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  • ^
    I found a way around it, but requires finagling with ipv6.
  • Fuck. Now even doesn't connect. Is PLDT blocking it intentionally?
  • kahit vpn ayaw paps?
  • VPN works.

    I think it's a routing issue. When I try to traceroute, the trace gets stuck in various IPs inside

  • Double-take on nostalgia.
  • kulit lang nung AoT. "Final Season Part 3 (First Half)". haha.

    If they have labeled them properly, wala naman issue. Take all the time they need as it is a huge anime but cmon.
  • When raw next episode ng Attack on Titan? Walang release this week tama ba?
  • ^ kalito labeling AoT, part 1 2 3 Final etc. baka recap ko nalang sa YT ü lol
  • Ayus ang Witch from Mercury a, meron na agad 2nd season, kala ko hintay pa nang 1 year :)

  • Saw Shadows House on Animax and was intrigued. Watching Season 1 right now. This is pretty good!