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Anime Enthusiasts Unite! (Trading strictly prohibited)

  • @bald0

    Last season: Tensei slime
    This season: Well, there's Kenja no Mago. Isekai Quartet too.

    Action: Kimetsu no Yaiba, maybe Gunjo no Magmel
  • How to un-isekai

  • I went to Area 11

    Neo Tokyo is as expected

    Saw Fuji full of sakuradite during a clear day.
  • @eSPiYa

    The right way to do it is to suplex the truck, with "SEGATA SANSHIRO! SEGATA SANSHIRO! SEGA SATURN SHIRO!" blaring in the background. LOL
  • ^ He still has nothing on Isekai Komrade.

  • @jpz778

    I digress. He had to use a concrete block to get the truck to flip over. The judo throw wasn't even necessary at that point.
  • Oh, Isekai Putin. About to post it too but got lazy. LOL

    Anyway, look at this gaiz: <click here for link>

  • @eSPiYa

    Shovel Knight?
    google translate says scoop wave gun.
    wtf beams shooting out of shovel.
  • ^
    Did a quick search on the artist: Yuuki Hagure. Known works: "Koikishi Purely Kiss"

  • ^ Just checked it @ myanimelist and found out it is a hentai. Well, lots of authors/mangaka started on H but were able to produce good non-H works. Like Maybe-sensei for his/her Tasogare Otome x Amnesia.
  • Well, lots of authors/mangaka started on H but were able to produce good non-H works.

    Shokugeki no Souma, anyone? :D

    Like Maybe-sensei

    His "To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts" is getting animated!!!!

    Positively hyped!! :D

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  • Overlord spin-off: what if Momonga got isekai'd alone and meet the young Evileye?

    Sauce: <click here for link>

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  • ^
    Better love story than.... LOL you know the meme.
  • ^ Pili na kung sinong best harem grill ni Momonga:
    - Evileye
    - Nea
    - Albedo
    - Shalchair
    - Retardios
  • angas din pala nung berserk of gluttony
  • Getting isekai'd by getting hit by a truck but still survived

    Sauce: <click here for link>
  • Guess who?

    It's Maine-chan and Ferdinand
  • @eSPiYa

    Reading nao.

    I feel bad for oji-san the isekai times was too early for him.
    Too early by 4 years.
  • ^ He has no idea that she is being tsundere. Better if nephew show him the good anime the past 10 years, specially those that has best tsundere girls.
  • @eSPiYa

    I can imagine the tears when he learns of the ways of the weeb.

  • ^ How he handled that was both hilarious and effing sad at the same time.

  • Should we have some kind of discord channel? Or join some local anime, manga, ln/wn channel?
  • Maou-sama Retry is getting an anime. It has a trap for a mascot character.