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Tomato flashed Dual wan Router from CD-R KING (CW-5356U/CW-5358U) Read Page1

  • Mga sir,
    Patulong naman po, i have the following
    CW-5358U: Tomato 1.28.0223 MIPSR2 K26 USB BT-VPN

    stock firmware.

    papatulong lang po sana sa guide pano i update sa latest ng shibby parin, step by step or link guide po sana mga sir,OR is it ready to flash lang gamit ung upgrade link ng router then select lang ung firmware downloaded? or may gagawin pang iba? need po ba may check ung "After flashing, erase all data in NVRAM memory "
    Thanks in advance po.
  • Guys may way ba para maka-access si br1 sa media/dlna server napansin ko ksing br0 lng may access.
  • ^edit mo yung minidlna.conf found under /tmp folder

    edit the interface from br0 to br+

    save and restart the minidlna service

    unfortunately, hindi permanent yung setting nya so once restarted back to normal na ulit yan. my recommendation is stop using the minidlna service na built in sa tomato. and then install a entware version of minidlna.
  • thanks you sir!
  • mga boss, pede po pahingi ng firmware link para sa router ko (CW-5358U: Tomato 1.28.0223 MIPSR2 K26 USB BT-VPN) ,, version 132 po sana, BT VPN, natatakot po kasi ako mabrick baka maling firmware ma download ko.. nabasa ko po kasi sabi daw dpt 8mb below ung filesize. salamat po sa tutulong,
  • di na kasya 132 na BT-VPN build. i think last na kasya is 128.
  • ano po marerecommend nyo sir na Pang upgrade na stable firmware na kasya, khit walang BT-VPN, oks lang po, saka pwede po ba bumalik sa dati just incase?

    pwede po ba ito?

    saka para san po ung "max"? or anong meaning, pde pa po ba mag backup ng firmware tapos revert just incase?

    -- edited by madcatz on Oct 19 2016, 11:18 PM
  • ^here

    <click here for link>
  • uy maraming salamat po mga sir
  • mga boss, kelangan po bang naka check ito?
    "After flashing, erase all data in NVRAM memory "
    pag nag fa-flash?
  • yes, recommended siya. take note after upgrade you need to reconfigure manually.

    after update din, you won't be able to use the lan ports, you need to have a wifi device to connect and fix the vlan settings.

    -- edited by frequenzy on Oct 20 2016, 11:53 PM
  • @all

    guys advice lang ano sa inyo ok original firmware o tomato firmware?
    note: both firmware ay nagagawa naman yung need kong settings.
  • not sure what you mean, pero yung original firmware is also based on shibby, may dual wan lang.

    so when shibby officially supported cw-5358, then no issues na using the latest firmware.
  • sorry di malinaw pagtatanong ko!
    original means stock firmware... means branded firmware like when you buy a new asus router...

    mga opinion nyo lang base sa experience...

    -- edited by icedbox2002 on Oct 21 2016, 04:44 PM
  • @ice
    depende rin cguro kung san ka nasanay, i also have an asus router, after powering up upgrade ko agad sa merlin fw. merlin is very much like asus stock fw, may additional features lang. played with it for two weeks and find it stable. major issue for me is the slow gui, and the web gui is limited to one user at a time. hence i came back to tomato. primary feature na kailngan ko is transmission para sa torrents,
  • Mga sir pano po properly magupgrade ng firmware? TIA po.

    CW-5358U / Tomato Firmware 1.28.0000 MIPSR2-123 K26 USB BT-VPN po yung akin..
  • @polka
    Sir anong pwedeng work around sa CGNAT ng PLDT? Gusto ko kasi enable yung remote access sa plex. Bridge mode na yung modem.
  • @frequenzy
    thank you!

    sa signal/wifi strength or nag-weak ba sa merlin or mas lumakas sa tomato?

    -- edited by icedbox2002 on Oct 22 2016, 11:41 AM
  • @ice
    parehas lang lakas ng signal. one thing na napansin ko advantage ng asuswrt, mas mabilis yung samba file sharing compared sa tomato. probably because of the updated drivers vs tomato.
  • ^nope

    meron kasi sariling filesystem driver and asuswrt so when it comes to IO peformance sa USB storage panalo talaga ang asuswrt. While tomato tries to replicate the same filesystem driver that asus uses, most of the time it either works just fine or it bugs like hell (like the file transfer suddenly stopped). That is why they do this is generic linux way which may sacrifice some MB/s performance but offers stability in the other hand.

    to get maxed out (at least almost max out) the performance, your stuck using a Linux filesystem (ext3).

    -- edited by polka on Oct 23 2016, 05:30 PM