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  • Planning for 2 indoor at 4 outdoor cameras. Ok lng kaya na nakalatag lang sa kisame ang mga cables, wala ng pipes?

    Consider also CAT6 cables (Pure-Copper only. If may nakita kang CCA sa box, WAG yun, aluminum+copper yung) for the WiFi Access Point. One for each floor, or two Access Point per floor if you have a large floor area.

    Might as well get ready for a PoE Switch.

    No need conduit pipe for the CAT6 cables. But.... yung mga light switch mo, palagyan mo na rin ng neutral wire for the WiFi Smart Switches. Pero ibang topic na yun.
  • Salamat sir driz at sir emil! Nagcheck ako sa tplink at lazada, may nakita ako NVR at PoE, saka nvr+PoE. Mas mura pag hiwalay. NVR1008 around 3200 then SF1009P around 2200, bale 5400 sila. Yung NVR+PoE na NVR1008H, 7800.
  • Advise naman po anong spy cam maliit kasama audio matagalang record.

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  • Mga masters
    Pa recommend solar powered CCTV home setup: brand, model, estimated price
    salamat po
  • Sounds like you're planning a solid setup with 2 indoor and 4 outdoor cameras! For the cables, it should be fine to lay them on the ceiling without pipes, especially if you're using CAT6 cables. Just make sure they're pure copper for the best performance.
    Considering <click here for link> might also be a good idea, as they can be easier to install without the need for cables. However, if you're set on wired cameras, CAT6 cables are a great choice. As for the WiFi Access Points, having one for each floor or two for larger areas is a smart move.

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  • Help po,
    I have 8ch 5mp capable dvr, upgrade ko ng cams.
    Pwede ba mix ang 2mp with 5mp cams?
    Salamat po
  • ^ pwede yan. Usually max settings ng cam ang nakaset sa DVR kapag nagpalit ka from 5mp to 2mp pero icheck mo pa rin para madjust mo rin yung bitrate at fps.
  • @shinto , salamat sir