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Network Attached Storage (NAS)

  • Yeah, it's really unfortunate. I guess it just underscores the importance of securing your account/server... In any case, Plex actually forced me to change my password when I tried to login. So all good...
  • Changed mine. Pretty straight forward to do. This is a good response on Plex's end before something bad might happen to my media server.
  • Guys, baka may experience na kayo in using this synology model?

    <click here for link>
  • Makikisali lang ako sa Unraid users.

    I am currently using unraid as a media server and file storage. For the media server I setup using plex and some of the automations that can be added. Has anyone use the argo tunnel by cloudflare and has anyone got it working with plex so that we don't need to open the ports (32400) for plex remote streaming. Right now most of my docker apps are utilizing the argo tunnel which is accessible on the internet without opening the ports. The only port that i left open is plex.

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  • Has anyone use the argo tunnel by cloudflare and has anyone got it working with plex

    dont. using plex over cloudflare is not allowed.

    Hi there,

    Thank you for contacting Cloudflare Support. We’re sorry to read that you’re experiencing difficulties.

    We’ll actively discourage you from doing this, as it says in the terms 59:

    2.8 Limitation on Serving Non-HTML Content
    The Service is offered primarily as a platform to cache and serve web pages and websites. Unless explicitly included as a part of a Paid Service purchased by you, you agree to use the Service solely for the purpose of serving web pages as viewed through a web browser or other functionally equivalent applications and rendering Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) or other functional equivalents. Use of the Service for serving video (unless purchased separately as a Paid Service) or a disproportionate percentage of pictures, audio files, or other non-HTML content, is prohibited.
    I dislike quoting T&C’s, to be honest, but that is what the system looks for, and triggering the usage you describe will cause everything to be routed off.

    So if the traffic is running over the proxy, that will trigger the derouting for it all, even if it is not cached.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    (REDACTED) | Cloudflare Support Engineer

    however you can still use ngrok, not the free ones but the paid ones.
  • @polka

    Mukang no hope nga ma itunnel si plex. Meron din kasi mga nag cache bypass or baka lang hindi pa sila nahuhuli. Or baka may nakagawa na ng sureball na trick. Gusto ko kasi maging mobile na yung server para kahit saan ilipat pwede. Thanks for the feedback
  • ^never tried and probably not worth doing it. been using cloudflare as my ddns and as my argo tunnel for my home assistant, but certainly not using it to serve media files over the internet.

    kung gusto mo ma access yan kahit wala ka sa bahay, I recommend using tailscale or create your own VPN tunneling. pwede ka rin kumuha ng airvpn and use their port forwarding.
  • @polka

    Yes i do have tailscale setup. What im trying to achieve is close all the ports opened on my network and route it somewhere. The plex web works, but not for the plex apps. Im also hosting the jellyfin and that is not flagging my cloudflare tunnel. (maybe not much bandwith being used since most of my users are utilizing plex) but anyways no issues in using the plex open port. Just looking somewhat alternatives that we can route plex for the other setup that are CGNAT bound networks so they can still benefit hosting a server. Napakahirap kasi mag pa alis ng mga CGNAT sa mga ISP natin lalo na di ka maintindihan ng support. Its a different topic but yeah currently stickicng to the plex open port.
  • ^ its up to you. kung ma kick out ka sa cloudflare due to violation of their ToS, nasasayo na yan, ive been using my .me domain through cloudflare, aim ko lang naman kasi sa cloudflare is to use it with Home Assistant so kahit down yung main internet, at least its still open via mobile LTE backup so all the home automation and voice assistant still works, all for this for free (except for the .me domain na binayaran ko back then at 20USD for 10 years). Asking more than that is way too much, kung gusto mo si cloudflare for your plex, you have to pay for it.
  • @polka

    No worries im just looking for suggestion if none then its fine which I already said on my previous replies.
  • hello!

    may familiar po ba sa NETAPP appliance dito? balak ko sanang installan ng TrueNAS Scale as base OS nya. sana may makatulong.

  • may familiar po ba sa NETAPP appliance dito? balak ko sanang installan ng TrueNAS Scale as base OS nya. sana may makatulong.

    you can just follow any guide out there how to install pfsense using a serial console, the steps are the same albeit your just installing truenas, the only thing you need to find out here is what kind of console you have on your appliance, if its vga or serial, if its vga, well its pretty straight forward just like a normal pc install, serial install however requires special image of truenas for it to work, unfortunately truenas doesnt have serial image installer so..... your sol for this, unless you use a regular pc, install the boot drive there, install truenas, once installed, just migrate that boot drive install to your appliance, if the activity drive led have some sort of activity, great, now monitor your DHCP server for new lease and look for the Truenas hostname. If that didnt work, well, bad news, you cant use truenas, but you can maybe install debian on it and then install openmediavault afterwards.