Now, wait another 200-300 chapters for Komi to hold Tadano's hand or kiss

Inb4 a meme Pic of a succubus telling something about "hand holding"

Somehow no fun of Komi holding a notebook asking for it

Actually, mga westerners lang naman yata ang nagka problem with regards to that licensing deal. Asian retailers have been selling Macross related stuff without being harassed by Harmony Gold

Apparently westerners seemed to love butchering their Japanese counterparts after they get into a deal but you can count on your hands that were a bit good westernized... their weird reasons was the censorship thing which they can lower it to general audiences... taking out fanservice too...

Take it for an example:
- Naruto stabbed his hand using his kunai while 4kids version of Naruto edited it further to censor gore

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