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HD|FullHD|UltraHD|4K TV Thread: No Store Promotion and Piracy (FAQ @ page 631)

  • lol sir E ang sarap na freebie naman nyan
  • bilib ako sa customer service ng LG, nagflicker kasi yung kuryente namin tapos ayaw nya na mag power on. isang tawag lang sa LG kinabukasan nasa bahay na technician nila, after 3 days bumalik sila dala na yung replacement power supply. Ngayon mag 4years na yung TV namin.
  • maganda after sales ng LG base sa experience. kaya madalas LG yung buy namin appliances.
  • Guys ok ba ang Sharp Aquos? Mas mura sya tapos maganda naman pic quality.
  • Question po sa mga Sony w800c owners dito, bakit pag nanonood ng movie from flash drive or hdd halos wala nang marinig na tunog, mapa tv speaker or home theater gamit wala parin, ano kaya problem? Pero pag tv channels okay naman. Sana may makasagot :)

    -- edited by keira11 on Aug 22 2016, 11:01 AM
  • Need your help guys. I'm looking for a best HDTV for gaming, primarily for console. Upon checking the, they reviewed the Samsung KU6300 flat tv as one of the best for mid range. Now, when checking the samsung ph site if it's available, looks like we have a different version. Our version with same model (KU6300) is curved, while the rtings reviewed is flat. But we do have the flat version of KU6XXX series, the KU6000 nga lang ang model. Stupid question, since I don't see any review of this model, same lang ba sila ng KU6300? Ang habol ko kase is lowest input lag as possible. Thanks!

    rtings KU6300 (Flat TV) <click here for link>
    Samsung PH KU6300 (Curve TV) <click here for link>
    Samsnug PH KU6000 (Flat TV) <click here for link>
  • Mga sir meron na ba nag try dito ng the other way around on using LED monitors used as a regular TV thru digital TV box (cignal/sky cable)?

    If meron kamusta comparison sa performance againts regular LED TV?
  • @Battlestarmargarine

    tama. iba lang model number dito sa ph. katumbas ng ku6300 ng US ang ku6000 dito.

    Actually ito dapat bibilin ko pero hinihintay ko lang lumabas x8000d ng Sony
  • Having owned a curved tv it has one big disadvantage... It's only immersive if you purchase curved tvs that are 85 inches or bigger. You need to be dead center in order to enjoy that immersive experience. If you are one of those unfortunate people who had to sit at the side then it's a totally negative viewing experience since the curve gives you a blind spot.

    100% agree on this Sir, I had a 93" screen + PJ on my bedroom/home theatre. I couldnt bring the thought of having it modified to a curve screen, unless the screen size is at least 120" or more then its another story. Having it curve will make the screen size appear a lot "smaller". Ung curve TV screen concept came from hardcore HT enthusiasts who built their theatres around a huge curved screen (Some guys from PDVD & AVSforum had these).

    BTw, Anong bang for buck 55-65" flat screen TV to be used mainly as CPU monitor as well as watching TV shows?
  • Good morning, I'm planning to buy a 24 inch led tv budget within 5,000-6,000 petot. Ano kayang brand/model pasok sa budget ko? Can I find/buy some trusted brand at raon? Thanks in advance.
  • Sony w800c users

    Bakit kaya AAC , 2 channels, 44khz lang maayos yung sound yung ibang audio format sobrang hina na?

    Either Auto or PCM sa settings ganun pa din.

    Paano kaya ma-solve 'to, kelangan ba update ng firmware or use other video player?
  • lol sir E ang sarap na freebie naman nyan

    I'm getting another one for my condo this week either an amoled or oled. As for Sony brand the color output is really nice but the problem is with it's UI since it's an android tv nagkaka errors.
  • Bakit kaya AAC , 2 channels, 44khz lang maayos yung sound yung ibang audio format sobrang hina na?

    Depende yan sa nag encode, yung iba ok, yung iba mahina talaga ex. yung stranger things kahit 3.1 hardware (L R stereo, centre, sub) @ 70% volume ang hina pa rin ng dialogue.

    Paano kaya ma-solve 'to, kelangan ba update ng firmware or use other video player?

    Need bigger speakers plus amplifier on top of the receiver pag hardware.
    In your case, get an external video player like mpc or vlc that you can use software volume amplification.
  • ^ I see, so normal lang pala yun. Thanks for the help.

    Yung stock video player ng Sony lang kasi gamit ko. Kahit isagad sa 100% yung volume ng HT hina lol.

    -- edited by keira11 on Aug 23 2016, 01:37 PM
  • Mga ser tanong ko lang po kung anong mahusay at matibay na pang wall mount ang kailangan ko para dito sa sony klv-40r452a, salamat po sa makakatulong.
  • Musta yun brand na fukuda?pareview naman thanks
  • Yung usual box and packaging ba ng 65inch nowadays kasya sa typical na sedan like vios sa rear seats?