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The Mechanical Keyboard Thread

  • mga sir ano ba talaga mas better red or brown switch gagamitin sa gaming and typing?
  • IMO red pag fps shooters, brown for other genre and for typing.
  • @BangBros

    For gaming I prefer reds over browns. For typing I still prefer reds over browns because I like it smooth and linear, lalo na at lubed pa. But I also noticed mas mabilis ako mag-type sa browns. hahaha!
  • @bangbros
    For me first mech kb ko red switch then nilagyan ko ng o-ring, later on naboring ako then brown switch na ko for the longest time, masarap mag type not as noisy as blue yet clicky, mas preferred ko din sa gaming

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  • Does these colors applied to all kind of switch (kail, cherry, etc)?
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  • @sydmon

    Is that the stock keycap? It seems cheap din eh pero weird kasi yung least used key pa ata yung nasira sayo haha

    Oo stock keycap. Kaya nga eh least used yung nasira, ewan ko ano nangyari bigla na lang nahulog yun pala nahati na plastic sa loob. Gamitan ko na lang ng super glue para ibalik yung plastic.

    Or baka meron may alam dyan saan pwede bumili ng keycap preferably online.

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  • Does these colors applied to all kind of switch (kail, cherry, etc)?

    yes, afaik. same color, more or less same characteristics
    example is blue.. Cherry Blue, Gateron Blue, Outemu Blue, etc.. lahat Clicky
  • Is there a mechanical keyboard that has a numeric pad instead of the navigation cluster?
  • @awakeruze

    Something like the Rakk Ilis?

    Also check out the Tecware Phantom 96

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  • parecommend naman ng mech keyboard na wireless yung tkl o smaller pang gaming. sa 2k to 5k budget. thanks. yung pwede wired or wireless yung functionality nya

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  • ^Try Keychron.
  • sige sir hanap ako review ng keychron. yung rakk lam-ang pro ba ok or yung royal kludge G87?
  • Now available from one trusted mech KB seller :-)

  • Any users of the new Tecware Phantom L?
    It's a low profile TKL keyboard and with outemu snap spring switches.

    Is low profile really more comfortable? or just using wrist pad will give you the same low profile
    How does it differ from the usual outemu blues?

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  • hi guys, medyo noob pa. Parating palang yung logi g pro X ko (hot-swappable version). Gusto ko palitan yung ibang switch later on to brown/red (currently its blue clicky). Tinitigan ko yung gateron/kaihl brands (3 pin plate mount). Pero hindi ako sure kung anong led compatibility dapat i-consider ko para hindi ma-block yung led. SMD-led compatible ba dapat yung bibilhin kong mga switches? If I'm not mistaken, most hot swappable kb are SMD-led, pls correct me if I'm wrong. TIA TPC
  • any recommendations for MX Silent Switch keyboard? Gusto ko sana maliit lang TKL sized pababa and available dito sa PH..

    Gusto ko sana one 2 mini or yung one SF nila Ducky kaso out of stock mga tindahan :( any other recommendation?

    ok na got my ducky one 2 mini last stock lol silent red.

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  • Hi guys! I got my self a Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition 2014 for about 200php with issues. Some of the keys are double tapping and the esc key needs tons of pressure to kick in. I was just wondering if I can replace the Green Razer switches with some of my spare blue switches I have.
  • ^ Yep. You can replace it with cherry switches and you can use the keycaps as well.

    Got this kb for 1k. :D

    Mantistek GK3-61. Equipped with cherry mx blue switches.

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  • ^Bakit ang mura? naka jackpot ka sir ah.