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Unified TV series thread (no piracy discussion)

  • Done with Invincible. 10/10
    Waiting for second season.
  • castlevania season 4
    - great finale, lahat may closure
    - yung isang vampire may scene parang dark soul
  • Love Death + Robots season 2 was a big letdown compared to season 1. I was really excited for the new season but for me it only had 1-3 of good episodes and I am being generous, glad that it had only 8 episodes.
  • iba yung caliber ng first season , yeah

    the first and the last episode lang yung tumatak sa akin

    may isang episode naala ko yung book ni stephen king na `in the tall grass`
  • Currently watching netflix' StartUp...already at episode 4...its ok...watchable naman...buti na lang i started watching it alone kase medyo madame syang sibakan..parang sa isang episode mga 3 to 4 scenes cguro LOL.....add ko na din i experimented connecting my VPN to Japan coz ive seen that Japan has the largest netflix library...i was surprised sa mga anime, i mean lahat ata andun from old to new..yung iba nga lang eh walang english subs.
  • Love Death + Robots s2

    Big letdown indeed. Wala akong nagustuhan ni isa. Maganda animation pero story is so-so.
  • d*mn invincible
    worth every episode

    season 2 please