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  • @laserion
    yes sir, it's a single image and was post processed using LR.
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  • hello po ang gaganda po ng mga kuhang litrato dito ^___^ mahilig dn po kase ako sa photography!
  • @lord_erik:

    Cool! awesome! thanks for the share, sir!

    Sharing old photos...
    often see this in Korean Drama's that I watched... was lucky when I chance upon this at the local grocery market... immediately snag one for stock photo purposes...

    Since I loved Product Photography, BUT don't have the knack for it! kaya eto hanap hanap ng mabibiktima at pag experimentuhan...... hahah

    Eto naman attempt ko for Shadow Photography dati....

    Anyone here into Nude Photography? PM nyo nalang sa akin yung mga sample pics! LOL
  • Here's another one.. shot this one handheld.

    Roman Forum
  • Anyone here into Nude Photography? PM nyo nalang sa akin yung mga sample pics! LOL

    'Gang ganito lang ... hehehe ...

    FUJIFILM XE-2 / 35mm

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  • @laserion, body_2_die_4, lord_erik
    nice photos mga bro

  • @lord_eric:
    Nice shot!

    @ body_2_die_4:
    hahah nice one!

    liking the dynamic range ng shot...

    Since lapit na si Valentino....

    Sharing my cloud shot! no alteration sa shape yan, ah! kaya nung una kong nakita yung hugis... instagrab kagad sa camera for snapshot!

    dati pag weekends... minsan pag maganda yung clouds I take simple snapshot...

  • @Laserion

    Yun iba kasi sa set na yan pang PG-13 to R-18 na e. Bawal na ata dito.
  • Agreed! baka ma lock pa yung thread... wholesome tayo dito... heheh
  • simple quick shot of a cheap shoe...

  • More Street Photography

  • still in Rome..

  • Fantastic share everyone!
  • Decisive moment ?

    FUJIFILM XE-2 / 35mm

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  • Sunset from The Land of the Rising Sun

    FUJIFILM XE-2 / 35 mm
  • Great shot everyone!

    flash painting...