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***The Movies Thread - Part 3 (Ratings, Reviews and Recommendations. Observe proper netiquette, 800x600, respect other rating, do not reply to trolls, spoilers will be banned)

  • The occupant 6/10
  • That harley quinn movie. I can't stand it.
  • The way back with ben affleck. 6.5 or 7 out of 10. Not a stand out but good enough.
  • The call of the wild


    Kung animal lover ka at mahilig sa adventure movies this is a one good movie.

  • Ulan


    Umuulan kapag may kinakasal na tikbalang

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  • Close 3.5/5

    Extinction 3.5/5

    Netflix marathon, stay at home lockdown modezzzzz
  • Extreme job 4/5

    Another good korean movie na good vibes lang.
  • Bad Boys for Life

  • 93days
    about ebola virus, true story 7/10
  • Underwater

    Decent horror/sci-fi movie ala Alien. Production is good and hindi naman tinipid gaya ng mga napapanood natin sa Netflix. However kita pa rin naman yung budget constraints kasi dinadaan sa likot ng camera para magawan ng thrill. Or maybe because underwater yung theme kaya siguro ganon ang treatment. Anyway think of this as another JJ Abrams movie na may suspense pero limited sa CGI but worthwhile naman all in all.

  • Miracle in Cell no. 7 3/5

    ok na din, Turkish adaptation, mejo brutal, realistic, not convenient, pero pwede na.