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LED Lights Lunatics

  • nitecore hc30
  • mahal papi
  • any recommended 18650 batts available locally? mas ok ba mga vape batts?
  • ako mga 18650 halos lahat galing lang sa mga sirang Batt ng laptop
  • Since maulan na and baka mag brown out, mag prepare na kayo for future typhoons

    One thing needed is lighting. My personal preference is not to use cheap lead acid battery based emergency lights. What I hate about it is that you really have no way of easily knowing if malapit na ma low batt or full na. So personally i prefer li-ion based lights. And lead acid tends to not last as long specially if you run it hard, multiple discharges to very low levels.

    One cheap way to get one (if you don't already have one of the many good flashlights in this thread) is to use a powerbank and a usb light. Personally I prefer powerbanks with 4 or 5 bulbs. 4 bulbs means that literally the powerbank has 4 LED bulbs that tell you the approximate charge level of the powerbank. 5 bulbs means it has that and a flashlight so you might not need a usb bulb.

    I have one like this. Its 5 bulbs and it is relatively cheap coz I found it at 200 pesos

    Its of course not going to last too long (approx 900+ mah at the usb port in my testing) but at least I know when its getting low and I can get my ASUS powerbank. My area doesnt have long brownouts anyway
  • ask lang about sa led strip na white, marami bang klase yung color white kasi bumili ako pansin ko di sya yung white na like sa mga bulb medyo cool na dim white.

  • Warm White: 2700K ~ 3000K, produces calm, relaxing light for use in any room.

    Perfect for use in bad rooms, living rooms, dining rooms and restaurants.

    Natural White: 4000K ~ 4500K, produces a friendly, inviting light for use in any room.

    Ideal for use in office, basements, garages and work environments.

    Cool White: 5500K ~ 6500K, produces a crisp, vibrant light for use in any room.

    Recommended for display areas, security lighting, and garages.

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  • ^^ Thanks for the info sir.