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Unified Laptop/Notebook/Netbook Users Thread Part 2 (NO Trading Allowed)

  • Hi guys. Im planning to buy this laptop for gaming purposes like playing Dota2, LoL and also to play latest games at medium settings. I dont need a desktop right now because im not always at home. I am planning to buying a Lenovo Ideapad 300-14
    Intel Core i5 6200U
    ATI EXO PRO R5 M330 2GB
    4GB DDR3L
    WINDOWS 10
    14 inch screen

    34K price. Is the price and specs good enough ?

    -- edited by aofloro on Feb 05 2016, 02:26 PM
  • aofloro:

    For your intended use, both the Skylake ULV SoC and the "Exo Pro" GPU of the Ideapad 300-14 don't possess enough breathing room for the latest games to run comfortably at flat medium settings at native resolutions (performance would be more promising if the LED panel is maxed at FWXGA, but not for the latest games). Some concessions will have to be made so that framerates will be fluid enough the more intensive sequences during gameplay.

    With that said, however, if you are willing to play on low (with a few certain settings on medium) on native resolutions, the GPU should have little problem delivering the performance needed. It might go a tad further if the Radeon R5 M330 was paired with a full power mobile processor and not a ULV SoC.

    Don't be disheartened, though. The R5 M330 is plenty powerful on its own; in some cases it almost matches the performance of a few high-end Fermis or the Radeon HD 5000 Series -- and this is even with the R5 M330's narrow GDDR3 bandwidth. For gamers, the GCN 2.0 features won't be as appreciated as native its Mantle support, but when you need an additional CPU for number-crunching operations, you'll have one ready in the R5 M330.

    As for price, you may need to make that decision yourself. I have heard that the Ideapad 300 makes for a good value in the entertainment notebook segment, but "value" is subjective and thus, it all depends on your point of view.
  • Thanks Nelko for the concrete feedback. I might be able to shell out a bit more money to buy a decent gaming laptop. What laptops out there that are capable of handling the latest games at medium settings at least?
  • aofloro:

    Then what you seek are mainstream notebooks that sport price tags well within the mid-tier range (~50 grand to ~100 grand, brand new).

    If gaming is to be your primary intended use, then it would be prudent to select directly from the gaming series of each brand you are looking at (Acer's V Series, ASUS' ROG Series, Clevo's P Series and derivatives, Dell's XPS and Alienware derivatives, HP's Omen Series, Lenovo's Y Series, MSI's G Series and barebone derivatives, Toshiba's Qosmio Series, etc.) as they are better equipped to deal with the inevitable waste heat generated by high-end hardware churning out the incredible performance you need. It will also help to look for units with only HD panels (FWXGA at the most), because the performance upkeep for a FHD panel would seriously jeopardize your gaming experience at the mainstream level.

    You have to understand that your requirements will ask a hefty investment from you especially if you aim for a brand new notebook with a full guarantee. If you're lucky, you might find a second-hand notebook right here on TPC that could deliver just enough power and still be kind to your wallet -- albeit without the guarantee, of course.
  • saken gamit ko pa si neo LD5HL from 2012

    pwede pa sa games on med settings

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