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The PSU Thread: New Products and Reviews

  • Cable ties

    I mean you can still use cable ties in modular psu. Thus, you still have fewer cables to deal with in a modular psu.
  • @lucas03

    For some builds where the case has no PSU shroud, a non-modular PSU can result in a cleaner looking build. This is because you only have one bunch of cables going from the PSU to behind the motherboard tray.

    If you look at the non-modular PSU below, try to imagine where the circular bunch of cables go straight to a single cable management hole. You only see one thick cable bunch going inside the motherboard tray, and the only cables that stick out are your CPU cable, ATX 24-pin cable, and the videocard power cables.

    However your case has to be able to hide all the remaining unused cables from view. So it also depends on the case :-)
  • @lucas03

    Here's an "old school" example of proper cable management using a non-modular PSU:

    Notice that only the 24-pin ATX cable is showing and the rest of the unused cables are almost hidden from view.
  • pa-help naman po mga masters. my cousin is thinking of upgrading his psu. currently he is using a generic one and is thinking of upgrading to a reliable non-modular or semi modular psu. his budget is only P1500-P2k. His current rig is a G4560 on an H110M mobo with 4gb ram. GPU is gtx 730 2gb. He has 2 HDDs, one 320gb and one 160gb. His case is tecware nexus m and is using the stock fans that came with it. that's it. I think a 450w is more than enough pero pwede rin naman kahit 500w or 520w. Any suggestions on what brand and model psu he should get? TIA.
  • corsair vs450 pasok sa budget nya nasa 1720 pesos un
  • ^ yan din ang iniisip ko. Hehe. Was just wondering if this is the best for his budget.

    Anyway, we'll probably get this. Thanks for the input! :)
  • However your case has to be able to hide all the remaining unused cables from view. So it also depends on the case :-)

    This is what I have in mind when I made the question. You've raised a fair point sir.
  • choose this over the Corsair VS 550 with the self advertised 85% rating. This one is similarly priced, and is 80 Plus Bronze certified. Only technical review I found in the web is from and it turned out decent. Looks like it's the better choice at 2.1k? Sadly no idea on whose the OEM. Aesthetically, the upside is the cables are all black.

    <click here for link>

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  • @sempron_guy

    Cougar typically uses HEC as the OEM for their power supplies. But to be fair they are a German based company so "German engineering" applies hehe. The Cougar VTX series has good reviews but pricing here is a bit too close to the Seasonic S12II series:

    Php 2,600 = Cougar VTX 500
    Php 2,850 = Seasonic S12II-520

    If you got the VTX 500 for Php 2,100 that's a good deal already. What the Cougar distro should do is bring in the Cougar VTX 450 because there are not many budget PSU choices at the 400W range. That model will have a good chance of bumping off the Corsair VS450 if warranty is the same or better as Corsair.

    BTW you can find detailed reviews of Cougar PSU's at
  • @sempron_guy

    Thanks for the suggestion! :) However, I couldn't find a deal here in TPC at P2100 for this psu. Saan nyo po nabili? The ads here all listed it at P2600.

    Anyway, I think this is over his budget, medyo kuripot pa man din yun. lol But I'll still suggest this to him.

    Thanks again. :)


    Thanks for the additional info. I learn a lot from reading your posts. ;)
  • @rhyder
    Anyway, I think this is over his budget, medyo kuripot pa man din yun. lol But I'll still suggest this to him.

    BTW, kung kurips si pinsan pwede mo sabihin na yung Seasonic S12II-520 may 5 year warranty. So parang isipin nalang niya yung Php 2,850 cost spread over 5 years... bolahin mo nalang :-)

    Pero kung super tight talaga ang budget, here are some potentially good deals. These are brand-new-old-stock units most likely shipped from Owltech Japan:

    Php 1,500 = FSP RAIDER 650W 80+ Silver
    Php 1,600 = FSP AURUM S 500W 80+ Gold
    Php 2,000 = FSP AURUM S 600W 80+ Gold

    Since brand-new-old-stock may risk na baka masira agad, but yung chances are slim. Yung shop offers a 1 month warranty so hopefully enough na yung 1 month to determine kung lemon unit or hindi. So stress test na niya ang PSU at mag heavy gaming siya for the 1st month if possible.

    Yung shop is located sa Pasig Pateros area and medyo out of the way, but they do deliveries and meetups. Another shop is offering the same PSU's sa LRT Caloocan Mall Northmall building pero mas mahal ang prices niya (Php 2,000 for the FSP Raider). PM ko nalang sayo ang shops if interested si pinsan mo.
  • Mukhang mali yung pricing na binenta sakin haha just checked dun sa binilhan ko, it's now priced at 2.6k. That makes my post above useless dahil at 2.6k dami na nga option like the most likely better Seasonic S12II 520w. Anyway ito pic ng receipt. Item just arrived yesterday.

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  • @sleepygeepy

    the fsp aurum s 500w 80+ gold looks like a good deal at P1600. yes po, paki-pm yung name ng shops, it's always good to have choices. hehehe



    swerte ah, you got it for P2100? P500 din yung na-save nyo. haha!
  • Logicgate cristyle store. tpc_cristyle
  • ^May mabibili pa kaya ako na 14 pins PSU para sa lenovo?
    Problem kasi is pag turn on and several minutes nag shut off na agad ang unit at matagal bago mabuhay.
    Motherboard or PSU? Thanks!
  • Mga sir pasuggest psu n budget n matibay pang 3570k/gtx770 nasira n kc 8yrs psu ko
  • Masters, tanong lang kung kaya ba ng PSU ko yung build ko? Currently, I have Ryzen 7 1700 and magpapalit na ko to 2700x. Ni-compute ko sa PSU calculator pero mukhang ok naman. No overclocking build gagawin ko. stock clocks lang... Sa ngayon naman using 1700 wala naman problema.

    PSU: Corsair RM650

    CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x (replacing 1700) stock cooler
    GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ Vega 64 Limited Edition
    MOBO: MSI X370 SLI Plus
    RAM: 16GB 2400 Corsair Vengeance DDR4
    SSD: 2x 120GB
    HDD: 1x 1TB
    FANS: 7x 120mm RGB
  • @chaingang317

    Medyo uncomfortable ako with your planned setup. Ang Sapphire Nitro+ Vega 64 consumes 330W during gaming which is already 50% load on your PSU. Then kung mag add ka ng Ryzen 7 2700X which consumes more than 140W at stock speeds, you are looking at a total power consumption of around 470W+ when gaming. This is all at stock operation at wala pang overclocking involved.

    Ang Corsair RM650 is true rated but 470 watts is already more than 70% load, so yung gold efficiency rating niya mag drop na to lower levels. Also wala ka narin masyadong allowance in case mag overclock ka ng GPU or use precision boost overdrive sa Ryzen 7 2700X. I'm sure gagana pa naman ang setup mo with the Corsair RM650 pero medyo hirap na ang PSU dahil mas mataas ang load sa kaniya.

    Kung kaya ng budget, suggestion ko move up to a 750W gold rated PSU at the very least. Pero in my opinion mas ok na mag 850W gold rated PSU kung plan mo gamitin ang Sapphire Nitro+ Vega 64 for the long term. Konti lang naman price increase going from 750W to 850W model and at least may extra allowance ka for upgrades / overclocking.
  • salamat boss sleepygeepy... for now, wala pa naman nilalarong games sa PC so idownclock ko na lang din yung GPU to be sure. Will plan my upgrade pag may budget na.
  • Hi All,

    Pa check kung okay tong PSU na to na pinadala galing china. Its a 450 watts PSU

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  • Good evening mga sir! Papatulong po ako dahil limitado po ang kaalaman ko tungkol dito.

    Nasira po kasi yung power supply ng pc ko siguro dahil sa luma na rin. Cooler master 460w na kasama pa ng casing nung binili.
    Eto po yung pc specs:
    Mobo ASUS P8h61 mle usb3
    Hdd 320gb wd
    Inno3d gt440
    I5 2400
    LG dvdrw
    4gb ddr3
    Gagamitin po sya mostly sa Photoshop/Illustrator/graphics software. LOL lang din po ang laro pero minsan lang din.

    Ok po ba yung VS450? 2k below lang po kasi ang budget ko eh. May mairerecomenda po ba kayong mas mura at mas reliable na model? Saka ok lang po ba na baligtarin yung PSU kung sakali? Sa baba kasi ng case yung lagayan nya.

    Maraming salamat
  • @Jeopardise
    Ok po ba yung VS450? 2k below lang po kasi ang budget ko eh. May mairerecomenda po ba kayong mas mura at mas reliable na model?

    Ok naman ang Corsair VS450 at more than adequate na siya para sa specs ng PC mo. Another option is DeepCool DE500 pero tingin ko mas OK ang Corsair brand and hindi naman sila nagkakalayo ng price.

    Saka ok lang po ba na baligtarin yung PSU kung sakali? Sa baba kasi ng case yung lagayan nya.

    Ok lang as long as walang nakaharang sa PSU fan. Dapat kasi may space yung PSU fan para makakuha siya ng fresh air otherwise pwede mag overheat ang PSU. Kung bottom mounted ang PSU at yung case mo walang PSU cover or walang PSU shroud, pwede mo i-mount ang PSU with the fan pointing up.
  • @Mecha

    450w ang nakalagay sa label? Looking at the internals it looks like a 250w psu to me. The primary is a bit lacking some capacitors and MOV's. Wala din heat sink yung primary bridge rectifier. The topology does seem to be double forward though we have no idea kung ano ang ginamit na transistors sa primary and secondary. The dual 12v rail is also highly unlikely given how the wires are soldered onto the pcb. Wala din akong nakikitang temperature sensor sa secondary as well as wala din protection ICs. It's an evolved generic psu kung tutuusin.

    It would be great for low power rigs na naka-onboard video lang tapos light usage. Beyond that, it will never compare to a VS-450 or even a surplus FSP 60APN unit.