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Car 101: Tips and FAQ Thread

  • Hello guys, can anyone recommend me a good dashcam for 3k budget. Thank you.

    Yi DashCam. tried and tested. two-thumbs up. kahit mabilad sa arawan auto ko araw-araw, wala akong naging issue. linaw pa kuha sa gabi kahit naka medium tint windshield ko.
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  • sheeeerwin Send Message View User Items on 22 Aug 17 @ 02:00 PM #
    Hello guys, can anyone recommend me a good dashcam for 3k budget. Thank you.

    Xiaomi Yi gamit ko sir.. 2,800 ko na bili

    tapos bumili ako nung dashcam rear view mount (iSaddle CH368) worth 600. Ayaw ko kasi ng suction cup mount or adhesive

    kahit bilad sa araw no problem.. since naka mount sa rear view mirror mo di mo problemahin na baka malaglag :)

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  • Thank you po sa mga sumagot sa tanong ko.
  • @elman and @flipo, thanks sa sagot nyo!

    Ace Hardware yung 20w-50 1L.

    Pasensya na if noob question, pero how many liters do I need to buy for change oil?

    5W-40 pwede rin although slightly thicker than 5W-30 which is better fuel economy.

    @flipo, pa-clarify lang po. So 5W-30 is better sa fuel economy than 5W-40? Tama ba pagkaintindi ko? So as much as possible, get 5W-30?

    Mas mababa pa mileage ng car namin sa'yo. Our car gets less than 3,000 km per year. We use fully synthetic oil and change interval once a year. We prefer fully synthetic oil because of its many advantages. Not just the longer drain interval but maximum engine protection as well.

    @dm1179, thanks! very clear. will continue to use fully synthetic oil then.

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  • @rcc678: I am using Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 now. Before I was using Petron Ultron Race 5W-40. Per my experience, the most common fully synthetic oil grades locally are 0W-40 and 5W-40. 5W-30 on the other hand is a common semi-synthetic oil grade. This chart could help you.

    If may magbenta sa'yo ng 5W-30, 10W-40 or 15W-40 at sabihin na fully synthetic oil, you should think twice. Research ka muna before buying.

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  • @dm1179, ok thanks much. the table is really good sa mga car newbies like me.