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Converge ICT Fiber ISP Thread (never ever hard reset your modem and refer to page 1 for FAQs)

  • @supremosoy @Driz_12
    MAYBE they already loaded default working config on newer modems..
    I tried to reset my ZTE F660 before after securing a backup. But after mareset, connected na siya agad on same VLAN at di ko na nagamit yung backup. I just had to reconfigure yung SSIDs, keys, etc. Pero siyempre risky parin at chambahan sa dami ng modem versions nila. So stick parin tayo sa title ng thread just to be safe.
  • ^ Tinry ko sa firefox pero ganun pa rin. Napansin ko kapag mga 1AM mabilis na magload, pero kapag umaga na mga around 9-10AM, doon uli bumabagal. Most likely sa end ni converge na 'to kasi kapag mobile data naman mabilis.

    try mo mag install ng opera gx paps sobrang ganda hindi makain sa ram may built in VPN pa baka eto maka solve ng problem mo
  • Ang alam ko pag GPON na yung modem mo, ok lang magreset. Yung mga EPON ONUs yung hindi pwede ireset.

    But yes, if there is no urgent need to reset, don’t! And buy a third party router if di ka satisfied sa performance ng onu para wala ka need galawin sa settings niya and di mo masira accidentally
  • @userneym

    Pero all in all, goods naman yung mga modem nila?
  • @LordStark

    Ano magandang third party na router if ever? Okay na ba yung mga TP-Link?
  • Yung Huawei modem ko may nakalagay sa box na it is for Converge. So malamang yung firmware nya ay hardcoded na prior to leaving the factory. Sa menu nya meron din ACS settings. Mukang yan yung autoconfig nya. May encoded username and password.
  • @supremo
    Their provided modem/router is good for personal use on small areas. If you are sharing with housemates and have multiple devices, start with a router with at least 128mb ram, 5G, QoS, Guest, and least 4 antennas. Any brand would do.

    For future proofing, invest in a mesh router or find those with MU-MIMO and 256/512mb ram for smooth simultaneous HD streaming and low latency gaming. The cheapest brands are Newifi, Xiaomi and Tenda.

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  • Wifi extender is a no-no for option. Either buy a better router or mesh. Sayang lang pera.

    Downsides ng triple at double NAT? Does this mean di parin ako makakavisit ng ibang island sa Animal Crossing? Sa Double NAT ng globe di pwede eh
  • Tama si sir @LordStark. It's better to leave the modem's settings as it is and just buy a more powerful router that you can play with. An additional NAT just adds 1ms in latency. The lower latency that you could get in solely using the default modem/router is only useful when you're beside it. Then it adds even more latency and decreases speed every few meters away from it. So, a 1ms compromise in adding a new router is not that bad as compared to its benefits. Just connect from Lan1 to WAN port and you're done. Bridging is also useless in most cases as some who tried it found no noticeable effect.
  • Does anyone here uses Steam? Download speeds from PH servers are very slow again. Switched to SG, download speed goes back to normal.

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  • Actually sayang din pera sa overpriced mesh bundle. Mas tipid pa maginvest sa isang 512mb ram main router, and utilize existing old routers (at least 64mb) as wired access points using same SSIDs in every room. Works like mesh. You may slowly change those old access points with newer ones overtime. What's important is your main router is already powerful to handle DHCP, QoS, etc.

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  • Hello

    Sino na po nakatry na palitan ng 3rd party fiber modem/router ang converge?
    Balak ko palitan. And ano mga need na info maliban sa SN?


    Slamat sa sasagot.

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  • Tondo area,near deca homes condominium. LOS just now, anybody here experiencing the same problems?
  • Grabe 11pm na pero 20mbps lang speeds ko, 75mbps subscribed speed