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  • same sa house ng in-laws ko. Plan 1899 pero umaabot ng 120mbps download and 200mbps upload. Medyo matagal narin ganun speed nila. Kaya inadvice ko na huwag na nila pakialamanan or galawin yung connection nila. hehe
  • Pati pala remote speed profile configuration upgrade lang inaabot ng buwan. Kaya naman ng stats ng line ko yung plan for upgrade pero ang tagal iremote yung profile. sa tagal ng ng pagiging subscriber ko at dami ng requests ko for upgrade/downgrade dati, one week lang OK na. first time inabot ng ganito katagal. kaumay.
  • RE: PLDT AAG maintenance
    Our company already received an advisory from PLDT service relations that the affected service would be towards HK.
  • kailan ba talaga, 25 or 26 ang start? hahaha
  • ^ un din tanong ko... 26 din nakita ko sa PLDT page.

  • May nakapag-try na ba ng TP-LINK ADSL2+ Modem Router TD-W8961N for a PLDT Fibr VDSL connection ? Gumagana kaya ?
  • @yaga
    gagana yan pero adsl mode lang
  • mga sir, I'm on PLDT Fibr Plan 2899 for several years, pwede ba ipa-upgrade to plan 6000? paano process/requirements? tia
  • Re: AAG maintenance
    Lahat ba ng network affected dto hindi lang PLDT? pati sky kasi may advisory. Naisip ko kasi kung affected kaya ang zoom dto. Para may lusot na mag absent hehe
  • ^As long as part of the bandwidth ng internet company galing sa Asia-America Gateway then pwede ma-affect. Ang AAG 2009 una naging functional tapos ang partners sa Philippines ay PLDT, Bayantel at ETPI (Eastern Telecoms). Since ang Bayantel ay binili na ng Globe I would think part ng bandwidth ng Globe galing rin sa AAG, pero di ako aware kung may advisory sila.

    Some interesting stuff:

    The AAG cable is notorious for its frequent breaks and outages since it was made ready for service in late 2009. Most of the outages have been located at the intra-Asia segments between Hong Kong and Singapore, with most problems occurring in the Vietnam section, while the segment between Hong Kong and the Philippines seems to have fewer problems. The segments between the Philippines and the United States are quite stable. Not only Vietnam, but also countries like Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia, which currently have fewer alternatives in place to reroute Internet traffic, are prone to severe service disruption when the AAG cable breaks, whereas Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines, which are served by many different intra-Asia cables, are less affected.[6]
  • Globe is not affected, yung AAG landing station ay kay PLDT. Sky and Converge are probably affected since they don’t have their own international cable and are using PLDT as well.

    tawag lang yan sa 171

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  • Parang bumabagsak na yung speed ah Imus Cavite area?
  • ^ "parang"?

    so far "feelings" doesn't really justify the panic this advisory is bringing, do a speedtest, download something, browse the web, do a videocall, etc... you can guage it with certainty if something is wrong.

    so far I think Youtube is making some mitigating tactics as it is defaulting to 480p or 360p default, but will happily comply if you turn it up to 1080p

    I'm sure Netflix will do the same, just manually set the resolution if you really need to see the pixel, for most, they won't bother and it will really save a lot of bandwdith for those who need it.
  • so far, on my end

    I'm also connected to an amazon workspace (n. virginia server), and it still quite responsive

    well, they moved it to tomorrow, so I guess the slow down people seeing now is just people flocking to see if there really is a slow down (how ironic)
  • ako din nakakaexperience ng ping issue.. ok naman sa speedtest.. pero pag dating sa games di na makalaro ng maayos..

    ito optical info sa onu:

    Optical Info
    Transmitted Power 2.94 dBm
    Received Power -40.00 dBm
    Operating Temperature 32.53 ?
    Supply Voltage 3.29 V
    Bias Current 18.60 mA
  • @baratzki
    based on the information that we received from PLDT, traffic to NA shouldn't be affected as the maintenance will be on the path going to HK.
  • Twitch lagging right now.
  • so far ok pa naman ang mga dedicated server namin sa OVH Canada at Singapore. ewan ko lang mamaya.

    ok pa naman ang net ko.

    ngayon month grabe ang attack sa mga servers namin.
    kaya kailangan monitored. mahirap na maisan.

    kaya dapat huwag mawalan ng net pldt ko hehehe.

    mabuti na lang at naka dual wan sa opis isa ay globe. importante pa naman ang backup sync from server to local.
  • Not specifically related to the AAG emergency maintenance, are you also experiencing difficulty loading websites these past few weeks?
  • @kurochan004

    ito optical info sa onu:

    Optical Info
    Transmitted Power 2.94 dBm
    Received Power -40.00 dBm
    Operating Temperature 32.53 ?
    Supply Voltage 3.29 V
    Bias Current 18.60 mA

    Your Received power is way beyond allowable tolerance.

    Range should be as follows:
    TX Optical Power: . 5 dBm to 5 dBm
    RX Optical Power: –27 dBm to –8 dBm

    Your "Received Optical Power" would really make your connection go haywire.
    There might be 3 possible sources of problem.
    1. PLDT Optical box to PLDT interface box outside your house
    2. PLDT interface box outside your box to the PLDT interface box inside your house.
    3. Patch cord from the PLDT interface box to your ONU.

    If you have a spare patch cord (usually yellow) that connects from your PLDT interface box inside your house to your ONU, you can try to replace it first and check if the RX optical power will be within range. If it is a connection problem #1 and #2, you will need PLDT assistance.