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HD|FullHD|UltraHD|4K TV Thread: No Store Promotion and Piracy (FAQ @ page 631)

  • I USE my 65p6us for my ps4 pro...but mostly i play adventure games...haven't had a problem yet...although we also play borderlands on it cooperatively...
  • Meron akong alam saan pa meron nang NU8000 kaso 65 inches, ok ba sa iyo yun?
  • @HypherX

    Pass sa 65" sir. Bedroom tv lang so max na 55". Plus budget is around 40-45k lang. :(
  • yung p65 na 65inch nasa 45t lang yata...
  • @monseignor1

    Mas okay ba specs ng P6 vs C6? Leaning more on the C6 personally, since the 55" is around 40k, plus di na need mag add for sound system since may soundbar na kasama sa mismong tv. If ever di ako makahanap ng Samsung NU8000, either mag NU7100 na lang ako or go for TCL C6.

    Meron ba kayong alam na similar sa for detailed specs and review sa tvs that covers Asia release models? Wala kasi akong makita na detailed specs for the TCL C6, kaya medyo doubtful ako kung okay nga ba.
  • according to technician who check my tv it was caused by water damaged possibly leak from the ceiling any suggestion what should i do at this point?
    warranty is void obviously.

    Here is the damaged.
  • sound system
    sigurado ako di malakas yan....cannot be compared to a stand alone sound system tapos ang 55 in p6 is only 27t and the edifier is 6.5t
  • water damaged possibly leak
    FIX your roof....he he he....
  • @monseignor
    Yung post mo na may prices ng samsung models, can you pm kung saang store yun?

    Also, anyone knows kung how much binababa ng price pag display model yung bibilhin? Was wondering if significant enough, maybe I can push for an LG B8.
  • OLX lang yan...

    buy the 75c2 90t nalang yata...
  • 90t nalang yata...

    Sana may ganyan akong disposable income at the moment. XD