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Network Attached Storage (NAS)

  • On my TrueNAS setup, I noticed that putting the NAS server PC plugged into the TPLink Load Balancer causes issues (video freeze), because of the additional hop or if the R605 is becoming the bottleneck.

    So I moved the NAS server directly to one of Archer C64's LAN ports. It's on the Archer C64 where other clients (Android TV setup boxes are connected to and the Smart TVs). There are less instances of video freeze and media freeze but the WiFi clients still experience sometimes drops and freeze, sometimes video stop, especially those at the 2nd floor where C64's signals are being extended by a Xiaomi Wifi Extender Pro.

    Previous Setup: Globe/Converge -> TPLink R605 (NAS is plugged here) ->TPLink Archer C64 ->
    ->TPLink Archer C64 -> Wifi clients at 1stflr
    ->TPLink Archer C64->Xiaomi Wifi Extender->Wifi clients 2ndflr.

    New/Current Setup: Globe/Converge -> TPLink R605 ->TPLink Archer C64 (NAS is plugged here)
    ->TPLink Archer C64 -> Wifi clients at 1stflr
    ->TPLink Archer C64->Xiaomi Wifi Extender->Wifi clients 2ndflr.

    Addition Notes:
    - WiFi signals to the android setup boxes are 4/5 and 5/5.
    - Xiaomi WiFi Extender is reporting good signal reception from the Archer C64.
    - All setup boxes are running Kodi's latest v19 with the latest Plex plugin.

    Next Steps:
    > Check if the Hardware of the Android Setup boxes are the Bottlenecks (I'm running TX3mini, Tx6, and a Tylex VPRO88).
    > Observe which Android Setup boxes are experiencing the problems and trying to interchange between 1st floor and 2nd floor
    > Replace the Xiaomi WiFi Extender Pro (300mbps) with a dual band WiFi Mesh (around Php1000 for the R315 or 330 TPLink which will form the mesh).
    > Upgrade the NAS server hardware (i3-4130 CPU with 8GB RAM) though I think these would be the last consideration as I don't experience video freezes and video stops when running Plex plugin on Desktops wired to Archer C64.

    Anything else I missed guys? :) thanks in advance again.
  • Find the throughput of your WiFi network first. Do a bi-directional iperf3 test from your NAS to your WiFi client to rule out any throughput issues. Depending on what you're playing you could easily overwhelm your AP. You may also want to enable "airtime fairness" on your AP. If you have quite a few slow/old devices on your wireless network, they could be "hogging" your AP and could be impacting your other devices.
  • The android boxes you mentioned have only 2.4GHz wifi. Their wifi are really inadequate specially if you will be streaming high bitrate video files from your NAS. Your only option is to run a lan cable to the android boxes. You'll only waste money replacing your setup with a dual band mesh because the android boxes won't be able to use the 5GHz band.
  • Thank you guys. I will have the troughputs tested.

    Of the 3 Android setup boxes, The Tylex v88 Pro has 5G support. I noticed that it has lesser instances of video freeze and video stoppage but the WiFi extender is only b/g/n so its connection to the NAS server will default to 2.4GHz and therefore its connectivity is not optimized.
  • I won't worry too much about 2.4GHz vs 5GHz right now, unless majority of your devices are b/g. 802.11N should at least give you a minimum of 150Mbps at the low end to about 450Mbps max. So it should be able to manage 1080p and some 4K streams just fine. Personally, I'd just ditch the WiFi extender and just run cat5/6 cabling and install a decent AP.
  • Personally, I'd just ditch the WiFi extender and just run cat5/6 cabling and install a decent AP.


    the xiaomi wifi extender is an issue if you plan to have local streaming. it is only good for light browsing. yes signal may be good but you need consistent throughput. take note that it is only a single band which already halves the bandwidth available.
  • @Frequency @vanguard, thank you mga sirs sa advice.

    I noticed that the Xiaomi is only giving 70-75Mmbps, sometimes only 50Mbps, no matter how close my devices to the extender are, considering its rated at 300Mbps. Good for mobile phones viewing of media/movie.

    For reference, I'm only streaming 2-4Mbps 720p and sometimes 4-8Mbps 1080p media and yet these are freezing/stopping.

    I have an old TP Link WR1043ND router which I plan to convert into an AP and have it replace the Xiaomi repeater. That is also rated at 300Mbps and has 3 antennas which I think would be provide more transmission power compared to the Xiaomi repeater.
    That will serve our 2 Android TV boxes at the 2nd floor (and some mobile users). I will have to prep the LAN cabling though....

    I hope this will finally eliminate and solve my streaming problems without added extra cost.
  • The wired TP Link WR1043ND will be an upgrade over the xiaomi wireless repeater.

    One thing to take note are your atv devices, those are low cost boxes so their wifi may also be not reliable. I’m also using a couple of china boxes that runs corelec/plex but I have them wired. They can play almost anything with no issues.
  • thanks mga sirs.. @vanguard @frequency @uvax

    1) I have upgraded the NAS server's RAM. From 8GB to 16GB RAM, still running on I3 though. I used one of my old boards with 4 slots. I see better utilization of the memory on the NAS dashboard and noticed an improvement on the loading of the administration pages for TrueNAS and PLEX.

    2) I had the TP Link WR1043ND wired and installed as additional AP for the 2nd floor ATV boxes. While signal strength has improved from 3/5 to 4/5 on the ATV box in the bedroom, there are still instances of frame drops and freezes. The only difference now is that the video resumes after a few secs rather than failing to play and then stops.

    3) I had the Xiaomi Extender plugged-in but this time its beside one of the ATV boxes in the bedroom. I now get full 5/5 signals on WiFi but speed is still not at the desired level and the Extender is reporting weak signal from the router/AP. There is minimal differences/improvements on media playback with the Xiaomi turned-on or when the ATV connects directly to the TP Link WR1043ND.

    4) I hard-wired one of the ATV boxes at the 2nd floor family room. Media plays smoothly. yey! I guess I may need to wire the other ATV Box in the bed room (which is about 9-10meters from the TP Link but with many thick walls and no direct line of sight) as a last resort or I need to reposition the TP Link WR1043ND closer to the ATV box in the bed room. Looks like I will explore the latter first (TP Link relocation) as the first choice since the second choice would mean I have to run the cables in the attic and make holes on the ceiling from the TP Link and into the Bedroom. So 2 holes on the ceiling.... (My commander-in-chief will not like this approach, hahaha). :)