I've talked to an insurer before, di ko sure kung Prudential or Malayan. I was asking how they would insure my pv system and mostly compliance ang kailangan nila down to the rating of the smallest wire. Since the same is needed by the city engineers for net metering purposes, there should be no problem.

What I remember disagreeing with was the valuation of the insured system. Kasi may sarili silang depreciation which if I remember correctly yung value was way below what the value of the system would be in five-ten years. Maybe because this was more than two years ago and they have no experience with the correct valuation or they foresee solar becoming cheaper as the tech advances, I don't know.

What I do remember specifically was how they would treat solar additions to an existing insured house. If the cause of a claim was a fire, and there was an undeclared and/or uninsured pv system, no matter what the investigation says, the claim could be denied due to the added risk of the pv system not being factored in when the policy took effect. Ang analogy was an insured helicopter flying with fuel containers. Pag lumabas sa investigation yun in the event of a crash, automatic breach of policy siya whether or not the fuel caused the crash or the succeeding fire, if any.