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  • tanong ko lang, when was the last time that your computer was infected with a virus?
    sa akin parang 2010 pa yata nung nag reformat ako due to a virus. WinXP pa ang OS. parang madalang na when Win7 came around.

    wala na ba ang mga PC viruses?
  • ^
    Meron pa rin, pero mas pansin ngayon yung ransomware.
  • Ano kaya cause bakita nakaka-shock ung metal part ng monitor stand ko? Pati yung mga gilid meron din :/ Tinry ko hawakan yung labas ng system unit pero hindi naman ako na-sshock.
  • Sino ma recomend nyo magaling gumawa ng Intel Nuc? no power. bigla nalang ayaw mag On... Power brick is working fine so malamang sa unit ang may problem.
  • @nincompoop.

    Excess current po yan. Dapat lagay ka grounding system. Any metal or conductor na pde like wire din na medyo mataba. I contact mo sa metal nung monitor at yung kabilang dulo baon mo sa lupa or tali mo sa metal na tubo ng tubig
  • F*ed up real bad loool. So little background, nabili ko ng 2ndhand yung Sapphire RX580 4GB Pulse. Medyo matagal na rin 'to pero okay naman. Problem ko lang is kapag idle PC, nagwwild fan nya for a sec or two tapos mawawala. Siguro every ~1-2 hours ganun.

    So etong curiosity ko lumabas hahaha, nag-search ako sa google at pwedeng cause daw ay galing sa mining rig yung GPU. At yun nga, nag visit ako sa techpowerup para i-DL yung BIOS nung GPU ko. Syempre nag backup ako nung .rom nung working na ginagamit ko.

    At yun nga, inopen ko AMDVBFlash/ATIFlash tapos flinash ko yung nakita kong BIOS sa techpowerup. After restarting hindi na pumasok sa BIOS. So tinest ko ng walang GPU, ayun pumasok sa Windows Desktop, pero hindi ko makita yung BIOS ng motherboard, pati yung loading ng windows wala din, may topak rin ata yung motherboard ko hahaha.

    May nabasa ako na gumamit daw ng Direct Driver Uninstaller so triny ko un, naka-unplug pa rin GPU neto. Inopen ko yung app and nag-prompt na mag boot sa safe mode so yun ginawa ko. Problema naman ngayon hindi na magtuloy sa Windows Desktop. So pa'no ko kaya maayos 'tong GPU huhuhu, brick na ba talaga 'to? :((
  • noob question po, ano po kaya maganda ipair sa old gtx 960 ko? i dont know much about sa bottleneck po kasi. im thinking na ryzen 5 2600 pero im in doubt pa din. any suggestion will po. thank you!!
  • try mo to:

    <click here for link>
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  • Orico users, pag blinking blue/red, dead HDD?

  • oonaakona

    Blue means it is detecting the HD
    Blinking Blue means it is reading the HD

    Purple Means it is loading or taking long to read the disk or the Data. This means it is only loading or reading or there might be a problem to the HD because it is having a difficulty reading and loading the Data

    Red Means "IT IS DEAD"!

    If you often see RED LIGHT it means two things change your HD or throw away your HD Dock. It could be you have a faulty HD or your Orico Dock is broken, if yes any of the two could be happening to you currently prepare to replace it!

    I experience this once in one of my single bay 3TB Orico 3.5 enclosure. One of it is broken now the silver and my black the other one is still good but I am not using it because I had 7 new orico enlosures and 1 docking bay. Do not accept my words like I am showing off. I only like to help you.

    Let me tell you a short story. I used it for 7 years plus before one of the two broke. One night I left it open for long hours this is the silver enclosure. It was the first time it happened to me. The HD is still being shown in "This PC" when I clicked it it did not open. MAN FOR THE SECOND TIME I HAD A BROKEN HD! I tried using the enclosure trying to access my HD and I remember that the light near the Enclosure Door on top was Purple. This means it is having a hard time detecting and reading the disk. I brought out my other 3TB 3.5" enclosure the result was the same. The black enclosure cannot read the HD. In my case both things was broken. My HD that I just kept until now until I send it for DATA RECOVERY and my broken silver Orico 3.5 Enclosure. The Black is still good! In my case both are broken!

    Observe your Dock and HD, you might have to buy both new to continue whatever you are doing.

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  • Orico users, pag blinking blue/red, dead HDD?

    bakit nag blink yan pero wala naman nakasalpak ng drive. I suspect a defective dock here.
  • ^May naka plug na HDD, initially blue led then red tapos katagalan pag nawala na yung noise coming from HDD, blinking light na sya.
  • Sounds like a bad HDD.

    I have a barebone PC just for testing questionable HDDs. I plug in the suspect drive, then boot from USB (either Linux or Hirens) and check the HDD's condition.
  • ^Confirmed bad HDD. Bought 2 new HDDs kanina, tested sa dock. Nadetect naman. Though yung tinest ko na HDD kasi pasira naman na or sira na. Just trying my luck if madedetect pa kasi may kailangan irecover na 3.5TB worth. Pag ganito, no chance na maka recover using any data recovery software?
  • ^
    If the hard drive is still detected, there's still a chance. I've performed data recovery on a 1TB 2.5" hard drive a few months back, and it's doable. That said, my method is a bit unusual, as it uses Linux and open-source tools, and requires at least twice as much storage space-- the first step is to create a disk image of the failing hard drive, and then perform data recovery on that disk image rather than on the failing drive itself.
  • ^Sadly hindi nadedetect and what's worse, may grinding sound (I suspect either sa spindle or actuator arm or head) during initial boot then after ilan seconds, nawawalan ng activity na yung hdd kasi tumahimik na. But still, di pa din detected.
  • Grinding sounds are usually caused by bearing or motor failure. Actuator arm issues usually have clicking or scratching sounds.

    Hardcore-level repair usually involves transferring the platters and logic board to another drive, but I've never seen anyone do it.
  • Try the following:

    Wondershare Recover Data Recovery
    EaseUs Data Recover Wizard Technician
    Disk Drill
    To repair your drive Try HDD Regenerator
  • @PC_ComponentsAssembler

    Data recovery software is useless if the HDD isn't even detected.
  • awakeruze

    Yeah right! I forgot that. It could be useful if it will be detected in anyway, I mean, if it gets detected, the software I recommended is the next thing to do. It will be his plan which one to use or to try all.

    See my a little long post above? BECAUSE I EXPERIENCED IT! I had several disks that failed before. With my several disks that are broken now, only two of those are worth recovering because of my important data in the past.

    If his disks will never be detected this is the time to spend a whopping amount of cash for a data recovery service. This will be my next step next year. I have a broken Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 Disk since 2011 when 1TB was still expensive just in my HD box for a decade now waiting to be recovered and a 3TB that got broken last 2020. I know how he feels. If we have the same hobby of downloading and collecting any data we want from others but most of the time coming from the internet, it breaks our hearts experiencing data loss!
  • ^considering how expensive data recovery services are, you need to assess how important this data is. If we're talking about data downloaded from the internet, with internet speeds nowadays, it's very easy to just download it again provided that that data can still be found. This is specially true for videos and applications. For videos, you can usually find better quality ones which have better sources and newer formats.

    Irreplaceable data is usually self works, critical documents and pictures.
  • bum4now

    I am not singling out your reason but we do not know what his case is. I am saying the possible things he can do if it is so important to him. When you only downloaded it on the internet it depends on the rarity of that data. If you had downloaded it 7 years to a decade ago, that old data might not be available for download. It depends on what videos, music and other software or data you downloaded. If it is recent like just a few months ago just download it again but again, not every video, film, music or any kind of data you downloaded can easily be found in the internet if that data was uploaded 1 to 4 years ago so a data recovery is a good option. It depends on you if these are precious that you might want data recovery service help.

    If you have photographs, anything that you work on, PDF Files, Electronic Books, videos you made for upload or just for personal or any thing that is important to you it is still the same it will be your plan if these should be recovered by the help of data recovery services.

    I was only saying things that he could do to take back his data. One more expensive option is buy the stronger specialized data recovery software and tools for dissecting your HD, do it yourself if you have the money.

    If it ain't important do not recover it but if you do not want to recover it but there is warranty left to the HD then send it back for RMA to continue using the disk.

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  • breaks our hearts experiencing data loss!

    The problem with a lot of people is that they don't realize the value of backups until valuable data is lost. I pay the equivalent of PhP 4k yearly for unlimited backup of which I have several terabytes worth. That's only 333 pesos per month, which is just equivalent to what some people pay for two drinks at Starbucks, or just a little less than what you'd pay for a 2D movie ticket at SM. It's fully automatic and requires very little to input to set up.

    and tools for dissecting your HD, do it yourself if you have the money.

    You don't "dissect" HDDs by yourself and expect thing to go well. If you plan to open the drive by removing the cover you need to this in a clean room where air is specially filtered to remove nearly all particles. These dust/particles are enough to wreck a hard drive because of extremely small tolerances between the HDD heads and platters.
  • HwiNoree

    What file hosting web or cloud storage web is that? Most will not be willing to pay for that. I am not saying that it is wrong but again like the people here who is helping the person with a broken HD, it is up to the person which one he will choose that will better fit his needs. There are advantage and disadvantages whichever way you want to back up your data. I prefer buying more HDDs than keep paying monthly or yearly for such a small amount. This depends on how much data you have for you to back up.

    Have you ever heard of "Suddenly your HD broke"? This is an unlucky situation and this is what happened to me mostly before I had the chance to back up. Even this unlucky situation happened to you. Many times we do not have the money to pay or buy another HD for back up if suddenly something happens. If I always have the money to buy more HDs to have a second copy of the primary disks that I am using then this will never happen to me.

    You are right. You cannot just dissect or open your HD because you have the software and tools. You need to train how to do it and how to use your HDD tools to do a successful data recovery. I said this because this could be one of the ways but this will be too expensive. I only said the other options he can do.

    I said a lot. Do not take my words like I know everything. I only like to help to move this thread. No one is posting regularly.
  • What file hosting web or cloud storage web is that? Most will not be willing to pay for that.

    The service is Backblaze, their Personal Plan costs 70$ per year. Is that too expensive for some people? Surely it is, after all people have different earning capacities and life circumstances. However, an important factor that might be overlooked is that the value of a backup service depends on how much one values his or her data. Unfortunately, too many people do not realize this until data loss occurs, i.e. the proverbial "you don't know the value of something until you've lost it". That's when they agonize about losing their valuable data. In short, the quality and extent of your backup strategies should correlate with the value and amount of the data you think is valuable. If your only valuable data are occasional family pictures then maybe occasional upload to Google Drive will do. However, if for example you're doing work from home and have a lot of valuable data related to projects you're working on, then you'd be foolish not to have regular, updated backups. To stress this point, a few years ago my friend was working on a project and all her files were placed on 2.5" external HDD with no backup whatsoever. It accidentally fell to the ground and the data couldn't be accessed. Fortunately, the HDD was still detectable and I was able to extract all the data using software recovery tools. She was just lucky I was able to help, otherwise weeks or even months of her work would have gone down the drain simply because she didn't think of having a copy of her data elsewhere.

    I prefer buying more HDDs than keep paying monthly or yearly for such a small amount. This depends on how much data you have for you to back up.

    This sounds like an onsite backup, which I also use myself. Remember that onsite backups are prone to force majeure events like fires, severe flooding, typhoons, earthquakes, etc. A backup to external HDD is useless if your house goes up in flames and along with it your PC plus the external HDD(s), serving as backup. Again, this depends on how valuable your data is, and how much money you're willing to shell out to protect it. But definitely if the data is considered very valuable then onsite backup only will NOT cut it and it would be foolish to rely solely on that.

    Regarding onsite backups, some people just attach an external hard drive and manually backup when they feel like it. This might be fine for small amounts of data that rarely get changed, but if you're working on a lot of stuff you need a backup program to identify what needs to be backed up and automatically do it (i.e. scheduled). Leaving this process to a person who will only do a backup when he or she remembers or feels like doing a backup is a recipe for disaster.

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  • HwiNoree

    We both have points, however, any of the ways you choose to do that we are talking about here have its own disadvantage and advantages. I told you, there might be a time that "BAD LUCK" will strike all of a sudden! So let the person choose which will work for him. Buy a Large Safe, that metal cube where you put your jewelry, land titles, documents, important papers and money and that will be naturally fire proof with a number knob security then buy a 10 Bay HDD case and put that case inside the safe. Orico's HD Cases are shock, anti-dust and water proof.
  • I told you, there might be a time that "BAD LUCK" will strike all of a sudden!

    The unpredictability of data loss is the reason why we have backups. I don't think anyone disagrees about this, right?

    Buy a Large Safe, that metal cube where you put your jewelry, land titles, documents, important papers and money and that will be naturally fire proof with a number knob security then buy a 10 Bay HDD case and put that case inside the safe. Orico's HD Cases are shock, anti-dust and water proof.

    Are you even serious with this suggestion? If you have the money to do this, you can easily pay for the most expensive cloud backup plan. Lugging a hard disk enclosure back and forth into a fireproof safe is ridiculously impractical since even the most patient person will tire of doing this on a regular basis. Moreover, this is still an ONSITE backup, unless you place the safe in another location. Worse, you have to figure out the fire rating of such safes because the more common ones are designed to withstand only 30 minutes of fire at ~780 Celsius because it assumes firetrucks will arrive within that time period. Good luck with that in the Philippines.

    Remember that most currently accepted backup strategy is called 3-2-1 or the Rule of Three. The backup rule of three dictates that you should:
    1. Have at least three copies of your data
    2. Store the copies on at least two different media types
    3. Keep at least one of those copies offsite

    It looks like this:

    There are more advanced strategies such as 3-2-2

    but these are really for situations where a great amount of data redundancy is important and is overkill for the vast majority of people.

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  • HwiNoree

    I shortened my answer for you to quickly understand but your "EGO IS TAKING YOU OVER". The help has been given and it is up to him which way he will pick. Not everyone will do it your way. You have to calm down and act more like an adult. This is not about who has the better idea, I am right and you are wrong. Hit your brakes bub. I am not here for an argument. I made myself clear I posted to help and to help this thread moving. He said he bought immediately one or several HDs for him to use instantly. It will be his plan if he will try to recover the data himself or avail a data recovery service.
  • I really wonder who is actually confusing a simple factual discussion as an attack on their ego. I'm just discussing important and valid points regarding backups but for some reason you think my disagreement with you is personal. Do you even know what agree to disagree means? Be careful when insulting someone by saying "act more like an adult" because the one failing to do so might actually be yourself, and sadly you just don't realize it.

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