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Unified Laptop/Notebook/Netbook Users Thread Part 2 (NO Trading Allowed)

  • pa reto ng pinakamurang RTX 3060 based laptop
    amd or intel

  • Mga boss meron kaya pwede mabilhan ng original acer laptop battery? Baka kasi pang 1 week lang ung mga binebenta sa online stores like S & L? Thank you.

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  • Does anyone have experience with HP international warranty, particularly for laptop bought in the US, was it serviced here? I only have experience with Dell.
    Bought premium extended warranty so I can transfer warranty here, there was a hinge problem and Dell Philippines fixed it on site. I was wondering if HP is the same?
  • any feedback sa 2nd hand na lenovo thinkpad e580 for online class? matibay din ba thinkpad e series compared sa t series?

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  • hi po mga masters...
    really would just like for an advice/help...
    35k lang po budget ko... and for photoshop and light video editing lang po...
    meron po kayang laptop na mabibili for this kind of work and for this kind of budget... pls help po... thanks
  • @znex

    Acer Swift 3 SF314-42-R6Y1 (Pure Silver) 14in FHD IPS Ryzen 5 4500U/8GB/512GB SSD/Win10 w/ Office H&S 2019 nasa 36k sya now. I think pasok sya sa requirements mo.
  • @ccl2003

    Can you add an additional drive on the swift series like the ideapads?

  • @wmaxell

    Sa mga latest Swift series hindi na po possible na mag-add or upgrade ng storage or RAM. Puwede mo lang upgrade yun NVME SSD to a higher capacity if you want.
  • @ccl2003
    expandable po ba yung Acer Swift 3?
    kasi po for future proofing po sana... thanks po
  • Thanks. Thinking of getting a swift or a t14 with a ryzen proc.
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  • Hi Guys, i'm not anymore on track with current laptop specs. I need your help.

    i'm looking for a laptop that can play minecraft, roblox or Genshin Impact at fare speeds.... laptop is not for me by the way. :-) Please suggest brand/model na rin po.

    My budget is at least 30k. Sana meron brand/model pasok dito.

  • Pwede pa rin kaya ipacheck sa mga authorized service center yung mga out of warranty units?
  • @TPC_GameGuard025

    Pwede, pero may bayad.
  • Pwede pa rin kaya ipacheck sa mga authorized service center yung mga out of warranty units?

    FYI lang din, for Acer's service center (not sure about other brands), once na reach na yung "end of support" ng device, they will no longer provide repair service or parts for that particular model.

    Ang i recommend nila sayo is dalin na yung laptop sa 3rd party repair shops.
  • ^ Salamat po. Gusto ko lang kasi matest yung asus prebuilt PC ko dito kung pwede pa magamit pero laptop parts ang gamit tulad ng so-dimm ram and laptop adapter as power source. Sadly walang mga service center ng ASUS ang makapag-accept dahil wala silang compatible adapters para dito.
  • Puwede naman gamitan ng universal adapters from either FSP or Huntkey.
  • @ccl2003
    Indeed. As long as the voltage and amperage, and connectors are correct, there shouldn't be an issue.
  • Ano magandang laptop 20k budget for online school?