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Globe LTE Users Thread (no piracy, torrent topics/hints)

  • Hello, nalilito po ako kung alin mas ok for our purpose. Eto bang parabolic or sector antenna? Nasa probinsiya po kami pero nakaka-full bar naman yung b525 modem namin. Feeling ko congestion lang yung issue kasi mabilis naman siya pag madaling araw.
  • Anyone using a Plan 1299 10Mbps 500GB/month LTE/5G SIM with a Huawei 5G/LTE modem/router?
  • @filipinX

    Not the same as that plan you mention but I subscribed last year on Xtreme Wifi Plan 999 (140GB) and I tried to place the sim on my IPhone 12 mini at it can connect to 5G. However the speed seems throttled to 40-45Mbps only. When I am using my current postpaid sim I am getting around 300-400Mbps.

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  • nyone using a Plan 1299 10Mbps 500GB/month LTE/5G SIM with a Huawei 5G/LTE modem/router?

    working naman yan broadband sim sa kahit anong lte / 5g device, cap nga lang sa 10mbps yung speed dahil yan yung speed profile ng account
  • @rakistang_jeff thank you for the reply.

    40-45Mbps is plenty fast for me. My use case is cheap no expiry data that is 15Mbps or faster.

    For my use case 140GB/month is sufficient so long as I do not download 1080p shows or 4K movies.

    So a future 1TB/month 100Mbps download speed at 1k/month would be awesome. :D
  • @filipinX
    Just get the bigger 600gb 20mbps, sulit yung upgrade ko, nakaka 200gb ako per month sa streaming, wala pang buffering di tulad nitong "fiber" ko na 100mbps nga pero di ka naman makanood. Planning to ditch this one for Globe fiber para mas stable.
  • @oweneighty is that the plan 1699?

    I'm looking for a solution for 2 use cases.

    1st use case was described above. Thank you for answering that. Have you tried using that SIM in a smartphone like iPhone outside of its assigned install area? Was wondering if I could use that sort of SIM for a smartphone.

    2nd use case is for branch office that has 12k/month 30Mbps business fiber because it's bukid

    End contract is in 6 months so we're exploring alternatives for location with no fiber/copper and maybe meron LTE/5G

    - Primary: Smart BYOD 1500 unlimited data SIM 1.5k/month
    - Failover: Globe LTE 1299/month 100GB/month or GOMO's 299/load 30GB no expiry data + buy LTE router modem

    If primary will go down more than 1x a month then Globe makes sense. If 1x a year then GOMO makes sense.

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  • @filipinX
    Globe has provided me a new modem and it's sealed so I haven't tested it yet to a mobile phone yet on my old SIM (LTE 1299 10mbps) it worked, also 600gb is too much for 20mbps so I rarely consume over 200 to 250gb per month
  • yung mga mimo plans ba eh pwede gamitin anywhere in the country? i.e from Luzon to Mindanao.
  • ayos din itong papromo ni GOMO, pangtapat sa launching ni DITO, unli DATA for 15days/299 30days/499 speed up to 5mbps

    <click here for link>
  • edi wow pwede na for light to moderate use. kung nga yung DSL dati 3Mbps sulit na for a single person. hope na magtagal yang promo... bibili pa lang din ulit ako ng GOMO sim. thanks sa info.
  • @oweneighty:

    I was thinking if [email protected] LTE SIM with more than 600GB of data can be used like a regular SIM just without text messaging.

    Re: GOMO unlimited data

    What I'd love to see is unlimited data for 128Kbps or 1Mbps. This would be good enough app notification or data-based text messaging.

    Want Gigabit LTE or 5G speeds? Pay the data.

    This is the setup in Japan.

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  • I was thinking if [email protected] LTE SIM with more than 600GB of data can be used like a regular SIM just without text messaging.

    Like what I've said before when I had the LTE 1299 10mbps, I plugged it on a mobile phone and it worked though internet speed is capped at 10mbps. If I had a chance to test this new SIM to my phone I will but it's a new modem and it's still sealed due to warranty
  • @oweneighty
    Sealed na pala sim slot sa new Globe at Home LTE plans? Sa B315-era kasi hindi eh.

    Though I think same as dati pa rin naman na gagana yan sa other places or device should you decide to break yung seal and use it sa other device.

    To add, added restriction is LTE-only yung sim card i.e. pag walang LTE signal sa area where the SIM is used, no signal siya even if may 3G and may enough capacity yung 3G sa area na yun to support yung plan's speed (which is feasible sa mga naka 5 and (and a lesser extent) 10Mbps plans).
  • Bigla ako ng register agad sa GOMO promo ung 1 month na ksi main internet ko ito now. Super sulit and super happy sa ginagwa nla dhil sa 3.3. Sana lage sla may ganitong promo. Pantapat sa DITO? lol
  • @dmz01
    Yung dating plan ko kasi pinapalitan ko ng modem dahil nasira kaya opened yung SIM slot walang warranty sticker. Eto kasing upgraded modem na sinend nila may bagong SIM, dineactivate nila yung luma ko kaya napilitang gamitin.
  • @oweneighty

    ang effort. pwede naman modem lang palitan nila tapos retain sim card. oh well, whatever works for them.
  • Kaya nga e, umaasa pa man din ako pwede kong itago yung modem kaso nagulat na lang kami isang umaga naka-red na yung modem lights, wala na signal yung lumang sim
  • Anyone using a 5G router like the

    - Huawei 5G CPE Pro 2
    - Huawei 5G CPE Pro

    How is you're upload and download?
  • I have the following Globe-branded LTE router that are 4-7 year old


    - B310As-938
    - E5573Cs-933
    - B315s-936
    - B315s-938


    - MF65+

    Do you think it's worth

    - open line it
    - modify LTE bands for better Mbps
    - add external antenna like outdoor for better reception and Mbps

    Or should I just buy a Globe-branded Huawei 4G Router 3 Pro; Model: B535-932?