Within lock-in and you want to pre-terminate?

Consider writing a letter of suspension.

Suspension means you want the account to stop working for a certain amount of time and restart it at a later date. So the unused portion of your contract is pushed back a few months.

If you really want to terminate then you will need to write a letter of pre-termination so you will need to settle the unfinished part of your contract and a pre-termination fee.

If you are done with your contract then write a letter of termination. ISP cannot stop you from doing this unless you have unpaid months.

Writing any of these letters will require the following

Date of Letter

* What type of Letter you are writing and explaing what you want to do
* Account name
* Account #
* Account landline # (when applicable)
* Account billing address
* Account install address (when applicable)
* Account Plan (Monthly Service Fee)
* Account name's govt ID
* Account name's signature
* Account name's authorized rep with govt ID (if you cannot do this personally).
* Timeline of when the letter's instructions will take effect either at the end of this billing cycle or within 30 days whichever is soonest.

Options to send this is through

* Over the counter at the ISP's store or office
* Email
* Twitter
* Facebook
* Hotline

When doing over the counter transaction you should request a receiving copy to make sure they dont "lose" your letter.

Be aware and be polite to the ISP's employees as they are trained and ordered to persuade you not to terminate, pre-terminate or suspend.