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Gaming Mouse Personal Reviews

  • jumped the gun on attack shark x6 mouse... magaan siya... budget 3395 mouse...

    existing mini review on reddit (not mine)

    <click here for link>

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  • Nalusaw din tecware haste ko... Stain pa sa table
  • @S_R: normal sa katagalan... hassle lang talaga maglinis kapag dumikit na...

  • Pulsar Xlite V3 eS (65g) side by side with my Logi G703 (105g)

    sobrang gaan! akala ko 2024 na ilalabas, buti umabot pa sa 2023 :)

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  • May g pro x super light 2 na pala

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  • ^Yep -- nung September pa boss. :)
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  • After owning several mice, I settled back sa G304 after modding it. Grips na lang kulang.

    Mods done are as follows:
    - Changed the stock switch pcbs both on the main and side buttons, into hotswap.
    - Attached some superglide skates.
    - Installed Kailh Silent Mouse Micro Switch on the mainswitch (wala talagang noise and sarap pindutin).
    - Installed Japan Omrons on the side buttons.

    Note: nagkamali ako sa pag lagay ng hotswap, dapat pala yung protruding part is sa baba when installed - hindi pataas XD

    Happy camper na ako sa ganitong setup. Gonna leave the mouse game as I've found my end game - unless magkaroon ulit ng mouse de battery with the latest tech (2k, 4k, 8hz).

    Pics of the mods done

  • @RyuzakiL - ilang hours or days bago yan sya ma-lowbat?
    Naka G102 lightsync ako pero yung laman yung sa G102 prodigy, mas ok sensor ng sa prodigy.
  • INPHIC IN9 Trimode Gaming mouse (Wired+Wireless+BT)

    15yrs ago, I have used several gaming/office mouse (mid-expensive type) from Asus, Gigabyte & Logitech and it did not last long till now I only used cheaper to mid priced gaming mouse.

    minsan na lang ako naglalaro ng games (COD, Ghost Recon, Far Cry type and Racing games), i tried this INPHIC IN9 since pasok sa preference ko na Trimode (used for Laptop+Desktop Gaming/Productivity setup for easy switching) Wireless for Desktop and BT for Laptop.

    for its price, for me enough for gaming experience, questions remains how long will it last this Chinese brand mouse.

    Just sharing c",?
  • @Bright_Light

    usually 1 month pro depende sa gamit - bsta hindi sya 1 week gaya ng mga 7-10k mouse sa market na mabwi2sit ka lang at mag wonder san binayaran mo haha. Given na nauuso na yung 2k, 4k, 8k hertz mouse, magi2ng 2-3days na lang yung battery life ng mga 'premium' mouse na yan XD

    So far satisfied ako sa G304. Pag nasira ito, bi2li ako ng another one like this but most likely it will last me for several years ahead since swappable yung switch and replaceable yung battery
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  • lupet, may spammer parin kahit relatively low engagement na tong tpc (vs 2010s)
  • Absolutely loving my wireless gaming mouse, especially for <click here for link>. The freedom it gives enhances the gaming experience. Highly recommend wireless mouse if you're into gaming!
  • Mukhang oks yung ROG Strix Impact III Wireless.

    - Hotswap
    - AA/AAA battery operated
    - can change Dpi, LOD and Polling rate on the fly via button comb.
    - Has button tensioning similar to G304/5
    - 59g weight
    - price @2.9K lang

    Parang wala

    Baka ito na ipalit ko sa g304 haha