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  • World Trigger season 3
  • nakakabitin naman ang weekly upload ng Mushoku Tensei! Pero if the consequence is getting superb animation, kahit 1 month pa nila idelay keri lang. Lewd every episode lately haha

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  • hot dawg!!! ufotable always delivers... too bad they cant animate fight scenes well like MAPPA

    anyare BONES? anyare MADHOUSE? ANYARE?!?!!?!?!?
  • anyare BONES? anyare MADHOUSE? ANYARE?!?!!?!?!?

    Fare wages and proper work hours lol

    I haven't watched Eva 3.0 1.0 yet

    I'm torn if I should start from 1.0 again or just jump right into it.
  • @bum4now
    No problem.

    TBH I don't like all the UC shows...
    Can't convince myself to watch ZZ because of how silly the 1st half is.

    Thunderbolt looked nice in the beginning, but its novelty wore out quickly.

    I'll probably never watch Victory--Tomino himself doesn't recommend people watching it.

    Watched 0083 but felt like it was a waste of time.
  • I actually liked 0083, mostly because of the GP-01Fb and the quality of the animation. Outside of Z and Char's Counterattack, maybe give 8th MS Team a try. Animation quality is great and really like the OP song. Mecha are cool and the story's pretty straightforward.

    For ZZ, uh, maybe just watch the last few episodes to see how it ends. I don't really remember it much but I think it kind of introduced the Gundam teams concept. Oh, and the Hyaku Shiki was always cool to see in action because of the gold shiny model kit.
  • ^
    08th MS is one of my favorites TBH.

    0083 was infuriating story-wise, but the animation was good.
  • hearing norio wakamoto struggling to voice act is painful... we are getting old
  • hearing norio wakamoto struggling to voice act is painful... we are getting old

    I felt this when I was watching the last full metal panic series. Sosuke and Chidori's seiyuu sounds too old for the role.

    Also meme in the internet today, Nakadashi 4 times! Lol
  • @theluffy99
    Sousuke's VA was 55-56 while Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory was airing. He was only 30 in the first series. Chidori's VA is two years older. :O
  • Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 to air 9 January 2022.
  • Then meron pala tv series version. May nakikita kasi ako clips online and di ko matandaan if meron sya sa OVA. Example battle at torrington, nasa OVA ba ito o exclusive sa tv version?

    wala nyan sa OVA mainly because hindi mailalagay yung scene for 1-hour running. sa TV series pwede ka maginsert ng maraming scenes with 20-24mins per episode running. in short, buod yung OVA. nung nag announce sila ng UC0096 series, expected na marami maiinsert na scenes at centered lang sa Unicorn Gundam development. I watched UC0096 OVA 2-7 sa sinehan at marami plot holes na iniwan.
  • More for me to binge Unicorn after I forget stuff then
  • The cgi omg in selection project

    I'm stuck in idol hell haha

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  • @kaoru
    You made me remind of Rin Yasagure nendoroid