ Nice R240/R340.

    32 Gig Mem
    4 x 480 SSD (Raid 5)
    mas mahal pa ang SSD sa unit grabe 100K plus
    ewan kung ano meron doon SSD hehehhe
    pag nagka problema o out of warranty na palitan ko na lang di galing sa Dell

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  • Anyone here who has 1st hand experience of using those ultrastar hc310 drives? how's the sustained write speeds?

    So far I can only deduce from this video (see 1:48 ->
    <click here for link> ) that it should be quite capable of delivering sustained write speeds of 250MB/s that if I setup 8 disks in mirrored vdev config (ie RAID 10 in FreeNAS) then, it should be quite capable of delivering close to 1 gigabyte writes. I'll be happy if I get 800MB/s even with the RAID overhead.

    I'm planning to reuse my optane 900p for both ZFS Log (assign 10GB) and L2ARC cache (remaining disk) duties which should offset any deficiencies with spinning rust.

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    32 Gig Mem
    4 x 480 SSD (Raid 5)
    mas mahal pa ang SSD sa unit grabe 100K plus
    ewan kung ano meron doon SSD hehehhe
    pag nagka problema o out of warranty na palitan ko na lang di galing sa Dell

    What's the power usage?

    Honestly, yan lang ang problem ko with Dell. OP drives!

    But choosing between Dell vs HP, I'd choose the former. HP charges for their updates/SPs, then you also have higher drive compatibility issues.