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  • @schrikerz yes. Always make sure that the serial you're using for ur SMBIOS is unused. May tools naman online to generate the serial tapos check mo sa Rule of thumb ko dyan, ayusin ko muna lahat at double check SMBIOS settings at pag happy na, saka ako mag lologin ng Apple ID.
  • @kuya_carlos18

    ayun salamat sa reply.
  • Going through the OpenCore guide.

    Excited much, hehe.

  • I’m a bit stuck making my DSDT... sa MBP running High Sierra, when I use SSDTTime.command file, walang option to dump DSDT.

    Sa Windows 10 desktop, when I ran the SSDTTime batch file, it created a Results folder with just the .aml, pero sa video below, may ibang files pa na nagenerate?

    <click here for link>

    My PC’s specs:
    Asus ROG Gene II
    Intel i7 920 2.7GHz Bloomfield
    24GB Crucial DDR3 RAM
    Sapphire 7950 Dual-X GPU
    500GB EVO 860 SSD for Windows
    1x 1TB EVO 860 for Hackintosh (pag napagana!)
    1x 1TB EVO 860 for files
    3x 1TB WD Black HDD

    I've now managed to generate SSDT-EC.aml, SSDT-HPET.aml, and SSDT-PLUG.aml from my desktop. Just need to figure out ProperTree

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  • @pancho, goodluck bro!
  • Thank you, kuya_carlos18.

    Dun sa Add section ng config.plist file, kung anong .aml file meron ka, dapat ba ganun din karami ‘yung nasa section na ito?

    Sa ProperTree sa High Sierra, greyed out ‘yung options after editing the plist file. When I close it, I only have the option to save. Okay lang ba ‘yun? Kasi dun sa video ni Chris Titus, sine-save as snapshot niya pa, etc.
  • @pancho Hindi ko kasi ginamit yung snapshot feature ng ProperTree. I used the sample.plist para clean slate. DM moko bro
  • Thanks ulit, kuya_carlos18. I used the Sample.plist din pero renamed it to config.plist, removed some .aml entries sa Add section... DM sent. :-)
  • Hhhmmm... antayin ko nalang kaya Big Sur lol
  • i use this to edit plist:

    there's also OC configurator, but is not recommended by OC authors/contributors. but i use it from time to time, and haven't encountered any problem.

    i miss the versatility of Clover - unfortunately I haven't been able to make it work with my 10th gen setup.
  • @Pancho
    ProperTree is easy enough to use. just put your files in its corresponding folders ie Kexts for .kext folders, Drivers for the .efi, ACPI for the .aml, then in ProperTree, load your config.plist, then set the directory to the OC folder. clear comments and then OC clean snapshot sa menu. afterwards, configuration na lang kulang.

    also, use the site to validate your config.plist

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  • Thank you sa tips, newbie (mukang 1337 ka though) and pektus. I vaguely remember reading/watching something that said something na once macOS is installed, pede na mag upgrade from Catalina to Big Sur. Is that true?
  • Another thing: re ProperTree, sa Catalina setup ko (real MBP) walang nagiging greyed out ‘yung options, after I load my plist, so I cannot do the Snapshot thing (like on Chris Titus’ video sa YouTube)