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Tomato flashed Dual wan Router from CD-R KING (CW-5356U/CW-5358U) Read Page1

  • Is it possible to set this up
    Network config

    VPN Client (CyberGhost, Hidemyass .. etc)

    Switch to normal to vpn only by changing the gateway on your network card (client) (Normal Internet) (VPN'ed Internet) < uses to connect to VPN Provider

    I think its possible with two routers

    -- edited by tclatr on Jan 18 2017, 01:09 PM
  • ^possible but not recommended.

    just use the OpenVPN policy routing feature (available on v129 or later) with that you can assign a few devices (IP addresse/s) to route to VPN only while other route to no-vpn.
  • ^noted sir polka!
  • hello, inupgrade ko po yung cw-5356u ko to v138, okay naman po sya kaso hindi po umiilaw yung usb led niya. Paano po ayusin? Thanks po.

    edit: naayos na po. thanks sir polka.

    -- edited by whysooawesome on Jan 19 2017, 10:45 PM
  • hindi yata talaga umiilaw yung usb led. pero kung working naman ok lang.
  • you can lit that light up using this command

    gpio enable 8

    of course even if that light doesnt come up, the USB functionality will still work as usual.
  • @polka

    thanks po. umiilaw na po ulit yung usb led.