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TPC Virus & Spyware Removal Thread (must read page 1)

  • Virus / Malware po ba yung folder.htt, comment.htt, at desktop.ini? yung 2 external drives ko po kasi mayroon neto di ko matanggal di naman madetect ng AV ko na virus (Windows Defender and Malwarebytes anti-malware) using Windows 10 po. Ano pwede pang tanggal neto? Thanks in advance.
  • <click here for link>

    hindi po
    try mo upload yung file sa virustotal para makakha ka ng ibang opinion
  • Pa bump lang po ng concern ko. Nasa previous page.

    Need talaga ng help niyo guys. If wala ng option no choice but to pay for service sa mga PC repair.

    Salamat po.
  • The HTT file type is primarily associated with 'Hypertext Template File' by Microsoft Corporation. A hypertext template file controls the look of Windows Explorer when it is showing folder contents in HTML mode. The file is generally called folder.HTT and it typically resides in a hidden sub-folder called Folder Settings. A desktop.ini file maintains the link to it in the form: PersistMoniker=file://Folder Settings/folder.htt. The HTT can have any content and can exploit any available object model to process its data. Any Dynamic HTML (DHTML) page can be used as a folder template. An HTT may also include some environment variables that you cannot access from a regular HTML file. This file can become infected and the W32/Romario-B Win32 worm creates an HTT file as part of its activation.
  • Mga sirs, question lang regarding malwarebytes:

    Its been running for a few months on a new laptop and recently lang napansin ko binablock na nya yung ibang ptp/video streaming sites w/c it didnt usually do before, does it mean hindi na trusted yung site na yun? Or is it an update on the security itself where you need to manually make an exception for some sites? TIA