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Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin/Altcoin/Token) Info and Mining Rig thread (NO TEXT SPEAK/SPELLING, NO SALES OR LEADING TO SALES POSTS)

  • Let's goooooooo!!!!!

  • naiwan na mga altcoins
  • What's going on? Ang bilis na namang umakyat. Madaming bumibili uli ah. Walang magpupullout ha. =)
  • one of the ETF was approved by US SEC. sa rumor palang nag umpisa nalang bumulusok BTC then kahapon na confirmed yung approval.
  • Update sa KYC bullshit.

    Hi ,

    We thank you for your continued cooperation.

    Your financial document, as well as all the other information, has already been submitted to our concerned team for review.

    The review may take around 8-15 working days.

    We will reach out to you in a separate email once an update on your account becomes available.

    In the meantime, let us know if you have questions about this.


    This is after the interview, which happened a week after they froze my account. Now I have to wait for another 8-15 days para malaman ang result ng review nila.
  • ^sablay talaga yang na yan ang daming alam hehe
  • Nag try ako ng Binance earn with AXS (Axie infinity). 60 or 90 days, mataas ang APY, bigger than even stablecoin sa Hodlnaut. Bumili ako ng AXS using debit card, mga 5% ang bawas. Testing lang small amount

    Or sa Hodlnaut nalang?

    What do you think?
  • hold mo BNB mo
    may AD sila for new coin LAZIO
    mabibigyan yung mga may BNB holdings
    Oct 21 yata AD nila
  • In SHIB we TRUST!!

    I put a measly $3 it became $10

    I put another ten here and there. With doge I had $10. No patience no knowledge. About same price as shib is now. 2 months later. .01 .05. .. .25-.71! I could have made hundreds of thousands off $10. Not making that mistake again. Even investing little. $20-40; money you don’t miss and can safely forget about. $20 gets you shout 700 thousand of these. If it hits a cent that’s $7,000 off $20

    If it hits .10 $70,000

    .50? $350,000

    And to hit .75. Breaking doge high of .71 cents

    $525,000 off $20. Yes. A half a million dollars. You can get a delivery job for tips and have an excuse to drive a paid off nice American muscle car ($70,000) pay off a $100,000 home. And let’s round that all up to $200,000 after you splurge $30,000 on jewelry and a vacation.

    That leaves you with $300,000 in the bank. Reinvest, or let sit.. stay busy with your life. Don’t be a fk up. And be able to say “fk you!” At any time to any employer and live within your means for life

    $300,000 to last a life time. In a paid off home with a nice hellcat. Mustang. Audi. Whatever. A damn nice car in the driveway a paid off home and $ to live well, for the rest of your days. All off $20….

    (I personally would re-invest $100,000 and take some high risk high reward shots like I have done to see it grow more). Or you can do index or ETFs. Yearly “adult” gains. No risk. Stable income, all you behind the wheel. Making that $100,000 $25,000 - $50,000 a year profit. And you still have $200,000 in the bank as you eat well. Have a paid off life, day trade. Work a job to stay busy, you can leave at any time

    That to me is winning. I don’t need the legacy money. It would be amazing and all to set my family up. But I have a feeling I can do that off $300,000 if I started this year with $2,000. Hit $15,000 off meme stocks. Flip shiba and $20 into $500,000

    All in a year. Shit. Give me a life time and $300,000 left after a home, a brand new car in the driveway paid off, a nice padded safe net in the bank. People don’t realize you don’t need to be a millionaire to have an amazing life. I’ll take $500,000 and a paid off upper middle class life style where I’m not in the public eye. Preyed on. Asked for $. I’m just the neighbor next door with a $70,000 hellcat and $30,000 worth of customized fine tuning between it being carbon fiber and the paint job. Whipping around on weekends, bringing banging girls home every night to my modern luxurious suburb home. Worry free with expensive bottles behind the mini bar. A big mansion and paying staff and heliPads. That’s too much lonely space for me. And a waste of $ covering over head

    Posted here
    <click here for link>

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  • Mga boss ask q lang po if nahack or attemped lang na buksan ung account q sa binance. ung ip address kc nya sa europe.

    Login Attempted from New IP address
    We've noticed that you accessed your account from an unrecognized IP address. Email : [email protected]

    Time :
    2021-10-19 20:44:11(UTC)
    IP Address:
    If you don't recognize this activity, please disable your account and contact us immediately at

    Binance Team
    This is an automated message, please do not reply.
  • baka naka vpn ka
  • Mga master, questions naman re: Binance

    Am about to try P2P to buy some more crypto. It seems easy and quick enough. Buy crypto, hodl or stake, earn and hopefully not lose, rinse, repeat.
    How do you then convert some earnings back into fiat? Sell P2P din?

    Maraming salamat sa magshare ng experience.
  • How do you then convert some earnings back into fiat? Sell P2P din?

    in my case yes. lahat ng in and out ko sa binance thru p2p na. di ko na halos nabubuksan coins. ph ko. XD
    maganda din may itinatabing USDT sa mga earnings bukod sa cash out. para if mag dump, may bala pang imbak.
  • I tried binance p2p, mas malaki pa spread compared sa No choice lang for now kasi frozen pa din account
  • ^ it also depend sa timing ng pagbili or pagbenta mo. pag dump ang market expect mo na mataas ang asking price ng USDT dahil maraming bumibili. same with pag pump ang market, mababa ang bidding price ng USDT.
  • May pag asa pa bang tumaas ang WIN, BTT, at HOT?

    Nuong May 2021 pa ko naipit nakabili nang mataas pa.

    Any advices mga katipid?