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  • `Yup. Kotono Mitsuihi is the original Sailor Moon, and Misato (Evangelion), and that hamster Ebichu. :D

    Chibiusa is short for Chibi-Usagi.

    Duude. LOL

    Just saw Pluto. Damn that was good.

    Yes, Atom is Astroboy.

    They managed to turn Uran into an important side character instead of being the annoying brat in the original.
  • It started slow but Frieren is looking to be one of the best new anime for this season. If you dropped it after 3 eps, try it again. It really picks up.
  • madhouse went mad on frieren on the latest ep, on the manga. It's just a simple battle but they made it sakuga
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    Fern's sidestep was :O <click here for link>
  • More Frieren draw

  • Hmm, it seems the Rising of the Shield Hero might actually intersect with the Reprise of the Spear Hero (read manga). Always thought that Reprise was an alternate world but it's looking like the stories might be intertwined. Will have to wait and see what happens
  • ^kulet lang na pansin mo kung kelan sila nagtitipid ng budget. Like the first 2-3 episodes of Season 3 were all great production wise. Tapos itong latest 2 or 3 episodes, back to season 2 levels of polish (or lack of).

    Pera din talaga ang reason bakit may pag tipid, tsaka masyado narin mataas bar na sinet ni Mappa. Hirap maka-keep up kung gagayahin ni Kadokawa yun lagi.

    Sana lang, the lower quality production team learns from the better ones. Stark kasi nung difference. Tried browsing thru some scenes in episode 1 of season 3. Pag nagsasalita character, may konting movement yung body nila like tatalbog konti yung buhok, or may onting changes sa position ng clothes nila. Dito sa latest 2-3 episodes, bibig lang gagalaw. Record of Ragnarok feels eh. Parang lazy animation.

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  • Maybe they spent too much of the budget on Filo's idol performance? Sadly, the drop in quality is real although some of them do get fixed when the show is released on Blu Ray.

    It's weird how Tate and Goblin Slayer both just caught up to the manga this season. I'm doubly excited since I don't know what going to happen next.

    On another note, the climax in the latest episode of Frieren is so bada$$. I really think the way Frieren and Fern are apathetic most of them increases the impact whenever they decide to let some emotion slip through or show their true power. After watching the ep and remembering that it's ep 10 now, I quickly checked how many eps the show will get. I'm so happy that there's 28!
  • Watched the AoT finale the night it was available on Netflix. Walang sablay sa animation.

    My perspective is someone who has not read the manga, spoiled a bit by socmed posts, pero hindi ko inexpect na yun yung ending. The end credits short animation epilogue made me emotional a bit. Makes me want to re-watch the whole thing again. Well-delivered tong AoT.
  • okay ba yung bullbuster?
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    In this very stacked season, it's forgettable, barely registering on /r/anime.

    While the mystery is intriguing (finding the cause of the monster infestation in the island), I'd probably strangle at least two supporting characters if I met them IRL because of how insufferable they are.

    If you're looking for an original anime (not an adaptation of a manga, novel, game etc.), Overtake! is a better watch.
  • I finally got to appreciate Frieren. I think the first 6 episodes were a set up and a long one at that. It got interesting after they were finally battling demons. First 6 episodes were melancholic kasi but finally we get to see some legit action and awesome animation.
  • more Frieren Draws

  • @viper
    kulet lang na idea, can you draw Aura somehow in the form of the vegeta "it's over 9000!" meme? hehe.

    Currently episode 11 na sa frieren. Who would've thought na meron din Dio dito hahahahaha. Koyasu-san's voice is unmistakable LOL
  • @ViperXtreme
    Did the animators see your giant burger fanart?

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  • @blue_apple_pencil : that's already the context of that sketch, Aura says "Sen Ijoda(wa)" meaning it's over 1000. Nakalimutan ko lang lagyan ng "wa" sa dulo since ojousama/royalty speaking siya.

    @awakeruze: i got the idea from the original manga, she is eating a giant burger there, sa anime pati si Frieren binigyan nila burger.
    I drew it in a way that also reference another meme, the loli eating long baguette meme.

  • Anybody watching Under Ninja? Is it just me or the story is messy AF.

    I think the timeline is confusing. Characters just pop up out of nowhere. Narrative is quite vague. But still watching it coz it's intriguing. i wish they make the flow easy to follow.
  • ^
    I heard that the manga is linear, so what we're seeing is something the director and animation staff decided on.

    It's fun to watch though.
  • @Viper
    Ah, now that I look at it now, sinira pala ni Aura yung Scales. hehe. Di kasi ako nakakabasa nang Kanji.
    Una ko kita, akala ko faithful fan art nung scene na yun.