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TPC's Budget Video Card Guide

  • Mga boss ano mas mabilis R7 360 2GB or GT 1030 2GB?
  • xLockster
    R7 360 kung performance pero talo ka sa efficiency compare sa GT 1030 na almost perform close sa R7 360
  • @lockser

    hindi worth it ang GT 1030 for its price.

    mag GTX 1050 kana lang nasa 5K lang. Add ka lang ng 1k~1.5k laki ng iniba sa performance.

    1050 = 2x 1030 performance.

    kung mag 2nd hand, mag 750Ti kana lang for the same price or less ng 1030 and 20~30% faster (kung tight budget ka tlga na di mo kaya ng 1050)

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  • Guys pa advice naman

    I currently have a sapphire AMD 7850 256 bit po ito with 2 gb

    I have very limited budget nowadays.

    Worthwhile ba mag invest ng another cooler fan to replace the dual fan of my card. ? if there is any suggestion please let me know

    As of the moment wala kasing budget pamalit na more than 3k .

    Thank you in advance
  • ^ i still use that on my pc power color v2 sira ng nga shroud ng gpu ko ksama fan i just put a rubber band around it
  • @n_icis

    Since dual fan naman yung Sapphire HD 7850 mo, suggestion ko is remove the fan shroud carefully then unplug the 2 fans. Then install 2 case fans ala ghetto mod cooling. Something like this:

    Hanap ka ng two affordable 92mm case fans or 120mm case fans, basta covered ang buong heatsink. Attach them with zip-ties and place some foam / rubber strip in between para hindi mag vibrate. Then plug both fans to one of your motherboard fan headers, better kung may fan splitter cable ka para isang plug lang.
  • Hi guys pa help po, ano pwede na psu+vc for 4k-5k max

    Procie: i5 2400
    Ram: 16gb
    Hdd : 500gb WD

    Not too much heavy gaming, only dota and rf online

    Thank you so much
  • gtx 1050
  • Worth it ba ang performance increase from gtx 660 to gtx 760?

    granted na mag add ako ng 1-1.5k?

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  • mga paps, malaki ba difference ng 1050ti vs sa 1050ti oc?


    base clock : 1290mhz
    boost clock: 1392mhz

    1050ti OC

    base clock: 1392mhz
    boost clock: 1506mhz

    ilan po kaya lamang sa fps nung 1050ti OC?
  • @mark1428

    Actually not much difference between GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1050 Ti OC models, kasi once nag kick-in ang GPU Boost 3.0 yung clock speed aabot ng 1700MHz - 1800MHz or higher for both videocards.

    Kung gusto mo ng mabilis na GTX 1050 Ti, piliin mo yung model na maganda ang cooling at may 6-pin power connector. Kasi kung maganda ang cooling at mas mataas ang power limit, mas mataas din ang GPU Boost 3.0 clock speeds.