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Official PLDT Fibr thread (No piracy topics or hints)

  • @natnat0026

    google wifi = pldt fibr + rental (as long as subscribed ka) of the google mesh wifi

    pag pinaputol/downgrade to normal pldt fibr plans, balik sa kanila ung google mesh wifi


    sinabi mo pa. halos 5 mins walking distance ako sa PLDT office pero ilang buwan din inabot (and thats after confirmed activated ung fiber box sa area namin)
  • May nakapag avail na po ba sainyo ng PLDT Google Wifi Plan 2299 @ 30Mbps? Any insight and feedback po especially within bacoor area ? Plan ko kasi mag upgrade from Plan1699 @15Mbps. Thanks.
  • @Fuhrer00

    Discretion ni PLDT.
    Marami naman nakabitan na ganyan kahaba or mas mahaba pa.
    Usually poste ang binibilang nila at hindi distance.

    4-5 poste okay pa.


    I have finally received my April 21 bill.
    Wala pa rin charge ng transfer of address as of this bill.

    4 weeks kung pede lang sugurin mo kung saan nakalagay yung equipment and ikaw mismo maglipat ng patch cable hehe.


    Speed isn't as good as before since I transferred here but not slow to the point na makikipagtuos ako ulit sa CSR.
    Mababa lang naman ang standards ko basta tolerable,palalampasin ko pa din.
    Ayoko makipagusap sa CSR nila.

    Syempre kung nagaya sa pinsan ko na 1699 12/3 now 3/0.25 VDSL eh ibang usapan na yun.
  • @Blu3martini

    In your latest bill, updated na billing address mo? As you said before there was already an existing line/connection in your new address, and PLDT didn’t recognize it as new installation in their system. Or maybe they waived it when you sought NTC’s help.

    Did somebody from PLDT call you shortly after the installers have left, just to check if the activation went well? i got charged the transfer fee so I made sure I requested for rebate to cover for the days we weren’t able to use the service while waiting for the completion of the transfer. So it is like additional 200 pesos only in our current bill.

    As for the Speed, it is most likely area-dependent as well as the quality of the Fibr installed in your home. We probably moved to an area where speed is more consistent, and there was a speed upgrade before the end of 2018. In our old home, my brother often asked me to restart the modem every other day because the speed was like the slow-moving traffic in EDSA...and that was after we upgraded to Plan 1899. We hardly felt the speed boost at the time because it was still generally slow 2/3 of the time.
  • @avid_007

    Yes the address was updated since the belated march bill last month.
    I do not know if they took into consideration the old installation and/or as an appeasement to NTC but it's a small consolation for that very long of a wait time.

    Somebody called us to check if the landline worked, not really for activation.
    Somebody did came the next day to audit the installation, the installer and my speed.

    The line status is good so I think there's just more subscribers here in a subdivision.
    From what I remember in our previous address, I'd say subscribers on our LP would be 12-16 max since nobody seems to bother getting fibr along the main road street(it's 90% establishments rather than houses after all with the secondary streets probably getting the magic magic , overspan or hazardous treatment.