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  • Cable ties

    I mean you can still use cable ties in modular psu. Thus, you still have fewer cables to deal with in a modular psu.
  • @lucas03

    For some builds where the case has no PSU shroud, a non-modular PSU can result in a cleaner looking build. This is because you only have one bunch of cables going from the PSU to behind the motherboard tray.

    If you look at the non-modular PSU below, try to imagine where the circular bunch of cables go straight to a single cable management hole. You only see one thick cable bunch going inside the motherboard tray, and the only cables that stick out are your CPU cable, ATX 24-pin cable, and the videocard power cables.

    However your case has to be able to hide all the remaining unused cables from view. So it also depends on the case :-)
  • @lucas03

    Here's an "old school" example of proper cable management using a non-modular PSU:

    Notice that only the 24-pin ATX cable is showing and the rest of the unused cables are almost hidden from view.