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Anime Enthusiasts Unite! (Trading strictly prohibited)

  • ^ Even Satou's sans points will get depleted instantly despite of having high mind stats and various mind debuff resistances.
  • Well kinniku ojii-san turned loli count as heresy attack so it bypasses defenses and damages the soul directly.
  • We generate waifus

    <click here for link>
  • Da ZinV is ALIVE!! :O
  • I didn't ask for this.

  • @Kaoru

    Aho, Sayaka or immoral Rep?

    I have a feeling you prefer Aho also voiced by the great Godoka.

    You play BF1 on PS4?

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  • Aho > sensei > everyone

    i love characters that always have that stupid smile on their faces.

    also nope, if im playing fps, its gotta be on PC... LARO TAYO DESTINEY TWUUUU!!

    @konosuba hero

    they fucking butchered my animu!!!! YURUSENAI!!!!!!!
  • A meido mile/adel.
    Who needs common sense.

  • ^ Another hilarious WN - "Kenkyo, Kenjitsu o Motto ni Ikite Orimasu" <click here for link>
    Give it a try. It is around the level of hilarity of monkey harem blackhole and average god Anri-sama.
  • @Vega 64 and 56
    Got my GTX 1070 (oc'd up to max 2.1Ghz core, 9.2Ghz mem) last July...of 2016. Maybe if Vega followed a few months later, i would have regretted it, but i don't feel anything now, just a blank stare of "oh, finally they beat it" and goes back to playing.? In exchange for freesync, i would have to upgrade my PSU for it, savings vs gsync nulled :O
  • Aho girl never fail to give me a satisfying laugh! Hahaha