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Converge ICT Fiber ISP Thread (never ever hard reset your modem and refer to page 1 for FAQs)

  • Kasi nga, wala sa modem mo ang issue nyan. Given na 3 routers ang puede mo konekan ng wifi, all 3 ba nawawalan ng internet? Are the other 2 routers wired to the modem?

    Kulang na kulang ang info mo sir.
  • Question: My previous plan 1500 +99 speed boost and receiving a monthly bill of exactly 1,599. Now I applied new account for 1500 may + 174.10 for TAXES. total of 1,625.

    Same din ba sa inyo?

  • ^ plus 125 yan every month for 2 years...installation fee yan...kung staggared ang pinili mo sa installation fee...then may plus 125 yan every month....VAT-inclusive na rin 1500 + 125 yan...
  • @ceejay

    Ok, nag bayad din ako ng cash during installation, 1500. check ko nga yung previous account ko. Thanks
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  • Kasi nga, wala sa modem mo ang issue nyan. Given na 3 routers ang puede mo konekan ng wifi, all 3 ba nawawalan ng internet? Are the other 2 routers wired to the modem?

    Kulang na kulang ang info mo sir.

    yes nawawalan ng internet all 3 at both routers are wired. ano po kulang na info?
  • good day mga sir. capable ba tong modem/router ni converge na vpn router? di na maka stream sa netflix, di na daw kasama sa household device since netflix us account ung sa utol ko.
    ano kaya work around dito?

  • ^ buy subscription for another device outside your household :)
  • @bisdakol

    hehe. ewan ko lang kung ubra sa utol ko na bili ng subs sa side nya para ma accommodate kami sa outside household devices.
  • @phml81

    It is the only solution to your problem. Netflix doesn't allow account sharing anymore for a good reason. Simply put, don't be a parasite to your sibling :)
  • ^Personally, I don't see any good reason for streaming platforms to stop account sharing.
    Business wise, it needs to be done so that they wont loose money. I do understand that they dont want the service to be resold by other users (account sharing allows users to divide the sub fee, which some sells online for profit) which makes them loose more money.

    out of topic:
    there is a legal way to bypass the account sharing issue, when accessing netflix, if it detects that your not using same network, choose to send an email for the 1 time code to the owner of the account after that you can access the account again. Downside, you have to do this per device (i believe there is a limit on the number of device you can do this too) and also it will ask for the code again after some days.

    grey option:
    I think I saw a guide last year about hosting your own 'VPN", both of you will need to install the app from a known vpn company, then your brother will need to run the app on his end (server) and then you will need to connect to that server using the app as welll, then you will be able to access netflix and it will think your on the same network.

    Again, this is off topic. just want to share my own thoughts

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  • @Godai_yusaku bumalik ulit ang converge and naayos naman yung internet pero ang sabi daw di daw pwede madaming extensions sa wifi6 which is nakakapagtaka kasi last year pa kami nag wifi6 and last 2 weeks lang nagkaproblem
  • @vm_dee_yap

    I understand where you're coming from, especially when you get their highest UltraHD plan where you are "supposedly" able to share this account with 5 users within the family. However, I also understand why Netflix implemented this solution to stop the rampant selling of accounts online. I'm guessing they had to choose between the lesser evil, business wise.

    If you are technically-inclined in networking and have a way to establish site-to-site VPN between your two sites, then this will fix this issue. This is what I do for our family account.
  • ^that is the sad consequence users have to get used to. I just hope all streaming platforms find a middle ground where users can access the contents on their platforms without paying premium. There are lower plans but its still cheaper to share the higher plan =D

    the one I saw, the user doesnt need to be technically inclined, its just an app that you need install, create an account and use same account on both ends and it should work, its a sub app from a popular vpn provider hence you need to register an account (as far as I know its free, you dont need to subscribe to the main vpn service to use it). I never tried it so I cant vouch for it, again this is a grey area to bypass the account sharing limit. Also the user (server) has to be always online for it to work. I will still recommend the otp way since its allowed by netflix. =D

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  • Yes, it's the same concept. You're basically tunneling traffic from the secondary party network to the main party network so Netflix sees all traffic coming from the same public IP.
  • LOS around 10:30AM today, may outage ba? Pasig Area

    Bumalik din around 11:00AM, restart ng router

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  • ^

  • "No internet" connection dito sa Palawan simula 2:00pm, sana ma-restore din agad.

    edit: bumalik na internet 10pm, kaso nawala na ung speedboost namin na upto 900+mbps.

    Bumaba na sa 300mbps, Plan 1500

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  • ^plan 1500 speed boost naman niya is upto 300 mbps lang talaga, swertehan lang kung lalagpas pa ng 300 mbps and up.

    plan 1500 original speed is 200 mbps, with speed boost = 300 mbps. =D
  • Napapansin ko lang sa converge. Yung Facebook videos at YouTube videos laging umiikot ikot pag mag scroll. Ang tagal mag play. Na try ko na yung default dns, CloudFlare dns at google dns...
  • ^ gamitan mo dns benchmark to check which DNS server is best for your connection

    Or ung android app na dns test.

    flushdns after mag change DNS.
  • Bumalik na uli ung "swerteng" speedbost namin :)

    edit: FiberX 1500

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  • May napansin akong weird sa connection ko. Naka-static IP ako with plan 3500.

    Sa what's my IP address, ito ang nagpapakitang public IP ko: (siyempre redacted)

    Pero pag nag-traceroute ako gamit CMD, ito ang nagpapakitang public IP after ng first hop:

    Parehong pareho na yung ibang numbers, dito lang sa 2nd to last digit nag-iba haha. Ngayon ko lang napansin. Normal ba ito?
  • That is expected. traceroute shows gateway (hop) IP's before the actual destination IP.
  • ^oo nga pala hahaha nalimutan ko fundamentals ng networking. Destination IPs pala pinapakita hindi source. Thanks!
  • Well, to be specific it shows the destination gateway IP's or the router interface IP's the packet travels from source to destination.
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  • May gumagamit ba ng Easynews dito? Usenet provider siya. Parang ang bagal ng connection ko doon lately.
  • Sino mga naka-smart tv/android tv box dito? Pansin nyo din ba yung lag/buffering sa yout*be since the speedboost promo ni converge? Sa netfl*x, amaz*n pr*me ok naman no issues. Di ko sure kung converge issue ba ito or need na ba yt premium para mawala yung buffering? lol! Sa desktop and phones naman no issues, sadyang sa android tv lang may issue...
  • @znre, how many connections are you using? I use Newshosting for several years now and I get good speeds. I'm not expecting a lot of people that use Usenet here.