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Tomato flashed Dual wan Router from CD-R KING (CW-5356U/CW-5358U) Read Page1

  • VERSION 140 IS UP!

    2017-05-02 - 140

    All versions:
    - Ability to turn on / off process apcupsd (disabled by default)
    - Update script mymotd
    - kernel (backport) fix reuse-after-free in DCCP
    - A collection of patches for M_ars IPTraffic / Bandwidth Monitor
    - Added flag for httpd -N ( always send no-cache)
    - Ability to change the interface for MiniDLNA
    - Ability to configure Samba
    - libcurl: CA-added bundle but only in pictures AIO
    - AdBlock: amendments
    - samba, CVE-2015-5252; Subject: Insufficient symlink verification in smbd
    - samba, CVE-2012-0870; Subject: Remote code execution vulnerability in smbd
    - samba, Patch - Denial of service - CPU loop and memory allocation
    - Patch for BWM when the WAN configured as a PPPoE
    - Improved display of information regarding the speed of the link-Fi
    - Added support for key ECDSA SSH / dropbear
    - VLAN: VLAN restart repaired to factory default settings
    - dropbear: disabled support for MD5 security reasons
    - Fixed IPv6 support for BW Limiter
    - Amendment to the file / etc / shadow. Fixed issues authorization for CUPS
    - Use hand macvendors.com OUI lookup function
    - nginx: Update to version 1.10.3
    - nano: Update to version 2.8.0
    - SQLite: update to version 3.18.0
    - tinc: updated to version 1.1pre14
    - OpenVPN: update to version 2.4.1
    - OpenVPN: LZ4 update to version 1.7.5
    - dnsmasq: a collection of updates for the March 17, 2017
    - libsodium: updated to version 1.0.12
    - xl2tpd: update to version 1.3.9
    - track: update to version
    - libcurl: update to version 7.53.1
    - e2fsprogs: update to version 1.43.4
    - libiconv: updated to version 1.15
    - libjson-c: updated to version 0.12.1
    - zlib: updated to version 1.2.11
    - sQLite: update to version 3.17.0
    - usb_modeswitch: updated to version 2.50 with a pack date 20170205 (2017-02-05)
    - pcre: updated to version 8.40
    - dnscrypt: update to version 1.9.4
    - openssl: updated to version 1.0 .2k
    - gmp : Update to version 6.1.2
    - nettle: updated to version 3.3
    - busybox: Update to version 1.25.1
    - libnfsidmap: updated to version 0.26
    - minidlna: updated to version 1.1.6

    Only ARM:
    - Added support for the Asus RT-AC56S (single-clone RT-AC56U)
    - R 1D: Disabled option USB 3.0
    - stealthMode and Optware removed
    - ipset: updated to version 6.32
    - Using the module Ext4 for all file systems ext2 / 3/4
    - Amendments in the NVRAM tool for ARM
    - kernel-arm: security patch CVE-2016-5195
    - kernel-arm: disabled for anycast addressing prefixes / 127 and / 128
  • -version 140
    - BL is working
    - DL is working
    - UL is working

    update ko pag medyo onti na lang ang change log para sure.
  • jumbo size na yung firmware ng kamatis ah, hindi na magkasya yung usual VPN build, ang kaya lang is yung miniVPN or other non-USB firmwares.

    downloads para sa mga hindi alam kung paano pumili:

    miniVPN <click here for link>

    VPN without USB functionality <click here for link>

    tested the firmware and it seems that it fixes all the QoS and BWlimiter issues. No time testing the multiwan functionality though.
  • ano po yung without usb function.
    no usb modem at usb drive
    or no usb modem lang pero may usb drive or baliktad?
  • @the_vert

    both usb modem and usb drive.


    naka 138 minivpn po ako, pwede ko ba sya iupdate to 140 minivpn without wiping nvram? and naka optware po ako hindi po ba maaapektuhan yung nakainstall na transmission pag naupdate ko to 140? :(

    -- edited by whysooawesome on May 10 2017, 06:22 PM
  • salamat sir awesome.

    safe po ba mag flash every new update or laktaw isa
    hindi po ba makakasira sa modem pag naka ilang beses na mag flash ng FW

    naka upgrade na ko isang beses last 2014 yata, tinitipid ko kasi baka mauubos yung upgrade ko bago masira?
  • @why
    pwede upgrade from shibby 138 to 140, without clearing nvram. di maapektuhan yung optware mo.

    basta same shibby build ok lng.
  • @whysoawesome

    according to shibby, it should be fine as long as you have no issue when you upgraded. pero kung meron man you can just reset it anyway.

    the only thing that you need nvram reset is upgrading from non-multiwan firmware to multiwan firmwares since most of the nvram values are changed in multiwan firmware.


    it should be safe. assuming the upgrade process doesnt get interrupted by any means (eg, power interruption).


    attempting to upgrade my cousin's 5356 router but the uptime prevents me to do it xD makes me want it to push over a year uptime

    -- edited by polka on May 10 2017, 12:29 PM
  • @frequenzy @polka

    thanks po! :) upgrade ko nalang po pag walang gumagamit hehe ginagamit ko po kasi to sa business ko. XD
  • Mga boss pwede paturo ng step by step sa pag flash ng tomato linksys e1200v2 natatakot kasi ako baka mabrick ko
  • ^ From personal experience (on E2500v3, x years ago),
    Step 1: Download Tomato firmware from <click here for link>. Select a version > Linksys E-Series > tomato-E1200v2...
    Step 2: Flash the firmware. Log-in to your router. Go to Admin > Firmware Upgrade. Wait for "upgrade" to complete.
    Step 3: Do a Hard Reset. Unplug the router. Wait 30 secs. Press and hold Reset button. Plug the router back in while still holding the Reset button for 30 secs.
  • ^
    Thank you sir gawin ko yan,at boss pahingi ng settings nyo sa qos for gaming 3mbps download 1mbps upload

    -- edited by crownclown on May 14 2017, 12:12 PM
  • QOS bandwith distribution graph naka 0 state lang ayaw gumana, any idea?
    naka ver1.40 na po. Thanks

    -- edited by marcopolo on May 14 2017, 07:47 AM
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  • paano installan ng captive portal kamatis natin? wala kasing CP yung minivpn build na kasya sa router natin...
  • @bheeelaat

    anong previous versions ng tomato mo nagagamit yung captive portal before?
    yung walang problem sa https/443 websites ?
  • Done
    tagal ko nang nagaantay hahaha

    Tomato Firmware 1.28.0000 MIPSR2-140 K26 USB miniVPN

    USB support integration and GUI,
    IPv6 support,
    Linux kernel and Broadcom Wireless Driver updates,
    support for additional router models, dual-band and Wireless-N mode.
    Copyright (C) 2008-2011 Fedor Kozhevnikov, Ray Van Tassle, Wes Campaigne

    Model Catchtech CW-5358U
    Chipset Broadcom BCM5357 chip rev 2 pkg 8
    CPU Frequency 500MHz
    Flash Size 8MB

    Time Sun, 21 May 2017 10:48:25 +0800
    Uptime 0 days, 00:50:07
    CPU Load (1 / 5 / 15 mins) 0.00 / 0.00 / 0.00
    Total / Free Memory 28.02 MB / 15.66 MB (55.90%)
    Total / Free Swap 127.99 MB / 127.07 MB (99.28%)
    Total / Free NVRAM 32.00 KB / 4856 (14.82%)
  • bug status tomato anon.
    naka 140 na ang kita lang 112

    so far monitor muna

    Flag Country Router`s Model Tomato Version Installed Buildtype WL Driver Uptime Tomato MOD Last Update
    Philippines Catchtech CW-5358U 112 K26 Max 16:41 Shibby 2017-05-21 03:59