Here is the situation, first of all I still refunded the said found defective motherboards even after the posted
1 week warranty as clearly stated in ALL my posts already lapsed, so in a way I had given you a favor.

What you bought was second hand units not brand new ones. Even a brand new one still fail even after a few days of use
whether it be user fault or a factory defect. Second to make it clear the replacement
units I had sent, I was the one who shouldered the shipping fees.

Being a member of this community for some time now, I have learned to accept specially when buying
second hand items or units to abide by the said warranty of the seller whether it be 3 months or 1 day.

Being all said, the community members be the judge. Lesson learned, I will accept your negative feedback
because its your right, but I have rights of my own. I have set the rules on the said 1 week warranty,
but it seems it was misunderstood or neglected.
Nothing was broken on my part, No negligence on my part as I constantlty communicated with you. Refunded
money and made replacements even if the 1 week warranty already lapsed.

Well you cant please everyone...

And pasensiya na rin I have to explain my side too. A great deal of money was lost on my side too
as I was not able to return the motherboards as the warranty with our company have already lapsed.
Natalo din po ako sir, but I have accepted it, being in the I.T business for more than a decade,
I have learned to accept the old saying sometimes you win sometimes you loose.

Maybe next time I will state it clearly in all my posts strictly 1 week warranty as have done by other members.

oftentimes leniency leads to abuses

This will be my only feedback because as far as I know only 1 feedback per consumated deal is allowed.
I will not anymore stoop down to your level.

TipidPC Site Rules and Regulation

Feedback Rules and Policies

1. You are only allowed to post one (1) feedback for every consummated deal.

Please read: <click here for link>

I have already accepted my fault (months ago)and with utmost humility.
But still here you are still at it! wont stop until you get almost all of the communities attention!
Say whatever you want to say, NO point arguing! As I have already accepted my fault and had fullfilled my obligation with you!
So what is the point?! I had already made refunds! and with just one unit that failed after one month of use you still have
not moved on.

For clarity: Out of 5 units

1. I have refunded 3 motherboards that failed (2,700 pesos) (900 each G41 ddr3)

2. One replacement unit failed after one month (out of 1 week warranty!) (obviously no more warranty)

3. And as you said one good motherboard is still running up to this point.

Meaning: out of the 5 units you lost only just [b]one
, the one that failed after one month JUST ONE motherboard! take note out of warranty!

Against me I lost money on all replacement units because I could not return them anymore because of the lapsed warranty period and had to
re-purchase on another dealer just to have those units replaced! after that you said all of them failed again!
So who do you think between us lost?


This will be my only feedback I wont stoop down to your level of negative feedback flooding as far as I know it is against the
TipidPC Site Rules and Regulation

oftentimes leniency leads to abuses

Well I have other businesses to attend to and other sites to take care of
I rest my case! and good luck to you! god bless!