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  • @redwarriors

    hiram ka ng copy sa company since valid pa din yang last clearance mo pwede mo ixerox.

    pag ayaw nila ipahiram eh kukuha ka talaga ng panibago..
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  • @barzz

    Ok na. salamat po mdmi
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  • Nag-aya ang mga siblings ko kagabi na manood ng "Beauty and the Beast" sa cine. I didn't hesitate to say "YES! Sama ako!" since the movie was getting a lot of rave reviews.

    After watching the movie, I have to say that it was a great movie! It was awesome to say the least. New yet familiar at the same time. While I don't appreciate the many gay moments in the movie, I must admit that it added a rather interesting spin to Lefou's character and his motives for sticking it out with Gaston for so long..

    It was a welcome respite from the stress of everyday life. To be able to suspend disbelief for two hours and just enjoy a fairy tale like that is rare for me.

    Wala lang, just felt like sharing this story. What movies have you watched lately?
  • Walang time manuod plus walang kasama manuod
  • ay naku cutie, sa pagkakaalam ko maraming gustong sumama sayo manuod ng sine, hanggang sa pagkain ng kikiam, hehe.


    at saka ice cream pala..

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  • Sus hanggang post lang sila...as if tototohanin yun. Maniwala ka sa akin, keme-keme lang sila
  • ^hmmmmmm