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LED Lights Lunatics

  • @awakeruze

    I have a pair kasi and di nagagamit. Ganito sya.

    I'm thinking about getting a Astrolux s1. Pero first time ko bibili ng astrolux brand. di ko alam kung matibay.
  • online ka lang ata makakahanap niyang ganyang size... too uncommon to be sold unless may demand para dyan.

    pinaka demand driven battery 18650 pa rin kaya dami nagbebenta dito....
  • Oo nga e. I'm using 18650 lights din kaso napapansin ko mas type ko now 16340 or compact lights for edc. Pwede ko naman gawin series sya sa isang light ko para lang nagagamit sya every two months. Now naka store nalang sya at 3.8v. Sana di sya agad mag expire.
  • Powerbank na nabibili sa SM department store, near the school supplies. PHP 300 but 30% off. I think there were like 15 left and all but 2 were totally drained.

    Plastic case is easily pried open. Claimed capacity 4000 mah. I don't know how accurate the charging amp meter app on my cellphone is but I get only 1000 or so mah. So 350 or so mah for each cell?

    You can use them for spare parts. I will use the low capacity cheap 18650 batteries for 18650 flashlights that dont need high capacity, saving my good 18650 cells for times when they are needed

  • Ayus yan. meron din ako nakita sa epbi mga used or defective xiaomi powerbanks. for salvage nga lang. curious lang ako kung ano brand cell gamit nila.
  • this is where the board went

    this used to be a rechargeable fan and light. The fan died. The light works but annoyingly, when used the light is full brightness only for say 15 min then it drops noticably in brightness.

    I sawed off the fan long ago. I swapped the lead acid battery for an 18650, and soldered the power cables going to the light's circuit board/switch to the back of the USB-A female port.

    The original circuit board and buttons still work on the light so the original function of full power - slightly dimmer light - off still works. But now I can charge via micro usb and since the external usb port works, its also a power bank

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  • hirap mag hanap emisar d4

  • ask lang mga sir planning to replace yung ibang old led lights namin ng mas maliwanag at mas mababa wattage ( meron ba nun?)
    san ako dapat titingin? at ano dapat kong tingnan? may mga led lights kasi kmi na binili lang ni erpats sa kakilala pero buhay p naman until now pero pararng nalalabuan pa din ako ngaun sa brightness nya

    may led 101 po b tyo?