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Converge ICT Fiber ISP Thread (never ever hard reset your modem and refer to page 1 for FAQs)

  • nextdns, unli query, unli profile
  • ano gamit nyu DNS mga lods. currently using Quad9 yung default DNS ni converge sablay lagi pag dating ng peak hours bumabagal pati sa ibang apps. ano stable dns sainyo thanks

    I just use CloudFlare DNS. Has been pretty fast and stable on my end throughout the day.
  • sakto lang. marami din converge user dito samin, halos nagsilipatan na nga ata yung mga dating pldt and globe. meron din pala nakikikompetensya na USATV na dito lang ata sa pangasinan meron. baka yun reason kaya matino si converge.

    matino talaga si converge sa norte, dyan sya nag start sa pampanga most likely yung server at infra nila bago lang at well maintained
  • On 19 November 2021 PLDT Home introduced 10,000Mbps (10Gbps) fiber internet for select streets in NCR & other major cities.





    The monthly service fee is very likely more than 9,499 of their 1Gbps plan.

    While Converge mentioned this tech during their IPO overview for potential investors.


    You can reuse the original fiber cables already deployed but just replace the current 1Gbps fiber optic cards with 10Gbps ones to increase bandwidth.

    When it becomes available would you upgrade to plans that are

    - 1Gbps
    - 2.5Gbps
    - 5Gbps
    - 7.5Gbps
    - 10Gbps

    Or will you just opt to downgrade to the cheapest unlimited fiber plan?

    Remember... almost all PCs comes with built-in 1Gbps Ethernet ports that may require an add-on board, USB dongle, replacement of the whole motherboard or even a new PC all together.

    If your device was from before 2017 you may want to buy brand new with the matching Ethernet port.
  • @filipinX
    Parang vastly different yung target ng dalawang binanggit mo. The PLDT home is for residential market, and Converge one is for enterprise MPLS or FC traffic for datacenter SAN.
  • @Ominous

    Ignore the link.

    So downgrade ka or 1Gbps or faster ka?
  • @ronnie_0003
    Yes, I try this one pero 300,000 queries free niya. Yung unlimited queries paid version 19.99usd annually Nextdns.

    solid nextdns customizable sya compare sa iba na DNS. okay din AGH (AdGuardHome) gamit ko eto sa openwrt ko. may time spike ping ko sa Cloudflare kaya binabalik ko sa default dns. pero now gamit ko Quad9 stable so far dito sa area namin south luzon.
  • @Mer991 pihole with unbound yung akin.
  • I'd definitely be interested with 2.5Gbps if that happens. I have a 10Gbps SFP+ NIC in one of my desktop computers so client bandwidth won't be an issue. As for the decision if I will upgrade or not, that entirely depends on how expensive and bang-for-the-buck the subscriptions are.
  • Any Converge FiberX subscribers getting higher Mbps than what is officially published?

    - 1,250 50Mbps
    - 1,500 200Mbps
    - 2,000 400Mbps
    - 2,500 600Mbps
    - 3,500 800Mbps
    - 7,499 1Gbps
  • ^
    Yung pinsan ko sa Pampanga, subscribed for 1500 but ang nakukuhang speed is 1Gbps, file downloads umaabot sa 90+ MB/s. Almost mag 1 year na ganyan yung speed
  • @mer991 yung free, unli yung premium, 99ph per month, nag 1 yr ako 1k, so far 5 profiles gamit ko kasama yung sa mismong modem ni converge

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  • @msjfam01

    Swerte naman ni pampanga pinsan... 1Gbps for 1500/month. That appears to be the future for the rest of us before year 2030.


    Yung smartphone app mo kasama sa Converge subscription?
  • @filipinX hindi lods, sarilng subscription yun DNS, inapply ko lang sa converge modem para by default block porn sites etc.
  • CNVRG 'officially' introduced their Prepaid Fiber service under 'Surf2Sawa'.

    1-Day Unlimited internet

    7 Days Unlimited Internet

    15 Days Unlimited Internet

    30 Days Unlimited Internet

    Matagal na rin itong service na ito, ngayon lang officially inacknowledged ng CNVRG from their Converge 4Q/FY 2022 Results Briefing.

    Globe is also planning to the same since near saturation na daw yung market for postpaid broadband. Let's see what they will offer in the coming months.
  • @Driz_12

    Do you have links?
  • ^

    ito pa lang serviceable areas:

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  • @bisdakol

    What I meant was the financial report.

    Wonder what's the quality of service and Mbps for 700/mo?
  • ^ speeds up to 25 Mbps daw.. ok na rin pang backup internet.
  • @bisdakol

    pwede na rin i guess..

    If it was bought as backup but di nag down and primary fiber account for say 1-3 years then 35 months later kailangan mo but it does not work... bulaga! you need to go through hotline hell kung meron man siyang hotline.
  • Any Converge FiberX subscribers getting higher Mbps than what is officially published?

    FiberX 1500 (200Mbps)

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  • getting way higher speeds narin for a long time. did not opt-in for the higher speeds/re lock-in

    Plan 1599
    <click here for link>

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  • Ano ba yung surf2sawa nila? Theres should be some sort of minimum commitment sa fiber connection nila kahit prepaid, masyadong precious ang slots ng fiber for it to be allocated for prepaid.

    Though im expecting this for to be some sort of p2p wifi connection na usually makikita mo sa probinsya.
  • Routed na locally yung Google DNS.

  • Sa Davao bumaba narin si Google from 50ms to 20+ms

  • @karlpintero @sabawballs Same here. FIBER X 2000 (400Mbps)

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  • ^

    Wag kayo sa speed test kumuha ng speedtest by Ookla, bias yan. 900Mbps din yung lumalabas sa akin but 250Mbps naman kapag sa or yung mismong "speed test" sa google search.

    Yung mga pinost sa taas na speed eh misinformation.

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  • @Drix

    That's nice na 1 digit na lang Google DNS. Mas snappier magiging browsing experience. Hopefully sumunod yung dalawa.
  • @RyuzakiL

    Eh mas lalo pa atang tumaas sa FAST eh.

  • accurate result dito sa linode server, try nyo mag speedtest, SG server

    <click here for link>

    post ur result

    Routed na locally yung Google DNS.

    yung google services din ba local na?