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Unified TV series thread (no piracy discussion)

  • Watching The Liberators on netflix. Historical war drama presented in rotoscoping ala A Scanner Darkly. Anyway will give feedback after 1 episode.
  • The Blacklist season 8 start!
  • mandalorian ep 3
    - may another faction that wants to get the dark saber, parang excited na ako sa finale pano mangyayari battle

    ofc the mandalorian will be caught up sa situation for sure.

    also ep 4
    a fan favorite jedi should appear :D
  • ^ comeback is real, ang kulit ng series dati nyan hehehe
  • Hehe, for those expecting na comedy pa din yung reboot... :)

  • Finished Purge s1 and s2

    8/10 Pretty well made. Focused on moral dilemma of people involved in the purge. Then expounding on the groups involved like nffa and cults. I expected maging boring sya pero I feel this was even better than the movies. May cameo pa yun isang artista dito hehe.
  • ^ oooohhh nice, super layo sa orig, sans the laugh tracks, damn!
  • ^oo haha. Intense season 2 kasi more focused sa specific people. Season 1 more on survival and family.
  • Sa wakas natapos din ang Supernatural pero hindi ako nagandahan sa ending.
  • na hook ako sa The Blacklist ah...season 1 complete in 2 days...eff work from home haha..sarap tignan ng mukha ni Megan Boone :D...and ang galing ni James Spader talagang matic pag need ng casting sa character na oozing with confidence sya na agad bagay eh