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The Movies Thread (Ratings, Reviews and Recommendations. Spoilers not allowed.)

  • ganda space jam new legacy 9/10
    di mahilig sa basketball mga anak ko pero gandang ganda sila.

    anong movie pala ni statam yung may mga mission sya na papatayin? nakita ko kasi sa fb ko tapos nawala. yung may pinatay sya sa loob ng prison ba yun.

  • Mechanic ata yan kay statham
  • The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

    1.5/5, parang di pasok sa banga formula ng comedy at pagka all-star studded cast nya.

    Black Widow


    Tomorrow War

  • Been wondering for a while now, pano kaya yung mga casual fans lang ng "Samurai X" nung 90's, alam kaya nila na these movies were based on that same show... kase nga iba yung title..?

    i think alam na yan ng halos lahat.
    yung iba nga, kahit nga hindi fan ng Samurai X, alam nilang Ruruoni Kenshin ang original title nia.
    sa tagal ba naman ng panahon na lumipas, nasearch na nila yan sa internet, napagusapan na nila yan ng mga tropa nila, nabasa na nila yan sa ilang naligaw na articles.

    movie time!!!

    Suicide Forest Village

    -most of the time parang meeeh ang movie. pero ok naman, meron yung eerie vibe tapos may times na malakas ang gulat factor nia. ok din yung flow ng kwento nia. medyo curious lang pano talaga nagsimula ang lahat.
    sabi naman e yung director daw ng juon, same daw dito. ang yung style ng kwento parang magkakaroon nga ng part 2. ang problema lang e hindi ata mbenta ang movie, mukhang malabo na ang part 2. lol
  • Ganda trailer nung Dune. kaso sarado pa din cinehan. tsk

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    Mechanic ata yan kay statham

    thanks kita ko na the mechanic nga
  • The Hunt

    Really enjoyed the movie. Any recommendation katulad nito?
  • Army of the Dead
  • Zack Snyder Justice leque ganda 4 hours mong panuorin.
  • Jolt (2/5)
    Total waste of time.
  • Ashin of the North - 2/5
  • Blood Red Sky 3/5
  • netflix chernobyl 1986 9/10
  • Blood Red Sky

    Pretty decent for an action horror movie. Though I find the premise somewhat alienating coz it feels like it just came out of nowhere. But all in all, I enjoyed watching it.

  • The Last Letter from Your Lover

    When you are an adult, infidelity isn't black and white anymore. Lmao

    I'm a fan of Shailene Woodley when she is acting in drama films. She is just a brilliant actress. Her acting in The Descendants remained imprinted in my memory.

    I also developed a liking to this kind of love story ala star-crossed lovers. There's something in this element that engages me prolly because it's only natural for us to root for true love.

    Anyway the movie is sort of poetic prolly because one of the characters in the story is a writer. I am feeling sentimental atm and so the dialogues were just lovely to hear. I envy the male lead character for he is able really express his feelings well and they dont sound cheesy at all. It made infidelity quite sweet. Hahahaha