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Tomato flashed Dual wan Router from CD-R KING (CW-5356U/CW-5358U) Read Page1

  • still using an asus ac68 tomato, rock solid for me. take note lang yung mga new hw revision hindi na ata compatible with tomato
  • still using an asus ac68 tomato, rock solid for me. take note lang yung mga new hw revision hindi na ata compatible with tomato

    Yes tama pu, I forgot meron mga revision na hindi compatible sa tomato.
  • Hi guys mahirap ba talaga un tftp method? I brick my router cw-5354u.

    anyone who experience it naka ilan try kayo? 30 tries na ayaw pa din gumana.

    salamat sa sasagot.
  • I finally decided not to use my 5358u due to security concern (a report says that almost 80% of home routers has bugs and vulnerable to exploits due to firmware’s not updated regularly by the manufactures). Since tomato is no longer updated by shibby I believe it is best to try another open source firmware that is still currently updated regularly.

    I am currently using TP-Link TL-WR940N flashed with dd-wrt March 2019 firmware. The router is working with no errors for more than a week and I hope my decision to use dd-wrt is the right thing to do. Although no firmware’s are perfect, at least dd-wrt has still updates for my router.

    I am using my computer in online banking transactions that’s the reason why I a little bit paranoid to try dd-wrt or maybe openwrt in the future. I’m still exploring dd-wrt and was able to create a guest network with bandwidth limiter but no luck on using dd-wrt as repeater yet.

    What are your thoughts guys?

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  • @room4

    nah, tomato is still pretty much secured, and since the source code is available, anyone can take over the project and continue it as if nothing happen.

    there's a fork called FreshTomato-MIPS for this router cw 5356u tested using the minivpn binaries,
  • @polka

    okey ba ang FreshTomato? can you give me the direct link of firmware of FreshTomato-MIPS? i got 5356u and 5358u for testing. all of us here in tipidpc appreciate your time and knowledge for answering our questions regarding routers. hindi kami takot paglaruan ang router kasi mura tapos nandyan ka pa willing na sagutin mga questions namin hehe. salamat talaga...
  • here: <click here for link>

    please take note to check the nvram reset option on the upgrade process and do the usual connect to wifi and reconfigure the vlan.
  • thanks polka. updated tomato shibby lang pala ang freshtomato so no need to learn ulit. sa ngayon mga routers ko ay:

    TP-Link TL-WR940N - main router running dd-wrt connected to pldt modem (black yung luma 2.4ghz)
    5356u - using freshtomato but need stress test
    TP-Link MR3420 1.x - old router using april 2019 dd-wrt (working but stress test needed)
    5358u - using tomato shibby (will be updated to tomatofresh if 5356u performs well in stress test)
    Tenda f3 - use as repeater
    asus rt-n12+ - use as repeater

    last question: need ba talaga gumamit ng dual band router sa ngayon? surfing at offline gaming sa PC lang naman hilig ko .
  • well kung meron ka 5ghz capable client devices, yeah sure, but for basic use lalo na kung yung internet connection mo eh below 15mbps, well there's no point using a 5ghz wifi. well not unless you use local media server (streaming videos over local network using a NAS or something) specially if your streaming a high bitrate video then you need a 5ghz wifi.

    to be honest, if your fine with the current wifi setup you have, then dont bother, just use until you have no choice but to replace it (eg broken or have a faster internet connection)
  • guys, yung 5358u ba gagana sa fibr modem ng pldt? plug and play lang ba? may fiber na kasi sa area namin so papalitan na ung modem ko. thanks sa makakasagot.
  • guys, yung 5358u ba gagana sa fibr modem ng pldt? plug and play lang ba? may fiber na kasi sa area namin so papalitan na ung modem ko. thanks sa makakasagot.

    Change mu lang subnet (e.g. kasi usually yung subnet ng modem ng fiber

    Also kung 50mbps+ yung plan mu baka hirap na siya, naging issue ko yan before using 2x 50mbps connections nag random hang na yung router.
  • ^

    ok bro thanks. kailangan ko kasi tong bt downloader ng tomato. thanks
  • pwede ba ma prevent ang downloading ng movies sa tomato? pwede silang mag view sa youtube etc. pero hindi nila pwede ma download gamit youtubedownloader etc....
  • @room
    not really, medyo mahirap kasi yan. from network point of view, downloading and watching from youtube is esentially the same. both uses https, so kapag nilimit yung isa damay yung isa.
  • @frequenzy

    ok. ganito nalang youtube and facebook lang ang pwede buksan. pwede kaya yan sa access restrictions?
  • ^pwede yan sa pfsense with pfblocker using the ASN Numbers, so all you have to do is add the ANS number for both google and facebook. tapos by default lahat ng IP other than that block.
  • wow try ko nga yan sir polka

    ano prefer mo pfblockerNG or pfBlockerNG-devel ?
  • punta ka sa IPv4 then click add., under ipv4 list check mo yung enable domain/as then just put the ASN numbers per line na gusto mo i block or allow.
  • ahh... parang dnsbl din pla
  • paano i bandwidht limit ang isang port like port 1? i connect ko ang isang router duon pero i limit ko ang speed like 10mbps lang ang mag connect duon wired or wireless man. access point ba ganitong setup?
  • port based qos yung hanap mo. in that case that's impossible with tomato, well at least without a work around.

    if you want the work around way then do this:
    create a new network, under br1 (set IP, different from your main network which is br0, then set the DHCP range as well)
    then go to vlan, unassigned a port that you want to limit under br0 assignment
    then create a new one, assign the port you un-assigned on br1 assignment and set that network to br1, after that it will ask for a reboot
    then test the port and see if you get a internet access with different subnet from you main network, if ok then go back to your main network
    go to qos and tick the checkbox that enables the bandwith limiter on br1, set the bandwidth speed that you like, apply and done.
    check again, perform speed test. whoala.... port based (kinda) bandwidth limiter

    now the caveat for that setup is, well, any device connected on that port is isolated in the rest of the network. if you know how guest wifi works, then it works like that.

    if you dont like the setup above, just buy a L2 Managed switch like TP-Link TL-SG105E or TL-SG108E, that L2 switch supports port based bandwidth limiter.

  • @polka

    ask ko lang kung compatible tong firmware na to for CW-5356U.

  • ^here

    <click here for link>

    pang n53 yang link mo, you need to choose n10u para sa 5356/5358 routers. tested yan sa 5356

    of course, do the usual nvram reset on firmware upgrade and the usual connect to wifi and reconfigure vlan.
  • @polka

    kaso walang usb support yung n10u na AT firmware huhu.