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  • Hi good afternoon ano ba pwede Dac for Klipsch pro media 5.1?
  • Is it ok to post here new product speakers from different brands?
  • ^i see no rule violated by posting such
  • I found this on Reddit. LOL. Dont buy Logitech Z333 guys. They got fake ass tweeters. <click here for link>

    This is the exact Reddit post. <click here for link>

    Or maybe don't buy anything from them at all. Scammers.

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  • Then Logitech should go back as an accessory maker and stay away from audio. Their speakers are always over rated and their woofer always have over powering muffled bass!
  • Hi po, pasingit lang ng tanong. Sa mga Corsair void wireless users, anong gamit niyong software? Kasi mahina ang dating ng volume sakin. Lalo na sa pubg medyo mahina ang dating. Gamit ko yung Corsair Utility engine pero walang pang amplify ng volume dun. Thanks.
  • Ano ba ang speakers na usb connection ang audio, hindi via 3.5mm jack. Nasira na kasi yung 3.5mm socket ng laptop kaya iniisip kong usb audio connection ng bibilhin kong speakers. Ano ba locally available?
  • @exposure

    pwede mo gawin sir, bili kayo DAC or DAC amp. Yung mga yun may analog output yun para sa 3.5mm (or 6.3mm depende)