daming hilig makialam sa hobby ng iba. bakit ganito? bakit ganyan? as if gets nila hobby ng iba. LOL

Also, kung wala na talagang point ang discs and players, eh di sana tinigil na ang pag-manufacture sa kanila. Even Netflix releases their own films and shows on discs. And Criterion Collection just started releasing 4K discs this year. Eh parang ngayon pa nga lang talagang dumadami ang install base ng 4K TVs and players (because of the new gen consoles that have built-in 4K Bluray drives). Vinyl records nga naging uso ulit eh, never nawala ang mga vintage record shops, and even CRT TVs may mga enthusiasts willing to pay a lot for "outdated" tech, because for them it's subjectively better. Kaka-miss tuloy the days na tuloy-tuloy ang bagsak ng mga WEGA sa pier. If only the 2nd hand dealers held on to a few highly-prized HD CRT models then, they would have made a killing selling to retro tech hunters today.

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