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  • Came across a game called "The Killing Antidote." Resident Evil-ish game made by chinese developers. It's in testing and you can request access. I got mine immediately after requesting for it. Played it a little bit, seems okay. Has lots of customizations for the female MC. Pressing space makes your character do a low jump, useful with the correct customization, hahaha.
  • Steam Spring Sale na ;p
  • Horizon Forbidden West can now be preloaded on Steam.

    Game will be out on Friday 12mn Ph Time.

  • So i grabbed Jedi Survivor during Spring Sale...doable nmn ung framepacing issue and may konting graphical glitches but the performance overall is great. Pinaka issue ko lang is di gumagana ung Steam overlay sa game, di ako makapagtake ng screenshots tho achievements are fine. Meron workaround to add ung EA launcher sa Steam tapus dun mo i-run ung game pero di pwede i upload ung mga screenshots sa Steam mismo. So sad, kc sobrang laki ng improvement ng Survivor sa Fallen Order on every aspect.
  • Ang laki pala ng game na to, Ghost Recon Wildlands. Parang Far Cry.

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  • Mejo GOTY ko na tong Hell Divers 2. Never have I got hooked on a game that I lose track of time ever since playing diablo 2 like last time. Inaabot ako 4-5am kaka helldive haha.

    They're doing a lot of things right, but kinda sad na sila ay exception, not the norm:

    - Live service game, and as it should be. The "war" against the terminids (bugs) and the other "war" against the Automatons (basically, the terminators) feels immersive, thanks for it being managed by a GM from arrowhead.
    - micro transactions are actually Micro! Walang FOMO pa kung gusto mo bumili ng Premium Game pass that unlocks previous Warbonds, kasi forever available as long as the game is alive.
    - hindi rin predatory yung setup nung denominations of the premium currency. You can just keep on buying the 490php = 1000 super credits to buy the latest warbond, as each warbond costs 1000 super creds (you can even farm them in game, and it won't take you months to farm it in game, maybe 1 or 2 days?)
    - First time gusto ko talaga gumastos for micro transactions without feeling bad, kasi gusto ko masuportahan yung ginagawa ng devs for the industry.
    - friendly sa beginners and those who can only allot a few moments of their lives to game. Kasi roguelike siya na PVE. Wala ka mafi-feel na maiiwan ka porke saglit ka lang nakakalaro, yes you'd need to progress to get access to the other strategems and weapons, but the initial kit you have is actually viable.
    - dahil PVE, halos walang toxic. Yun ayaw ko sa mga competitive games, diko kayang sabayan kasi laging meron at merong mas magaling sakin na hindi ko kayang talunin, dito, di mo kelangan abutin sila, kasi PVE.

    There are game bugs yes (not the terminids), as I do get the occasional game crash or yung biglang di ako makaalis sa pwesto ko. Pero the game is so good, I tend to look past these as minor inconveniences.
    Sana mag stick yung player base nila.

    I can go on and on about how I massively like the game. Basta as it stands, GOTY for me.
  • Marvels spiderman 2. Lels. Dev kit pa more.