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Post your MacGyverization here (Crazy Mods/Quick Fixes that works)

  • ^ via DC jack
  • DIY LTE router for my backup internet connection -

    dual SIM android phone running Android 8.1
    Old TPLINK router running stable openwrt

    Dual sim phone contains 2 data only SIMs at 4gb each at 5$ each. Usb tethered to the router and then the clients connects to the router. Router has adblock support (using steven black hosts file) to save on data usage too.
    Tested it and i can access my tools and remote login to computers without problems.
    Cheap and it works. Only 10$ per month for 8gb of data!

  • pang tire rotation lang na jackstand

    btw kaya nakatama parin yun tires sa floor kasi naka salubsob yun auto hehehe

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  • [/URL]

    damaged intel ssd's sata power connector,
    i modified the power input by directing 4 cable's into it.
    it works :)
  • yan importante e... it works...

    yung nirepair ko kanina lang ng laptop ang status is "it used to work"
    pero try ko ulit ayusin bukas
  • paps ask lang pde ko ba salpakan ng new controller or board yund defective na logitech z313 ko na 2.1 speaker? bigla na lang kasi hindnin gumawa habang ginagamit ko then upon searching sa net mukhang psu ang mostly sira then i checked i opened it [email protected] ina halatang nirepair na yung biniling kong BNEW sa isa ditong local pc shop sa cavite mukhang nagoyo ako ....out of warranty nna din kasi 4 years na tong
  • i have this 2.1 speaker i was playing WOT at RDR2 ganda ng bass eh bumabyo kaya nanghihinayang ako

    <click here for link>

    <click here for link>
  • ^
    Ilang volts yung output ng PSU ng z313?
  • not sure kung ilan di rin ako marunong gumamit ng tester kasi last time na gamit ko pumutok nasira ko pa hehehe pero based on youtube 20v me nakita ko pinalitan nya psu
  • Shouldn't be to hard to find something that outputs 20v... like some lenovo laptop chargers. :D
  • Sirs, baka may nakapag try npo sa inyo to use amd wraith prism cooler to an intel mobo. May adapter ba para sa bracket nun?

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  • @3570k

    I haven't tried this, but look for a cheap CPU cooler that claims AM3 and Intel compatibility, but only comes with an Intel bracket, like the PC Cooler E80:

    That ensures that the Wraith Prism will clip into the bracket-- the only question that remains is whether the bracket itself has enough clearance to fit the copper base of the Prism.

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  • @awakeruze

    I will try that, parang may naitabi akong ganyang cooler... sukatin ko rin muna if ok yung clearance... thanks sir...
  • Shouldn't be to hard to find something that outputs 20v... like some lenovo laptop chargers. :D

    sa sh*p*e at l*z*d* may nabibiling 4A laptop power supply na selectable voltage mula 12V hanggang 24V. bumili ako para sa logitech wingman force 3D ko na walang psu... ok naman siya saka mura ko kuha.

    edit: kelangan mo lang iset yung tamang voltage at yung tamang polarity nung plug.

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  • My client's HP Pavilion 550 desktop (Core i7-6700) won't turn on. A few minutes of testing showed that the computer and PSU were OK, and that the power button is busted. I remove the front bezel and discover that the power switch is the common type used in generic cases. Asked them if they have a dead old PC; there were some in the back of the office. I saw a generic one and pry it open-- yup, same pushbutton! Took a quick glance at the motherboard-- it's a socket 478 Pentium 4. :O

    Tested the switch on the i7. Yes it turns on now.

    TL;DR : fixed an HP Core i7-6700 desktop with a power switch from a generic PC more than ten years older. :D
  • got a pentium 4 socket 478 era for very cheap
    wala na akong lithium grease for lubricating the floppy and optical drives
    gumamit ako ng copper grease used for our cars and bikes' brake systems
    it should work lol