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Official PLDT Fibr thread (No piracy topics or hints)

  • @pjpulumbarit

    cdrking is dead so I cant really recommend you to go there
    asus branded routers are expensive here in PH, more like the starting price of their routers is around 4k and thats n18u that doesnt have ac wifi on it

    last resort is mikrotik, I really hate to recommend this on a person who will be using it for the first time or no experience operating one, the cheapest mikrotik router is around 2.1k in lazada, theres no price difference even if you buy it over facebook or here in tpc.
  • @pjpulumbarit

    There are cheap 2nd hands on IFS.
    For an old wifi router bnew is expensive af.


    Are you guys using the PLDT FIberhome white onu?

    PLDT hard reset mine(without me knowing before they did lol) and it returned to 20mbps.
    I filed for a dmz request last monday and got someone to visit yesterday who gave us temporary adminpldt access.

    It's quite a coincidence for their bridged mode woes to start together with the release of RP2621.
  • To those who had problems with their bridge mode, what starting ips were you guys getting?
  • @Blu3martini

    fber sir ang gamit ko. sabagay kasi minsan may nakikita ako na pumapalo din ng 20ms yung ping kahit naka fber sila. baka siguro depende na rin sa location.
  • I am currently in bridged mode since day 1 of installation. Nung time na yan di pa mahigpit sa bridging. I am planning to replace my Dlink router since I am setting up a new home network setup using a different brand (tplink). Question is bakit walang internet nung nagpalit ako ng router? Do they lock the MAC address of the old router? I need to set up a separate router kasi I have AP's at home and set up a P2P network from my home going to my brother's house , 500 meters away (internet and file sharing).
  • @Blu3martini

    I already hard reset my modem 3 times with 30mins interval and nothing change still stuck at 10 ups and down
    Im using white onu with 4 antennas

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  • Ok... so I think magse-settle muna ako sa mac cloning work-around while PLDT is busy fixing their issues:

    Many thanks to "rounin" and "Blu3martini" for the tips and tricks!

    Whenever I call 171, parati kong naririnig na may internet issue yung Novaliches at Marikina. Now, I may be registered at Cainta Rizal, but according to the records sa Marikina facility daw ako naka connect since yun daw ang masmalapit at optimal sa address ko. Probably will wait until mawala yung announcement sa 171 but will continue to check everyday kung ok na yung bridge mode.
  • @pjpulumbarit
    best cheap router for me is mi3c it has very sleek design and i think qos will work for 30+ devices individually unlike others that 16 individuals only and it has cloud control what does it mean? it has a app that you can control/monitor your wifi even your in other part of he world. it has better range compare to same price range of others it has 4 antenna they claimed 2 for transmit 2 for receive. if you have 50mbps+ go for dual band version. i got mine for 650 pesos only bang for the buck

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  • Hi everyone, I am also experiencing slow fibr internet on bridge mode. What’s the best workaround for now? Or should I just wait it out?

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  • No news yet kung kelan maayos ang Bridge mode issue? Gusto ko sana mag route mode kaso afaik, wala naman mac filtering ang ONU.
  • cdrking is dead so I cant really recommend you to go there

    di pa naman, meron pa silang mga stores na bukas
  • @FordLynx07

    Buti sayo sir cloning your mac address worked.
    In my case i spent the whole night on power cycling and testing which didn't help so I opted to file a report and have them reconfigure my profile(but unfortunately reconfiguring = hard reset).

    Regarding my fiber it's either cainta or Antipolo facility since those are the nearest business centers here from taytay.


    They reverted me to routing mode via hard reset.
    The speed did normalize but yun nga lang yung preconfigured settings ko sa ONU(including a fallback DMZ) was deleted.
    Well I got a temporary adminpldt access right now.


    There isn't even an announcement from them let alone an eta for a fix.
    We do know that the right people from 171, the visiting technician or whoever they call at back end will tell you there's a problem with bridged mode but nothing official or black and white.

    The ONU does have mac filtering which isn't available unless you get them to give you an adminpldt access(which even if they do is only temporary).


    Previously yes it is bound to your last known used mac.
    a power cycle of 15-20 minutes+ clears this before.
    Right now with bridged mode having an issue, I'm not sure why.

    Anyway, spoof the TP-Link wan mac address to your Dlink's mac address.
    If TP-link only has a mac clone rather than spoofing you can do it in a roundabout way of spoofing your PC's mac address and cloning from there.

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  • @ blu3

    white yung akin 4 antenna. magiisang buwan na hindi pa naayos 9Mbps parin araw araw natawag ako sa pldt para aware sila at may record ako kung ano nangyayari sa internet connection ko.


    kahit anung start ng ip makuha ko tlgang 9Mbps lang, minsan nga ayaw ako bigyan ng ip sobrang tagal .

    miss ko na magdownload dami ko kailangan, ewan ko naiinip ako sa 9Mbps pero nung DSL ako 5Mbps lang tuwang tuwa na ko dati.
  • tawag lang po tayo sa 171 speak with their supervisor
    request mo lang po na ibalik account mo sa ROUTE mode para ung 2mbps or 9mbps limit ay mawala.

    all the best,
  • @HypherX

    Same here I have the 4 antenna white variant too.
    I wonder if may huawei ONU or naka prolink VDSL2 Modem na affected din with this.

    Happy ako back then nung nag upgrade si PLDT from 1mbps to 1.5mbps then 3mbps.
    By the time of 5mbps medyo meh.

    Now maging kalahati lang yung 20mbps namin sa bahay hindi na kaya.
  • @Blu3martini

    Thanks bro, sana maayos na to soon. one of the reason why I opted to go Bridge mode is the mac filtering and other features ng ddwrt.
  • I think their network engineers fixed it..hopefully?
    <click here for link>now i hope this doesn't get reverted back phew.

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  • Talaga po bang restricted na yung router settings ng PLDT Fibr?

    Just got our modem replaced, from black na ONU to White with 4 antennas (haven't checked the model and brand). Sabi nung tech, di na daw napapasok yung settings kaya kailangan itawag lahat ng configuration even SSID and Password.

    Di ko pa nattry pasukin. Just want to confirm lang po sana. Thanks!
  • @jeocava

    Bakit pinalitan?
  • @wmaxell

    Nagloloko na po kasi yung sa Wi-Fi nia, intermittent ang connection at kadalasan walang net pag wireless. Pag LAN naman po walang problema kaya nagrequest ako na palitan, libre lang naman pala.