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The Mechanical Keyboard Thread

  • I finally got my AZIO Retro Mechanical Wireless Keyboard with leather and gunmetal trim. Comes with a wrist rest. Ordered this from Amazon.

    Its backlit with 3 levels of white lighting. You can also turn it off.

    It doesn't use standard keycaps though, so this would be very hard to personalize.

    <click here for link>
    <click here for link>

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    Congratz paps. review mo later.
  • @jovmer: per Azio website, Azio uses customized Kailh blue switches. I have the Anne Pro 2 Kailh blue switches and they don't feel and sound anything alike.

    <click here for link>

    The Azio Retro RCK Keyboard produces a more pleasant soft sound. Its still mechanical, there's still a tactile bump, but its more subtle and smooth all around. In comparison the Anne Pro 2 Kailh blue switches are more tactile, produce a more distinct clack, despite using o-rings.

    It's a bit heavy. When I got it, the MAC keyset was put in place so I had to change it for PC keyset set up. It was very easy to pair with the p.c. Just press FN+Bluetooth key.

    There's a switch at the backside of the keyboard to turn it off or to set it to USB or BT mode. Will update as per battery life of the keyboard after a full charge. You can charge it through the thick braided USB-C cable it came packaged with.

    It took me only a few minutes to adjust to the round keycaps. The keycaps has a natural depression in the middle so it conforms to your fingers.

    Overall, it provided a very comfortable typing experience. One of the most comfortable keyboards I've used in a long while. And I've tried cherry blues, browns, reds as well Kailh blues. I've tried Corsairs, Razers, Asus, Logitech and Anne Pro 2 keyboards. And this is the most comfortable and muted mechanical keyboard I've ever used.

    I don't think the AZIO Retro RCK is designed for gaming. This is more for typists. It has removable feet which you can replace to give you a slight incline. Paired with the leatherette wristrest, it gives the typist a very comfortable typing angle. The keyboard base is genuine leather tho. And as mentioned this is backlit which you can turn off.

    The keycaps can be removed very easily, you don't need a keycap puller. The keyboard should be easy to clean. It even comes packed with a small brush.

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    thanks for the review. reminds me of my classic worthy typewriter pero square nman mga keys na namana galing sa mom ko hehe..

    ganitong ganito haha..

  • @jovmer:

    I love old type typewriters too. I still use one at the office. Still the fastest way to type an address on an envelope hehehe.

    That's the reason I chose the AZIO RCK, its so retro. There's a wooden version of this keyboard too, but the black and gunmetal one just looked nicer. Also I was hoping the leather would mute the clack compared to the wooden version.

    If you're looking to order this keyboard, IMHO its worth it, if you're really into collecting mechanical keyboards. Is it available locally? I tried looking for it sa Lazada but sobrang OP dun. Also mostly they sell the wired version. I just ordered mine from Amazon U.S. and had it delivered to the U.S. address of my relative who handcarried it here. Azio from time to time has periodic sales, 20% discount or more.
  • @atekits have you tried lbc's although I think keyboards are too expensive to ship via air, by sea it's around 1k petots
  • just got an anne pro 2 (pictured with a naked dell at101)

    first time using 60% medyo affected productivity ko, baka palitan ko ng tkl pag hindi ako nasanay heh

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  • naked dell at101

    That's NSFW (Not Safe For Work). LOL Just kidding. :D
  • @Derf: i've heard of the LBC shipping cart and I know it works but shipping just takes too darn long :P I ordered a fountain pen last year and it took more than 3 months to deliver to Pinas :( Using relatives as mules is still the most express and sure option! ^ ^ For the rest, there's Lazada and shoppee.

    I had the anne pro 2 before upgrading to the Azio RCK. It took me a while to get used to the 60% layout. Not having the arrow keys really sucks. There's a workaround but takes too many keypresses just to use the arrowkeys. I would suggest a TKL layout. The best TKL I've used is the asus claymore core, but its such a fingerprint magnet.
  • Bumili ako Hyper X keycaps. Kaso yung bottom row keycaps, hindi pala compatible sa Corsair K65

  • Hindi ata standard bottom row ang corsair?
  • naked dell at101

    yeah, naked and BLACK!
  • @macgraydee: Nice keyset. I want to change out the keyset of my asus claymore. after 3 years of using its become shiny. where did you buy those, and how does typing feel on them? TIA :D
  • ^ Datablitz has it for 1.3k iirc
  • @cebukitty
    Datablitz also sells this, as mentioned above, but I got mine from Also available in L*z*da, from seller G*** O** PH (same company as

    I did not notice any difference from the original keys when typing.
  • where did you buy those

    i have 2 of those :D , same lang ang feel although the keycaps are thicker than most stock keycaps. Around same quality as stock Anne pro 2 keycaps
  • nakapaglinis at nakapag pic kasi wala na ulan kahapon :)

  • @poygit, pano mo nililinisan mga board mo?

    pwede na taniman ng talbos ng kamote yung shine 5 ko e hahaha
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    paint brush + blower lang sir.
  • ^ayus salamat sir

    oras na lang ang kelangan makakatikim na rin ng linis board ko hehe
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    share mo ung before and after sir. hehe
  • ^oo ba hehehe

    pasintabi na lang sa mga kumakain ika nga ni pareng mike enriquez
  • i've heard of the LBC shipping cart and I know it works but shipping just takes too darn long :P I ordered a fountain pen last year and it took more than 3 months to deliver to Pinas :

    i receive my items in two weeks time usually. the longest was during christmas when it took around 1 month.
  • Hello, what can you say about Durgod k320 and Rakk Lam-Ang Lite?
  • bakit ngayon ka lang huhu...


  • The best TKL I've used is the asus claymore core,

  • pag pinalutan ba un switch ng rakk lam ang pro magagamit pa un old switch?
  • i’m torn between logitech g pro keyboard and ducky horizon both tkl can anyone share the pro and cons of both?