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Load balancing router: Is TL-R605 an upgrade from TL-R480T+

  • Our 3 WAN was previously 10 mbps, 20 mbps and 35 mbps so kaya pa ng load balancing TL-R480T+, I would get 70 mbps on speedtest.

    Now the 10 mbps was upgraded to 220 mbps and the 35 upgraded to 110 mbps. But I'm only getting 90 mbps sa TL-R480T+. I was informed na 100 mbps lang talaga kaya nito.

    So I thought upgrading to TL-R605 would somehow let me break the 100 mbps ceiling since it's a gigabit load balancing router. I know it won't consistently add up all those speed to 300+ mbps. I just want to improve from 220 mbps + 110 mbps + 20 mbps = 90 mbps.
  • why not switch to PFSense? I don't know if TL-R605 has a better capability of load balancing. Maybe it only has Fail Over.
  • ^ thank you sir, I googled pfsense and it seems there's a learning curve. I'm not really expert on network, etc. I might take it as a side project in the future.

    An update, I got TL-R605. Good news is I'm hitting 250 mbps sa 5g ng main router pati Ethernet connection sa main router (TP link archer C2 v3.). I tested the speed with WiFi disabled and just Ethernet.

    OK na sana, satisfied na ko, kaso nung try ko connect yung laptop directly sa TL-R605, I'm getting 340 mbps. So somehow when my TL-R605 passes the connection to archer C2 v3 then to my laptop I lose 80 mbps. My TL-R605 is on the ground floor, then gapang lan cable sa stairs where my archer C2 v3 is (yung lagayan ng Santo sa ibang bahay sa hagdan), then gapang ulit to may laptop aa 2nd floor bedroom.

    Do I have to upgrade my archer C2 v3? The specs said it has Gigabit Ethernet ports. And it's AC900 daw but I think that's the WiFi speed. I think I'll start by replacing my lan cables for now and see if my speed improves. Or maybe it's the archer C2 v3 that is the bottle neck?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  • The Archer C2 V3 AC900 is probably the bottleneck. It's only 433Mbps max (theoretical) on the 5GHz band, and 450Mbps on the 2.4GHz.

    So basically, it's uses 3 antennas for 2.4GHz to get the 450Mbps, but only 1 antenna for 5GHz. But most laptops only have 2 WiFi antennas, so you'll only get 300Mbps max on the 2.4GHz band.

    Check your laptop's WiFi card as well. The cheapest models have WiFi cards that only have 1 antenna jack. :(

    I'd suggest the Archer C6 v2, which has a 2x2 setup on both 2.4GHz (300Mbps) and 5GHz (866Mbps) bands.
  • Many tutorials in Youtube. I just learned it there.
  • @awakeruze

    Thanks for the feedback sir. Thank you for the suggestion of new router, I would consider that when troubleshooting my WiFi speed.

    Currently I'm troubleshooting my lan speed pa lang.

    TL-R605 -> lan cable -> laptop = speedtest = 340 mbps

    TL-R605 -> lan cable -> TP-link archer C2 v3 -> lan cable -> laptop = speedtest 250 mbps.

    This is all lan cable connection. The archer C2 v3 box said its a Gigabit router. Sa test ko pinatay ko muna wifi para alam ko wala ako competition sa connection.

    Gusto ko sana upgrade yung wifi router, kaso iniisip ko baka hindi naman mag improve yung speed, maybe mali understanding ko networking.
  • @jisc
    is the C2 in AP mode? what ports are you using on the C2? Have you tried using short cables?

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  • @frequenzy

    It is not on AP mode.
    I'm using the Ethernet port on the back of the archer C2 and my laptops Ethernet port.
    Yes I tried a shorter cable the shorter cable when connected to TL-R605 is 340 mbps but when connected to archer C2 its 250 mbps.

    Should I turn it into AP mode? Pag AP mode I just have to turn off DHCP of archer C2 and put it at same subnet as the TL-R605, right?
  • Should I turn it into AP mode? Pag AP mode I just have to turn off DHCP of archer C2 and put it at same subnet as the TL-R605, right?

    Yes, you should do that.
    Check if there's a mode select option (router VS AP mode).

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  • @jisc
    on AP mode make sure you use the LAN ports and not the WAN port. essentially you are using the C2 as a network switch

    TL-R605 -> lan cable -> (LAN port) TP-link archer C2 v3 (LAN port) -> lan cable -> laptop

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  • @frequenzy

    Thank you for the suggestion sir. Nag 350 mbps na lan ko nung ginawa ko AP. ????