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**Gamit nyong Perfume...(800x600 max picture size)

  • @manonglakay

    sir san ka nakabili niyan and how much?
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    Bois D'Argent by L'Intense De Blue

    Opens up like Lanvin's Eclat D'Arpège pour femme then slowly introduces the light and playful florals. A bit feminine to be honest but it smells soooo good that you'd like to stick your nose into it. Does not project much and is good for close encounters. But don't get me wrong, it is an EDP and will stick to your skin for 8 hours at joke. The best part? The price. For a sub-2k EDP that resembles Dior Privé line...what more can you ask for?

    Kasalanan na naman ni Doboorochii ito. ^_^
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  • @Mikaelo
    sakto sakto pang date scent eto Boss Mikaelo Bois D'Argent by L'Intense De Blue. minsan mahirap magsuot ng isang pabango medyu feminine ang dating pero this one does the job just right for us guys ^_^

    syempre pag naamoy ka ni crush / misis / gf / fling-fling isa lang masasabi sayo! Hmmm... ang bango mo naman..
    plus it doesnt cost that much panalo panalo presyu pero pang malakasan ang epekto!
  • @Mikaelo

    Sir di ba meron ka Bvlgari Atlantiqve and A&F first instinct? Alin sa kanila mas crowd pleaser? Plano ko blind buy isa sa kanila.
  • Saan po ba makakabili nang Victorinox steel?. pass sa fake. Tia!..
  • @manonglakay -- binenta ko na First Instinct ko. Masyado short lived and weak. My recommendation would be Atlantiqve. Matindi kumapit yan. Lasts basically the entire day on my skin. Both of them are crowd pleasers. It's just the longevity of F.I. that I hate.
  • Hi mga sirs. Baka may masuggest kayo perfume under 1.5k. Kung saan makakabili o kanino pwedeng umorder. Pending pa request ko sa Fragheads. Sa Fragrev ilang lang nagpopost ng for sale. Thanks in advance.
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  • pano kayo nagsasalin ng ng pamango sa mallit n bote?
  • ^ dahan dahan na spray
  • @Remod
    Spray or ganito

  • ^ thanks ok nga yan.
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