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HD|FullHD|UltraHD|4K TV Thread: No Store Promotion and Piracy (FAQ @ page 631)

  • @maxq

    Salamat sa info!! Nasipat ko nga yan sa Rob store near me (Imus). Mukha oks nga sia, price wise and features are not that bad. Napapaisip ako gumastos hahahaha.
  • sowi na pre-empt kita, @judef :)

    ok lang, baka after holy week na ako mag-review. :)
    Additional info for gaming performance. Using a PS5, the Hisense U60H can handle VRR from 48-60Hz. Medyo konti nga lang games that take advantage of that mode. Nakakatanggal ng screen tearing for games that don't hit a constant 60fps.
    I rarely use the built-in speakers, derecho audio ko to the AVR through HDMI. Dolby Digital+, Atmos and DTS via eARC works fine, as long as you turn the TV on BEFORE you turn on the receiver. Naka-ilang ulit ako before na-figure out na kaya pala hindi nag-tri-trigger yung Auto eARC kasi nasanay akong ino-on yung receiver before the TV, baliktad pala dapat.
  • 55" LG UQ55750PSF

    My quick review after using it for more than two weeks.
    - Cheap for 22.3K
    - Bright display
    - vibrant colors - probably due to being an IPS panel
    - 4K HDR content really looks so good specially when no dark or black scenes are involved.
    - Good for watching animes/animated, colors really pops on bright scenes.
    - Sound is good enough also despite just a dual 10w speakers though lacks bass obviously.

    - Thick and fat TV with bezels compared to Samsung ones but you can ignore it if you don't mind.
    - The stand is really wobbles, ain't sturdy. if you have kids or cats and you don't mount this tv then do not buy this at all.
    - HDR Pro imo is pure bs, just basic HDR and nothin like HDR10+ nor Dolby Vision. It's only good at making vibrant colors but when there are black or dark involve, it's completely crashed and you cannot almost see anything.
    - only 8 bit panel w/c often cause some color banding
    - Upscaling so darn very bad. HD often cause noticable artifacts, noise and color banding. It looks good from afar but when you're seeing close, it's very noticeable. They appear soft with lack of sharpness. Colors also are odd, washed-out
    or over exposed in bright areas. I can't seem to find a good balance and tweak. I guess over time you will just have to get used to it. For me, I'd rather watch on my computer.
    - I sometimes encounter where the UI isn't responding or lagging.
    - magic remote mouse so freaking annoying no way to completely disable it. You can temporarily disable it though via home+back button or arrow keys but still will popup again.

    - Also,I think this TV is bad on fast moving scenes. I often notice it causes artifacts on HD content. I will review this again on native 4K.

    Even though I dislike this TV a lot compared to our old NU8000. But this is definitely a downgrade for me. It's not all that bad considering the price and size ratio. But if you're just often going to use this on 4K HDR content then it's good budget tv. It just sucks on anything black or dark scenes. Also ain't so good at Upscaling HD content and worst if just SD content.

    If you just want a TV and don't care about the rest this ain't all bad. But if you have the money and budget go for a better alternative TV at higher price range. Don't buy blindly for the price. Don't be fooled on the demo content as demo content are often just where the TV excels at.

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  • Sony bravia 55” a80k or 65” x85k cheaper lang si x85k mga 5k.
  • ^a80k doesn't have 4k120hz
  • pa advise naman any bang for the buck na 21:9 monitor? currently using a 23 inch 1080p 75hz ips monitor gusto ko maka exp ng higher refresh rates at Ultrawide display gagamitin ko din kasi sa work hirap kasi nag ooverlap and browser

    from IPS na 75hz maninibago ba ako pag ang VA?
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  • kaya ba yung 15k na budget tas naka 55inch?
  • ^ kaya. 8k HD pa nga.
  • ^ UHD or 4k kaya ba