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  • Gintama The Final
  • Realist Hero Ep3. suddenly singing "Give a Reason" . :D
  • Gundam the origin had 6 episodes? I always thought there only 4.
  • a year bago nilabas yung 2
  • Masters of The Universe: Revelation
  • Masters of The Universe: Revelation

    Ugh, I got excited when I saw the trailer pero they freakin made He-Man step down as the protagonist and made Teela the lead. Fuck Kevin Smith that sjw, soyboy cuck.
  • Get Jebaited by the SJW cabal of American media kek.
    Thought it was just Adora's lesbian tension/harem? guess again!

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  • finished watching kumo desu ga, and started watchin tsukimichi so tried to doodle em black and white spiders