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Converge ICT Fiber ISP Thread (never ever hard reset your modem and refer to page 1 for FAQs)

  • @driz_12

    Maraming salamat sir!
  • @artsky and @aamd

    I uploaded kaagad sa portal after the payment was sent. Wala pa rin, I tried messaging their platforms and only one replied. Sobrang generic pa ng reply, parang cinopy paste lang.

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  • May RTO ba converge pag continuous ping sa google? Itong pldt vdsl ko ilang araw na may RTO
  • ^ lahat naman ng networks will encouter RTO as long as you saturate your line.

    try mo gumamit ng QoS like fq_codel or cake using openwrt or pfsense, tamo solve yan ping issue mo.