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  • @ralphchua

    There is no longer a used games market for PC because of how cheap most games are. All PC games nowadays are tied to an account (Steam/GOG/ Store/Uplay/Bethesda Launcher/Epic, etc.) so if you want to resell your game, you sell the entire account.


    Nier Automata currently on sale at DLGamer: <click here for link>

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  • Anybody here who got their free top 3 game from Steam Grand Prix? :)

    Hehe, sadly ako hindi nanalo :D

  • <click here for link>
  • sir bintsmok,

    sir, if gagawin kong Linux OS yung isang laptop namin, then lalagyan ko sya ng steam, malalaro ko po ba yung existing games na nilalaro ko sa windows OS?

  • @dayamos Corgi team lang ba ang nakakuwa ng rewards?

    Edit: and anybody here who play warframe? Maganda ba mga sir?

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  • ^yup, sila kase ang nanalo sa Steam Grand Prix :)

    Team Corgi din ako pero hindi ako napili sa mga nabigyan ng games, tokens lang binigay sa akin :D
  • @ 3570k

    if gagawin kong Linux OS yung isang laptop namin, then lalagyan ko sya ng steam, malalaro ko po ba yung existing games na nilalaro ko sa windows OS?

    In general, pwede na pamalit ang Linux sa Windows pagdating sa gaming. Naging posible ito dahil sa Steam Play. Before you switch, search mo muna sa ProtonDB <click here for link> yung compatibility ng favorite Steam games mo.

    Ang kadalasang problema ngayon ng Steam Play ay yung mga multiplayer na gumagamit ng EAC (Easy Anti Cheat). You'll get kicked out of multiplayer or you can only launch single player mode. Valve is working with EAC devs pero wala pang ETA sa fix.

    Ito ang ilan sa mga sikat na Windows game na maganda ang compatibility sa Steam Play.

    1. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    2. A Plague Tale: Innocence
    3. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
    4. HITMAN 2
    5. Risk of Rain 2
    6. Deep Rock Galactic
    7. Grim Dawn
    8. Yakuza 0
    9. Yakuza Kiwami
    10. Cuphead
    11. NieR:Automata
    12. Dark Souls III
    13. Wreckfest
    14. Megaman 11
    15. The Witcher 3

    Ubuntu MATE 19.04 <click here for link> ang gamitin mo sa laptop mo.

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  • Blown away by HDR on Win10 Gaming...Forza Horizon 4 @ 1080p120hz and HDR on my Sony Bravia 43X8500G as a PC Monitor
  • ^ganda ah
  • Just finished Bloodstained. That was very satisfying.
  • Currently playing AC: Odyssey. First time ko mag-enjoy sa isang AC game kahit madalas side quests ang ginagawa ko.
  • These Windows 10 Vs Pop OS Benchmarks Reveal A Surprising Truth About Linux Gaming Performance
    <click here for link>

    What we’re seeing today is a level of gaming performance on Linux that simply wasn’t happening a year ago. Or even 6 months ago. Parity is being achieved more frequently, and while you still can’t play every Windows game under the sun, the landscape looks brighter as each day rolls on. Plus, this little test was leveraging Nvidia GPUs. I suspect that once Valve’s ACO compiler matures, a similar experiment on Radeon GPUs may show even stronger performance when compared to Windows.

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  • Nilamon na ng sistema dito ke Banner Saga. Complete series nito lang ang nabili ko last Steam sale. Medyo punishing ang decisions dito, isang kakaibang desisyon e katay agad character na inalagan mo, hehe.
  • Currently playing Pillars of Eternity 2. Mas maganda siya compared sa una. Polished and updated na yung graphics, combat, and quality of life features. Nagustuhan ko talaga yung pirate's life with open world.
  • naglalaro ako uli sa Path of Exile dahil si bestie natutuwa sa mala-diablo II style nia.
    tapos free na pala ang Guild Wars 2, inaya ako ng ilang online game friends.

    hati tuloy atensyon ko. di ko alam san magconcentrate lalo at parehas naman silang entertaining as mmo. lol