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US Online Shopping - Pobox, JAC, LBC, MSB, etc (FAQ on page 241, Stolen items on page 208)

  • Mga sir magkano kaya aabutin ng shipping cost ng isang SSD. Salamat
  • NorthKWest
    ^May I know what is the weight and dimensions of the laptop, or better, the model? And how much did you pay to have it shipped here?

    +1 would also like to know TIA
  • By the way, I just want to share that I already got my Amazon tax refunds for ALL my packages since 2012. Since that time, I used two forwarders, JAC and POBox. If the freight forwarder is JAC, the JAC Invoice is enough for Amazon to grant the requeste. For POBox, they can provide you a Bill of Lading as long as you provide them the Amazon Order Number and you will then provide the BOL to Amazon for the tax refund.

    It's a very very easy process. Amazon never even asked me any clarifications or questions about it. I'm not sure who informed me, in this thread, that only packages within the past year are qualified for tax refunds but apparently this is not the case as per Amazon customer support. All Amazon orders regardless of year are qualified. You can run a "report" in Amazon's website to see the summary of all your orders.


    Great :) my 2014 purchases din me. will try this. I've got BOL on SC. nakaattached un sa box na pinadala nila :)

    how much po inabot ng shipment nyo? via sea cargo ba yun?

    2k lang. may 15% discount p nun sa bpi.

    3 shoes
    1 av receiver
    2 raulph lauren polo shirts :)
  • sorry kung OT may ad kasi yung shopback na get free shipping and delivery on local and international orders. door to door ba to? ala na talaga babayaran o mas ok pa rin yung may forwarder? newbie here

    -- edited by yonsei55 on Jan 16 2017, 05:47 PM