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  • even the LN aripunyeta and overlord suffers the same sickness that SAO is suffering... author self-insert glorification.

    I have no beef with consuming media that glorifies evil or watching it on the villain's perspective... I CRAVE STORIES THAT HAS THIS! I want to know why Hitler does it, why Pol Pot does it and so on! I hated Marcos on what he did to our country but he's a very intelligent man in pulling it off!

    Overlord is too dumb that even suspending my disbelief cant save it. I only have 3 questions left unanswered and I was hoping that the anime can answer it so i can drop it completely

    - who put him there
    - are there any forces that can challenge nazarick head-on
    - will he get outed as an idiot by Demiurge or by the other guardians?!

    using pandora while fighting riku aganeia is Aldnoah/Code Geass level of asspull. I JUST CANT

    i may enjoy aripunyeta... IF I WERE AN EDGELORD 13-YEAR OLD

    animes like these getting multiple seasons and no love for 86 or proper adaptation of hataraku really grinds my gears
  • Just finished Cyberpunk Edgerunners.
    Rebecca best girl! It makes me want to play the game, no wonder the player count increased after release of the anime.
    Tekken Bloodline
    Too short but the fight scenes looks cool specially when they use the in-game moves. Jin is way more likeable here compared to the game.

    I am surprised by the amount of Anime available in Netflix Japan. Sucks that they don't have subs though.
  • summertime render is just soooooo right *chef's kiss* it doesnt need another season, a story ended well and an epilogue to see what it's going to happen after the final boss battle. it's a full course meal that only has little loopholes but we could all let it pass

    THAT IS AN ANIMU THAT EVEN CRONCHYLULZ FANBASE WENT UNDER THEIR RADAR! Chad-pei and Ushi-bae really pulled through!!! im so happy :D
  • Ushi-bae?

    But yes, that's what you call a great show with what's looking to be a great ending. Not like some anime/manga *cough* Domestic Girlfriend *cough* that you just wanna kill the author.
  • Summertime Render:

    Good fight. Cliffhanger G-cups. :P

  • i didnt know that Gundam IBO had a retelling