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  • kazutrash what a scumbag hahahaha

    I just finished watching the movie. It is funny asf. Crimson Demons are man made chunnibyous hahaha. Sylvia is hot asf though except for the Excalibur part. The ending is epic as well, no wonder they made the arc into a film since they will surely ran out of budget for the sfx alone. I can't wait for s3.
  • ^ Nasa queue ko din yan. Will watch this weekend when it's "available".

    @spring 2020: Well, there's Kaguya, Hachiman and Myne so I'm not really complaining. I even binge-read Tsugumomo because of the upcoming sequel. I'm also really hoping that the Gleipnir animu would be good I really liked the manga.

  • Azur Lane #177013. :O
  • @awakeruze

    I don't play azur lane but I'm quite moved by that cultured post.
  • Lol metamorphosis. The only doujin you can't fap.
  • Lels. The butterfly is also a nice touch.

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  • i didnt notice that O_O

    megukka is actually beam spam the animu! why didnt i realize that sooner roflcopterlolbbq

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  • Azur Lane #177013

    Seems dem' chinese also knew the supposed cultural material

    Also regarding the author of that supposed cultural material it did has weirdly hitting lessons like "Don't do drugs" and even "Go Vegan" (about something on meat industry likely bovine origin)

    Sad that I didn't save the exact meme on that author's work

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  • Finally caught up to canceled animu Nidoume No Jinsei Wo Isekai De

    Oppai debating elves are the highlight of this mango