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*Globe LTE Users Thread (no piracy, torrent topics/hints)

  • Excited ako sa globe homesurf addon 15php per gb(addon sa gosurf50).

    Kaso ayaw sa regular lte number kailangan yata bilin ko pa yung 2k device nila for the homewifi number.
  • ^Main reason may 800MB per day cap and regular prepaid LTE SIM.

    While sa Home WiFi Prepaid LTE SIM wala.
  • my globe landline is 02-*******.

    when calling manila pldt or digitel... may addition fee ba?

    sabi kasi nung agent kausap ko dapat globe landline sa mla lang pwede.... may bayad kapag pldt or other network within area code. pero nung pina confirm ko ulet pwede daw
  • @tambacat kasi ung way ng pagregister nung promo is thru sa app nila kaya hindi pede sa regular sim ginawa nila exclusive un ung bilin na
  • may nakagamit naba dito calling landline numbers with same are code pero other network.. if may additional fee?

    before ako tumawag sa pldt landlines? salamat
  • ^Free yan basta same area code. Kung may charges man bill rebate lang.
  • ^
    ok thanks
  • may naglalaro ba ng games dito specifically PUBG using globe mobile wifi/at home? playable ba? or madalas maglag or maDC?
  • Question on globe prepaid Home Wifi. Yung Nabibili at 1,999.

    Can I transfer the SIM card to a pocket wifi to make it portable anywhere??


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  • @Rich168

    I think you could since it seems the home wifi promos are tied to the sim card number and not the device itself.

    Well dont expect replacement sim from globe and live with a warranty void lte router.

    This blogger has one and void warranty na siya confirm with him.
    <click here for link>

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  • yah000! may pldt fibr na dito subdivision... 50% off kung switching from globe for the first 6months...

    anyway, i'll still be keeping my plan899 2mbps 5G daily cap account as a backup, i'll be terminating my 1299account.

    although i've been lurking on the fibr thread, ibang sakit ng ulo naman dun. pero at least wala ako nakikitang problem with regards to bandwidth and speed.
  • @Blu3martini

    I need to know before spending 1,999

    The homesurf 599 is much better than what I am paying now