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  • colours200 Send Message View User Items on 18 Oct 20 @ 05:21 PM #
    pano ma lalaman kung rgb header or argb header un nasa mobo ???

    indicated naman parati yan sa headers paps.
  • i see nakalagay pala sa manual 2lad neto gigabyte

    prang hindi eto un ah or un sysfan ?

    D_LED1 (Addressable LED Strip Header)
    The header can be used to connect a standard 5050 addressable LED strip, with maximum power rating
    of 5A (5V) and maximum number of 1000 LEDs

    LED_C1 (RGB LED Strip Header)
    The header can be used to connect a standard 5050 RGB LED strip (12V/G/R/B), with maximum power
    rating of 2A (12V) and maximum length of 2m.

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  • ^yes, D_LED1 ARGB header yan.
    sysfan- SYSTEM FAN
  • mga master hingi lang po ako ng advice, I have a b360 motherboard which has a rgb header (not argb), it's my first time getting a rgb cooling setup for my pc and I'm torn between getting the deepcool rf120 rgb and the id cooling xf12025 rgb. I'm concerned with both noise and airflow, your inputs will be very much appreciated.
  • ^More airflow = higher fan RPM = more noise.

    Kung masyadong maiingay para sa iyo i-set mo nalang sa PWN curve ng motherboard mo na silent mode. May kasamang PWM splitter yung mga 3 pack ng namention mo na products so walang problema kung kulang yung fan headers mo.

    Since mas mataas yung CFM ng ID-Cooling mas okay siya, kung masyadong maiingay babaan mo nalang yung fan RPM niya.

    Yung maganda na performance pero low noise walang RGB, like Noctua's & Artic P series.
  • ^thanks for the input sir, about connecting all the fan into 1 rgb header, I'm considering getting 2 sets of 3 for the id cooling xf12025 rgb, concern ko lang is sabi kasi online is you can connect up to 4 fans versus the deepcool rf120 which can do up to 6. May included na rgb extender si id cooling, pwede ko ba sya iconnect dun sa isa pang included na rgb extender then connect it to the 1 rgb header sa mb?
  • ^Basta make sure na RGB 12v 4-pin lahat kailangan gagana siya.

    Pareho naman standard connectors gamit ng Deepcool & ID-Cooling.
  • Para sa mga gusto ng closed off front panel pero maganda parin cooling potential:
    DarkFlash DLX22:

    May DLX21 Mesh parang DLM21 Mesh lang yung desing ng front panel:

  • Ano diff sa temps ng NH-D15 mo, single vs dual fans?

    Mga 2 degress using the slim fan. If gamit siguro yun isa pang 140mm na Noctua Fan, baka mas better.

    Question, may alam ba kayu pwede mabilhan ng mounting clip ng Noctua? Parang gusto ko maglagay ng 3rd fan para sa push-push-pull setup ng NH-D15 ko.

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  • Deepcool AS500 49-59 USD MRSP, only issue is 164mm height clearance pero very good bang for the buck flagship cooler performance

  • Hi, if anyone is interested in buying the Thermalright Frost Spirit 140 black edition, pm me for the seller's link.

    Just got this last week. Note that it's only available in China and has not entered other markets yet. Still cheaper than the DR 4 pro if one prefers a blackout theme. (BTW I'm not associated with the seller, nor the manufacturer, only helping out as it took me quite a while to find the cooler)

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  • ^Ganda sana kaso halos 2x yung price ng Black Edition(3.6k) compared sa Redux color scheme(2.2k).

    Maraming hard to find items talaga sa Chinese sellers sa Sh*p** pero ipopost naman nila for sale kapag nag PM ka ng picture ng product.