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  • hahaha! kaapilyedo lang yun
    Alexa pangalan hahaha baka nga ikaw yung namemera lang sa mga kano hehehe
  • hahaha hindi ko gawain yan... kusa po akong binibigyan...haha
  • @all

    anong nangyare sa office / work thread..? na Sin Bin na.. tsk. tsk. tsk.

    please share the story..
  • Oi alexis, mag-PM ka na kay boss Norman at masyado nang matagal naka-lock ang SAWI. Ikaw naman ang may gawa kaya dapat ayusin mo yun.
  • Last week as I was hurriedly making my way to our Makati office to attend a meeting, I practically ran a stop sign and got flagged by a traffic enforcer. I drove my motorbike to the side and complied with his order for me to show my driver's license.

    As he received my license, the officer told me that I had ignored a traffic signal and proceeded to make an illegal turn. I apologized profusely and flat out lied in telling him that it was already my second run around the block since I had been driving around looking for motorcycle parking. As he saw that I was not from Makati, the officer took pity on me and showed me the nearest parking for motorcycles and let me off with a warning to be more mindful of traffic signals.

    I was flabbergasted as I realized that he had just let me go just like that. Thanking him profusely (while apologizing), I received my license card and proceeded to head to the direction of the parking area that he had directed me to.

    I honestly felt bad for lying through my teeth just so that I would not have my license confiscated and pay a fine. The thought of having to get off work early just to retrieve my license from the Makati traffic office made overcome with dread and my first instinct was to lie just to get out of that sticky situation. I failed miserably. I know that I am not alone in this behavior, but I wonder what any good Christian would have done in the same situation?

    Anyhow, I am still glad that there are still good people like that traffic enforcer who took pity upon me for failing to see the traffic signal. I was really distraught that time as I was rushing to attend that meeting. Lesson learned: distracted driving can be very costly. Whether it be fiddling with your mobile phone while driving, or thinking about something else while on the wheel, you can find yourself quietly cruising one moment to sorely regretful the next.

    I know I won't be so lucky next time..
  • If you really want to atone for your misjudgement... go back to the traffic officer and ask forgiveness. If he will take your license just give it. No more no less.
  • ok lang yan. Once in a while lang naman eh.
  • @Godai

    I bet the traffic officer knows that you are lying he just let you off out of pity. You must be going through something very hard and he saw through that. Please consider doing something to alleviate your situation you deserve it.
  • nakita ko si Paula Peralejo sa Megamall kanina lang..

    childhood crush, woooooooo!