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DSLR Newbies (limit the pix size to 640 pixels in the long end)

  • @romnick022
    i might not be the best person to answer this since i am not a pro but i have earned a few bucks (online) and meriendas doing photography gigs. here are some of my tips for you, should you wish to take it.
    - build a decent portfolio
    - read/watch tips and tricks
    - share your best photos to sites like 500px and wait for other people's comments, most of the time there are still room for improvement
    - attend photowalks, make friends and learn from them
    - practice, practice, practice

    good luck!
  • @thachad098

    Thank you for the input! Yes of course, i'll take it. Ni wala pa nga kong sariling camera. HAHAHA!
    these are the things na wala ako and very glad i got it from you and from this forum:

    - build a decent portfolio

    yes, I guess I need to create an online folder so pag may na nga ngailangan, ill just send the link.
    attend photowalks

    ano yun? trainings? workshops? ganun ba?
    make friends and learn from them

    i have a lot of friend into photography, its just that they are way far (into photography) than me kaya mejo awkward pagusapan kung wala ka din ako say/pro experiences. But now, that I am going in,
    i think I have this point.

    Thank you so much Sir - !!! +1
  • mga sir, sorry biglang sulpot sa thread, may reco ba kayong Tripod na panregalo in the sub 1,500 php range? I know too cheap pero panregalo lang kasi hehe
  • For a cheap and decent tripod around 2-2k+ siguro sir! Tiyagaan lang maghanap ng mga generic china made. yung 2k na tripod is ballhead with single action tapos center column can do reverse plus the legs can go lower to the ground... pero kung strict sa 1.5k budget baka yung mga typical tripod na pang freebies ang makuha mo not unless meron kang makitang pre-owned na almost brand new na under 1.5-2k price range.

    kung okay lang sayo yung mga tulad na freebies na tripod ang sytle! meron ganun around 1-1.8k pasok sa budget mo! may mga ganun generic tripod sa hidalgo, divisoria, fb or online store... tyagaan lang maghanap...

  • is dslr / mirrorless cam photography dead?
  • @laserion

    so hidalgo talaga dapat ang puntahan. Salamat papsi!
  • dito sa pinas, dslr cam photography is pretty uncommon - marami interesado kumuha ng litrato pero walang pambili ng gear kaya kadalasan nauuwi na lang sa pag gamit ng phone cam...
  • sa phone cam kasi convenient and easy to share sa mga social media yung mga pictures and videos...