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**Gamit nyong Perfume...(800x600 max picture size)

  • btw, meron na po ba nakatry ng Xerjoff scents? Got my eyes on Mefisto kasi.
  • SOTD:

    Thierry Mugler - A*Men Pure Malt

  • @tantin666: thanks din sa reply. Kaso hindi ko ata kaya presyo niyan.
  • @Mikaelo

    Ay oo nga pala Herod yung sayo. Akala ko Pegasus hehe.
  • May vial ako nung Pegasus . If nakapanuod kayo ng review nito , tama yung sinabi nila na heavy on vanilla yung scent. Pero luxurious vanilla sya. Mas iba ung dating nya kesa sa vanilla scent ng Versace Eros .

    just my 2 cents dito.
  • @tantin666

    Ang na-try ko pa lang is yung clone ng pegasus. Hindi ko magustuhan yung vanilla niya. Parang kakaiba na di ko maexplain haha.
  • SOTD

    Dirham Oud by Ard Al Zafaran

    The sexy version of Dirham. Good for cold weather and date nights. Has the same vibe with the OG although this has a sweet oud note. ^_^
  • anybody got input ng Aventus? Nabump ko kasi isang Youtube video (checking on clones) na magkakaiba ang amoy nya from different batches / year .

    Rustan's lang ba nagcacarry ng Aventus?
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  • SOTD French Coffee

  • @tantin - yan ang love it or hate it feature ng Aventus. Each batch has different features. May fruity batch which has a more prominent pineapple note. Meron din naman smokey batch na kuhang kuha ng CDNIM. ^_^

    You can check SM Aura...meron dun Aventus. Not sure which batch though. :)
  • For the Aventus batch master list, you may click here -> <click here for link>
  • salamat ng marami sir @Mikaelo ..

    Which is the OG scent ba for Aventus, Fruity or Smokey? In terms of smokey more on the incense scent ba ng YSL La Nuit De Lhomme ?

    SOTD: Prada L'homme
  • @nogp - nice haul.

    Share ko lang yung SOTD ko kahapon. The Layton clone. ^_^

  • Which is the OG scent ba for Aventus, Fruity or Smokey?

    @tantin - pasensya na, but I cannot answer you on this...never pa kasi ako nagka Aventus. But if you'll look at the master list that I have provided above, may mga year released yung mga batches. So I guess ang OG scent would be those that are released at an earlier time as compared to those newer ones. :)
  • Thanks, Mikaelo! wala kasi ako nun Layton kaya hindi ko sya macompare sa Leyton :)

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  • noted sir. thanks sa input pa din @mikaelo
  • SOTD

    FUntastic (clone/inspiration of F* Faboulos) from the house of Alexandria Fragrances)- simply loving the bitter almond and tonka beans. Nice for our very cold weather here.
  • SOTD

    Sun Rise by Paris Corner

    The poorman's Amouage Sunshine Man. Ordered instantly upon first sniff. A good summer scent and has this unique fresh vibe.
  • Dahil sobrang init ..

    SOTD: D&G Light Blue Eau Intense
  • @tantin
    Anung query m sa mefisto? Meron aq bote and loving it.
  • SOTD

    Armaf Tag-Him

    The BdC clone.
  • SOTD: Spicebomb Fresh ... it really is a dialed down version ng original

    Nagkamali ako napa spray ako sa chest thinking na ndi sya ganun ka beast mode. I was wrong haha.

    Next time 3 sprays sa likod will do . Beast mode pa din ang cloud scent
  • SOTN

    A clone/inspiration of Creed Sublime Vanille from the house of Zoha Aroma- simply loving the bourbon vanilla of this juice with a little citrusy notes on the opening.
  • SOTD

    Wood Intense by Geparlys Paris

    Literally intensified wood scent. Careful on the trigger as it can be very overpowering when oversprayed. ^_^
  • SOTD : Nabeel Choco Oud
  • SOTD:

    Salvatore Ferragamo - F by Ferragamo Black

  • SOTD: Bulgari Aqua Amara .. It's a freshy scent.. but you need to be careful sa spray.
  • Mga sirs, tanong ko Lang papaubos na kasi VPH ko, gusto ko itry yung first instinct ng Abercrombie, If you compare the two, alin po mas lamang ang projection and longevity?