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Tomato flashed Dual wan Router from CD-R KING (CW-5356U/CW-5358U) Read Page1

  • @ozi

    since ok lahat except sa oreo phone, issue is with the oreo phone, not samba / router issue. try to uninstall / reinstall app
  • CW5358U Shibby 1.28 dual-wan

    Sino naka dual-wan dito? Parang hindi kasi kaya yung 2x ISP (PLDT 50mbps at Converge 50mbps) na sabay gamitin.

    Manual load balance
    9x PC PLDT
    9x PC Converge
    Less 10 wifi users (default load balance)

    QoS: 40mbps Down/Up
    BW limit: Disabled

    3x VLAN (WAN1, WAN2 & WIFI)
    LAN DHCP off (DHCP provided by Ccboot)
    Wifi DHCP on (Wifi radio is bullet m2 not using the built-in wifi radio)

    Issue: Pag nawalan ng net kahit anung ISP lilipat naman pero after ilan minutes totally wala ng connection (LAN & WIFI) need ng restart yung tomato router para bumalik yung net.
  • cw5356 and 5358u can only handle upto 50mbps bandwidth, having two wan connections serving both 50mbps will not going to cut it.

    get a better router (asus rt-n18u is the bare minimum if you want that to make it work) or get a xiaomi mii router 3, flash it with openwrt/lede and install mwan3 package. mwan3 is probably the best multiwan setup for soho routers, id like to recommend mikrotik but that thing is not user friendly and the multiwan stuff on mikrotik is more like a workaround rather than a actual functionality.
  • @polka

    Thanks for the lesson.
  • RE: CW5358U Shibby 1.28 dual-wan

    Saktong sakto yung Asus RT-N18U as recommended by Sir Polka, flashed Tomato Advance QoS 46080 up/down on both 50mbps connection and the result is amazing

  • Baka meron ng naka experience dito using TomatoAdvance nag create ako ng VLAN para sa mga wifi connected device namin ibang subnet (Lan2), (Lan1).

    Sa laptop no browse, pero naka ping sa at pati trace route puwede sa browser lang yung no brose (chrome, mozilla at i.e)

    Na try ko na rin mag direct connect sa port same lang no browse pero can ping & trace route.
  • I bricked my CW-5358U but I was able to buy a USB-to-TTL converter. TFTP doesn't work so I bypassed the boot in Putty(Serial connection) and flash it in the built-it web server for flashing TRXs

    I tried the FreshTomato (freshtomato-K26USB_RT-N5x-MIPSR2-2018.4-MiniVPN.trx) but it seems the OpenVPN Client is still buggy. At first, I was able to save my settings, but if you are going to change anything in the OpenVPN client config and save it again, you'll be prompted that you typed in an invalid IP address and another prompt saying that the range is only -1 to 32727.

    Advanced Tomato is out of the question, because the smallest firmware is 8144KB. How I wish the CW-6358U has 32mb flash.
  • 2Mbps internet sa province.

    Gusto ko sana i prioritize and web surfing, and low priority mga video streaming (youtube, fb clips, netflix, web streaming, etc) and torrents.

    How do I set it up. Shibby 1.28.
  • patulong lang mga sir, sino po may firmware ng CW-5358U na ganito

    1.28.0223 MIPSR2 K26 USB BT-VPN

    need ko lang po ASAP, salamat
  • Ask ko lang po paano po gawin wireless reapeter itong CW-5358U 1.28 shibby tomato. Nakatambak lang kasi kaya naisipan ko gawin wireless repeater.

    Please give me step by step.
  • Ask ko lang po paano po gawin wireless reapeter itong CW-5358U 1.28 shibby tomato. Nakatambak lang kasi kaya naisipan ko gawin wireless repeater.

    Please give me step by step.


    same tomato firmware

    router 1 main
    wireless N or G
    MAc of repeater

    router 2 repeater
    WAN = disable
    lan = dhcp disable
    DNS =
    mac of main router

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  • @smbl

    ung L7 filter ng tomato hindi na gumagana para sa youtube, kaya wala pong option para mahiwalay ang http and video streaming site.
  • @marcopolo

    sa akin po working naman Qos po,
    pwde mong i set ang www unlimited to max speed
    at yung media pwde mong iset let say min. 350kbps to 1mbps
    tapos pwde mong iset base sa priority mo let say
    priority 1 class 1 = www
    priority 2 class 2 = game
    priority class 3 = media

    napansin ko lng sa youtube first load 144p speed is 350+kbps up/down pero pwde nilang gawing HD.

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  • @icebox2002

    anong port or L7-filter ginamit mo para sa youtube? ayaw na kasi gumana ng L7 filter "youtube-2012" or ganito po ginawa nyo TCP port 80,443 and UDP port 443 priority 1 (http/https) with min 380kbps to 1M limit then kapag na reach na nya or lumagpas sa 1M pupunta sya sa priority 2 (media) with same port number min 512kbps to 2M limit.

    Thanks po.

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  • hello po... wala na ba update sa tomato?
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  • hello po... wala na ba update sa tomato?

    Meron bagong fork Fresh Tomato.
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  • @icedbox2202
    Any idea how to use this cdrking together with the ONU router of pldt fibr? Trying to follow every tutorial on the internet but to no avail.. Sayang yung torrent downloader eh., di ko mapagana.
  • ^
    Try changing IP ng tomato router mu to
  • Bandwidth Limiter for LAN (br0)

    Default Class for LAN1 (br1) is set to 5mbps up and 5mbps down buong araw.

    may script ba na pwedeng it set to 1mbps up and 1mbps down let say tuwing 12 MN to 6 AM ?
  • ^in GUI none, pero pwede daanin sa scripting (dont bother me with this, im not using tomato anymore)

    if im not mistaken, you have to do some nvram manipulation to do that, and everytime you edit the nvram you have to restart qos and wan services to work.
  • @polka
    im not using tomato anymore

    just curious, what are you using now? openwrt?
  • just curious, what are you using now? openwrt?

    pfsense na ako for almost 2 years na, pahirapan na yung pag hanap ng router na pwede ma installan ng 3rd party firmware, kung supported man, partially lang like yung wireless hindi gagana specially yung 5ghz AC wifi.

    yung asus router ngayun specially yung mga bagong labas, lockdown na yung bootrom, pahirapan na pag install ng tomato, not even dd-wrt or openwrt.

    kaya eto, pfsense setup, with ubiquity AP. price wise parehas lang yung gastos ko in terms pag bumili ako ng bagong router ngayun.

    though meron din poormans pfsense setup, bili ka lang ng thinclient sa fb marketplace (or doon sa gilmore dami nyan thin client) make sure you get the dualcore amd around 1.4k yan, tapos SG-105E managed switch ni tplink nasa 1.2k lang yan sa gilmore, tapos power adapter sa thin client kahit yung 2amp 12volt pang cctv pwede na. konting setup lang sa vlan and bam, pfsense setup ka na, power consumption wise, medyo 2x sya with tomato router (around 10-13watts with both thin client and 5port managed switch plugged in, vs 6-8watts ni 5356u without USB plugged in) though if you add the AP which is like 8-10watts for me (yeah its more power hungry than my pfsense with switch setup) kasi high power yung AP ko 500mw both 2.4ghz and 5ghz radio.

    though hindi ko ginagamit yung poorman setup, pero yan yung setup ng router sa kaibigan ko with his 3 ISP in load balance / failover setup. so far he liked it. not to mention na gamit nya yan with his comshop and piso wifi nya.

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  • Yan din pinagkakaabalahan ko now pfsense thinclient hpt610 kaso hirap ako malaman ano supported nyang usb wifi 5Ghz
  • openwrt sa akin..... and pfsense sa homelab environment (via VM).